Miles Davis was, more so than David Bowie ever was, a musical chameleon, at least for Jazz music. He was excellently talented as a musician, trumpet player and a composer. Undoubtedly as a result, Miles Davis was the single most influential Jazz musician of all time, being The Beatles of Jazz. His scope and influence reaches far. This is another release of his which is less out there and less arty of Miles Davis, and following more along traditional musical styles. Let’s check this album out now, and hear where it takes us.

Basin Street Blues is a 10 minute long piece. It begins with smooth piano, gorgeous trumpet and a sense of great excitement. There is also double bass here, too. This is a steamy and slow cocktail of Jazz music that, although isn’t hugely ground-breaking here, is a good listening experience nonetheless. The trumpet playing is front and centre here, and the slow mixture of sound isn’t dull at all. In a strange sense, the simplicity and minimalism of this music is ground-breaking and it sounds like a real joy to hear. A very intelligent and intriguing journey through instrumental Jazz, this is legendary music. For fans of traditional Jazz, this is instantly a must hear. The instrumental is a decent and melodic piece of wonder that sounds very amazing. No words are required throughout this instrumental. A really great piece, the interaction between the instruments is very striking. This is music to close your eyes and relax to, it just sounds fresh and amazing. A fine listening experience, Miles Davis proves himself to be an expert musician, trumpet player and collaborator. The second half of this instrumental continues the journey to a higher level of mind, and the tune present is really fantastic. Jazz is an acquired taste, but a good taste nonetheless. The music here eventually launches into a piano and soft percussion piece that sounds really sweet and cool. The piano solo present is absolutely divine, and sounds heavenly indeed. An interesting and refreshing tune, this is a great Jazz instrumental that ticks all the right boxes. The minimalism of this music is also very profound. A very lovely and swinging tune to enjoy, this is enjoyable and fun to hear. Great music and listening to enjoy, this is very skillful and superb. Towards the end is a brief conclusion with only piano, before the trumpet resumes. A great listen throughout from start to finish, and something very enjoyable. It ends with the other instruments gradually fading out, with only the trumpet there to conclude. A great 10 minute listen to Jazz music right here.

Seven Steps To Heaven is the signature tune from this album. Beginning with deep double bass playing, hi-hats racing away and joyful piano, this quickly launches into a quirky and energetic piece of Jazz with some brilliant drumming on it as well. It’s not a million miles away from Progressive Rock here in musical structure, which wasn’t even around at this time of the 1960s. A grand and enjoyable tune, the trumpet playing is precise and unique, showcasing Miles Davis as an unique star on his own. A great, great tune and it never wears out its welcome. The drumming is very pronounced here and gets more furious as it goes along. Very enjoyable, this is a great starting place for Jazz lovers, apart from the earlier Miles Davis album Kind Of Blue. Towards the middle is a drum solo that is superb, excellent and precise, playing in the right channel. This is quickly followed by a proto-King Crimson esque mesh of piano, horns and frenetic drumming. A great effort, no doubt. This sounds incredibly good to this day, and Miles Davis and company do deliver on their musical promises. A great and interesting piece. In the second half the trumpet cuts out, leaving the rest of the band to do their thing. The piano in this section is fantastic, it just does absolute wonders. It gets more subtle right towards the end, before going back into the unique and creative pseudo-drum roll section. A really quality tune, and a must hear if you like Jazz of any sort.

I Fall In Love Too Easily begins with melodic piano and some loose double bass notes, before Miles Davis enters with his trumpet. A sad and moving piece, this eventually moves into motion with the trumpet in the centre, piano in the left channel and brushed percussion in the right channel. Although this is very moody sounding, it does the job very nicely. A great and enjoyable tune, this is pleasant and wonderful to listen to. A great and enjoyable tune to hear, this sounds really fresh, lovely and amazing to listen to. This smoky Jazz sounding music is indeed, a rewarding listen in itself. A fantastic tune to hear, this does the job very nicely. In the second half is an intricate and well played piano led section that sounds gorgeous and unique. The double bass playing is also worth paying attention to. A great tune with some clever melodies and rhythmic structures to get your ears going. Towards the end, the piano playing takes front and centre in the left channel. A fine and clever sounding tune, this does really awesome. It eventually fades out the double bass and drums, leaving the piano and trumpet to conclude, along with hi-hats. Excellent work

