This is one of the brightest shining moments of Oasis’s music. On Definitely Maybe, there were no cuts on the main album released in 1994 that had Noel Gallagher on lead vocals. This was due to the fact that brother Liam Gallagher could sing very well at the time. Despite this, Liam was technically not a great singer, and the quality of his voice dramatically worsened over the years. Instead of firing Liam Gallagher, brother Noel took more and more lead vocals over the course of the band’s career, until he ultimately left Oasis in 2009. This is the first of such examples, and likely of the best songs ever created by Noel Gallagher. This is the Don’t Look Back In Anger EP. Let’s take a listen to it.

Don’t Look Back In Anger steals the piano intro part from John Lennon’s Imagine. Soon into it, the drums and guitars kick in and we are underway. Noel Gallagher sings in a very happy and euphoric way, and he certainly proves his worth in this song. The chorus is emotional and singalong, “My soul slides away, but don’t look back in anger, I heard you say…” is a terrific statement from a guy at the time who was in his late 20s, very wise indeed. A brilliant, interesting and pretty song to listen to, the music present is majestic and awesome. Noel sings in such a strong and touching way that this song demands repeat listens. The guitar solo present in this song is clean and well played. This is great music, hands down. A lone drum roll kicks in and as this song ends, there is a strange vocal plot twist that makes perfect sense. Great, wonderful and beautiful song by Oasis.

Step Out is a great song that was pulled off (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? due to legal action from Stevie Wonder, as Noel Gallagher had stolen the chorus section from one of his songs. Pretty typical stuff for Oasis in that respect. Noel and the crew get kicking away in a tuneful and punchy way. Once the chorus hits, it hits emotionally hard. This is a truly inspiring and wonderful song. A really great and emotional listen, the guitar solo on this song is wonderfully performed and pretty. There are some handclaps in this tune as well. A really great statement from Oasis, Noel Gallagher gives his all on this song. A great, great listen. The ending is very chaotic sounding, Wonderful work.

Underneath The Sky begins with some quirky and repetitive keyboard, quickly followed by some nice sounding strummed acoustic guitars. Liam Gallagher sings this tune, and he does a really great job on this tune. This song isn’t the greatest Oasis song ever but is certainly not their worst by any chance. This shows that Noel Gallagher has some great lyrics in him, “All he needs is his life in a suitcase, it belongs to a friend of a friend, and as we drink to ourselves, we amuse ourselves, underneath the sky again,” are great lyrics. There is even a short and quirky, but pretty piano solo in the middle of this song, played by rhythm guitarist Bonehead. Underrated song. Another must listen from the group.

Cum On Feel The Noize begins with Noel Gallagher saying, “baby, baby, baby,” and launches into a song about young romance that is a Slade cover. It is a lively and energetic piece of music that Oasis have covered, and it does make a good impression on the listener. All the same, this is a really supercharged and energetic piece of music that sounds mind blowing and powerful. The only issue with this cover is that it is fairly lengthy and repetitive. Despite that fact, it is good music all the same. Any errors are easily forgiven. Towards the end are some dual-tracked chanted vocals that make this tune really awesome and wonderful. A really fantastic and excellent listening experience, this ends with a loud and expressive set of loud guitars. This is ended with what sounds like the boys of the group mocking a more heavy sounding British accent than their own. Good song.

This is a great EP release for what it is. The main song is fantastic, as are all the songs accompanying this song. There is very definite proof that Noel Gallagher is a truly underrated genius of writing songs and the rest of Oasis’s passionate commitment to the music themselves. Should you hear this? For sure, it is a fun and exciting listening experience throughout. For fans who need more, do check out the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? or The Masterplan albums for a taste of more.

Interesting and exciting.