Prior to this EP release, Oasis weren’t taken overly seriously as a Rock band. Sure, they had their successes with the Supersonic and Shakermaker singles, but both singles and their main songs of them didn’t seem entirely mature, although that isn’t always a bad thing musically. This single changed everything for the band and established Oasis as a Rock group to be taken seriously. Let’s take a listen to this EP and hear if it still stands tall today. The EP image is of the house that the Gallagher brothers of the band (Noel and Liam) grew up in.

Live Forever – Radio Edit is a shortened version of the hit song. It’s not as essential listening as the original tune, but is a great listen if you want a cut-up version of the original tune. Nonetheless, this does sound great still, although it is butchered for mainstream radio. The main song itself is a much better listen, however, so skip this one and hear the next song if you want to hear something a bit more special. Regardless, Oasis had to add a radio edit for the single’s sake. The outro is shortened, as well as the beginning.

Live Forever is the proper song, warts and all. It begins with a thunderous drum pattern, acoustic guitars strumming away, a slice of piano and Liam Gallagher’s unforgettable vocal. Soon enough, this launches into a fantastic Rock music classic. It is loud, punchy and powerful, and just sounds awesome and ridiculously good. It’s a deep and meaningful statement by Noel Gallagher, and it means a great deal to Oasis fans this song. There is a beautiful Bluesy guitar solo towards the middle of this song, and quite frankly, it is fantastic and moving musically. Liam’s voice is also fantastic in this song and proves that early on in Oasis’s career, he definitely could sing. A wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable listen, the outro is haunting, yet superb, with a ripping guitar solo. A wonderful, upbeat and deep tune that should change how you listen to music. It’s a fantastic song nonetheless, great job Oasis. Always great to hear this song.

Up In The Sky – Acoustic begins with Noel briefly talking before some lovely 12 string acoustic guitar enters and we are underway. There are also some slide acoustic guitar overdubs on this tune as well. Noel Gallagher sings in an upbeat way, although it is quite clear that this is a rather hard hitting tune lyrically. Regardless, this is still worth hearing and it does make a good impression on the listener. Euphoric, youthful and innocent, Oasis were here for a good time, although maybe not a long time. A really cool and excellent rendition of the original tune that was on Definitely Maybe, this does succeed very well. This is a brilliant life affirming statement, and Noel Gallagher nails it very well here. It ends with some slide guitar and a nice few chords strummed, great work.

Cloudburst is one of the most underrated Oasis tunes from the Definitely Maybe era. It begins with some nice drumming from Tony McCarroll, some upbeat guitars and punchy melodicism. In any case, if you love Oasis and haven’t heard this song, you really should. Liam Gallagher sings in a life affirming way, and the band plays just as well underneath him in the mix. In any case, this song makes sense if you have been drenched in the rain after a rapid weather change. This is an amazing song and is something that those who are fans of Britpop and pseudo-Punk music can easily enjoy. It may seem overly simple for many, but despite that, this is a brilliant song that should have been on Definitely Maybe. There is a Gibson Les Paul style sounding riff in the second half which changes the tune dramatically and quickly by Noel Gallagher, and the rest of the group change course to match it. A really awesome listen, and something Classic Rock fans can appreciate. This ends with sustained chords and feedback.

Supersonic – Live April ’94 is a recorded song from a performance in front of Sony executives. It has some overdubbed cheering at the start of it before some loud guitar playing enters. The iconic Supersonic riff then enters and we are underway in terms of awesome listening. Liam Gallagher’s voice sounds very good in this song, and he proves his worth at this point. A great live rendition of an Oasis classic, it points to the fact that Oasis during the 1990s were a really great band at what they did. Enjoyable and sounding great, the group sound on fine form on this tune. The song itself is a marvellous combination of Pop and Rock simplicity with great melodies and a variety of influences. Really awesome, Oasis were ready to take over the world at this point. Nice tune. The extended outro is also very decent, and the humbucker Gibson guitars just kick the proverbial nicely. A nice end to this EP.

This is another decent EP release by Oasis back in 1994. It is still seriously amazing to this day and just goes to show that Oasis were brilliantly wonderful as a Rock band, at least at this point. This was before fame, egos and celebrity culture derailed Oasis. In the beginning, however, they just had some great songs to show to the world who they were. In this musical regard, they succeeded. Give this a listen today.

Highly and thoroughly enjoyable.