So Near, So Far begins section two of the album. Beginning with furious double bass playing, hi-hat based drumming and pleasant trumpet and saxophone, this already sounds like a winner from the very start. A really nice and interesting listening experience, this sounds really awesome musically. The moodiness of the music here is wonderful, illuminating emotions that cannot be articulated by most means outside of music. In any case, this sounds really cool. A pleasant listening experience to play in the kitchen whilst making dinner, or a similar domestic situation, this is really excellent and timeless music. A really fine and grand listening experience, Jazz music is extremely underrated, especially today. The whole tune and the individual melodies present do sound excellent and enjoyable. There is a gorgeous saxophone solo towards the middle that makes this tune come alive. A really great and lively listening experience, Miles Davis and his friends knew exactly how to impress people with classy music that deserves to be played with friends and fine wine. A really cool tune, this is something that has lasted the test of time. In the second half is a neat piano solo that accompanies the rest of the band and sounds really great. A fine and awesome piece of music, this does sound very top class. Towards the end, the trumpet and saxophone duke it out to come out on top. A very decent listen, and something that is worth hearing from this album, just like everything before it. Brilliant work. It ends with a touch of quirky percussion.

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home is a longish piece at eight minutes long, beginning with some fine piano music. A really pretty set of piano that sounds like The Beatles efforts in some respects, it quickly has trumpet that enters that sounds very pretty and decent. This is very mellow, beautiful and melodic piece of music. The trumpet here is very pronounced and great sounding, although it is rather loud at times for this tune. Nonetheless, it is superb and works extremely well. Miles is in full flight here musically, and it is a really excellent tune at hand. This eventually continues onto a swinging drum pattern that sounds really fine. This is completely different music to anything that was being made at the time, and Miles Davis comes across as an unique composer of fine music. Energetic and great sounding, this is clever music for those who find Classical Music boring and Rock Music too unintellectual. It does work really nicely, and sounds really great. In the middle of this piece is a more subdued section with a lot of emphasis on the double bass and piano playing at hand. The piano in particular is nicely played and mixed on this song, and showcases an interesting and wonderful piece of music. An excellent listen. The second half gets a little bit more busy, before trumpet enters and this tune sounds magnificent with its natural sounds and progressions. A very listenable and enjoyable piece of music, Miles Davis and co. do a fantastic job on these instrumentals. Great listen from start to finish. It gradually winds up with the trumpet being very pronounced and top. It ends there, with a splash of hi-hats. Cool.

Joshua is the last track here, and begins with a 4/4 finger-click, before quickly launching into a deep double bass part, before the rest of the group launches into the mayhem. The sounds and melodies present are really cool, and definitely demands to have repeated listens, along with the rest of this album. An unique and genre busting musician, Miles Davis demands to be heard by many people out there, even today in our postmodern world. A fine and unique soundscape, this music is the Jazz equivalent of Salvador Dali’s art. Brilliant and beautiful, Miles and crew are expert musicians. An ascending/descending set of saxophone playing emerges next, and this meshes very nicely with the piano playing at hand. The midsection of this album is really fine and excellent, with the whole group playing with perfect precision and melodic excellence. The freeform Jazz on this song is really quite amazing, and certainly is nicely skilled and executed. This is very pleasant music for those who need some class in their lives. This is actually likely the music that the James Bond character would enjoy with his vodka martinis, shaken not stirred. Regardless, this is really awesome. Towards the end is some frenetic piano playing that sounds really decent and original. If Miles Davis wanted to impress listeners, he has on this album. A great piece of music, and a nice way to conclude an album. Great work, it ends with synchronised trumpet and saxophone. Brilliant.

This is a fairly straightforward Jazz album that, much like Kind Of Blue, requires to be heard if you want to get more into Jazz. It is another successful artistic album by Miles Davis and although it was released back in 1963, it still shines bright today. Future star Herbie Hancock plays piano on this album as well. If you liked Kind Of Blue a lot and want more of something similar, come straight here. A pleasurable and fantastic listen.

Absolute classiness of music.