By this era of Oasis beginning in the year 2000, the glory days had been long gone for the band. They had lost their momentum musically, their record label manager Alan McGee, producer Owen Morris and a whole host of other people who helped them along the way musically. Even Guigsy and Bonehead had left Oasis, leaving them in a paralysis state musically and artistically. Noel Gallagher in particular knew that things had changed big time. He was seemingly in a dark place himself, but the music making had to go on. This is the first EP from the fourth Oasis album, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants and was released just a few weeks before that album came out. Let’s hear this EP release and see if it sounds any good.

Go Let It Out begins with some sampled beats, launching straight into a breezy, acoustic driven piece that sounds just fantastic. Liam Gallagher’s voice is rather raspy here, which is disappointing but still in a listenable state compared to very late Oasis. A wonderful song, the bass playing and excellent musicianship are top-notch on this album. There is a nice Strawberry Fields Forever style organ throughout, and this whole song is something every Oasis fan should hear. It is seriously that good, the song here sounds really amazing. A really great and nicely mixed tune, this is one of the better songs from Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, and still sounds great today. There is a good instrumental bridge section in the second half that has a huge array of instruments and instrumentation, before going straight into the awesome finale. A very upbeat, swinging and nice sounding song. There is a definite late 1960s Psychedelic Rock feel to this tune. Great song, still sounds amazing to this day. The outro is sublime.

Let’s All Make Believe is one of the most underrated Oasis songs ever made. It begins with acoustic guitars strummed, jangly lead guitar parts and an eerie feel that we have something very deep and meaningful here. Liam Gallagher sings very well here, and he asks for the listener to pay attention and has some hope for the future, just as long as it isn’t too late. The sounds on this tune are absolutely amazing, to this very day. Pleading to God for forgiveness and wondering if there is an afterlife, Noel Gallagher’s songwriting is still as consistent as ever for brother Liam to sing confidently. Nonetheless, a very melancholy sounding piece of music that sounds truly great. This should have been on Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, but was not. A great and pretty section of instrumental soloing follows here, which sounds excellent. This is quite a sad tune, but nonetheless it works very, very well. A great tune nonetheless, this sounds superb. The outro is a nice wall-of-sound that is brilliant. Awesome tune, with a very The Chemical Brothers styled outro. A must listen.

(As Long As They’ve Got) Cigarettes In Hell begins with more similar sounding keyboards and hi-hats, followed quickly by acoustic guitar strummed away nicely. Noel Gallagher sings away very nicely, and by this point, it is clear that he can sing somewhat better than brother Liam Gallagher could as Liam’s voice began to rapidly degrade over time. “I don’t mind not going to heaven, as long they’ve got cigarettes in hell” is an interesting statement. This tune is very good, but is more textural rather than song based, as is most of Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. A very interesting and nicely constructed tune, there is a single coil Fender guitar bluesy solo here as well. Nonetheless, an impressive tune that sounds really great. Enjoyable and listenable, Noel Gallagher sings very well here and sounds smooth and natural doing so. The outro is cool, with Noel lighting up a cigarette along with the instrumental track playing away. He coughs a bit here, which is amusing. Noel Gallagher doesn’t smoke cigs anymore, but he gave us this song to hear, which makes sense if you smoke cigs. Excellent work.

This is a must listen, particularly for those Oasis fans who thought Be Here Now had promise, but was way too lengthy for them to enjoy. The parent album, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants was even worse than Be Here Now was, but the music present on this EP is a joy. A great EP and something people should hear more often.

Decent and enjoyable Psychedelic Rock.