After the phenomenal success of Rob Zombie’s debut album, Hellybilly Deluxe, he needed to craft a sequel, obviously to keep the momentum going. Although there were interband tensions at this point which resulted in some other musicians being brought in for the album, notably singer Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails), plus many other guests. Rob Zombie created this, his second album which is also seen as a decent album, alongside the one before it. Let’s take a listen and hear where it takes us.

Sinner’s, Inc. may have a title referencing Damage, Inc. which is a song on the legendary Metallica album Master Of Puppets. It begins with a creepy organ, followed by some sampled speech about sinning. Some weird electronic sounds follow, along with some raspy vocals to match in the background. A good start and a decent musical pastiche. It does sound weird, but then again, this is Rob Zombie here. It ends with an edited vocal sample.

Demon Speeding is next, beginning with some rather satanic sounds, quickly followed by punchy and heavy metal guitars. This is not music for the faint of heart, it is pure Metal here. Rob Zombie gets his raspy vocals on, which sound cool and awesome. This is instantly wonderful and takes a great deal of inspiration from Metal out there. Some weird string sections are in the musical breaks here, and it sure sounds amazing. A great upbeat and seriously grooving Metal tune, this matches some of the better tracks on Hellbilly Deluxe, it is simply awesome. A great upbeat and driven tune, this sounds chaotic and colossal in an awesome way. Rob Zombie sounds really top nice tune.

Dead Girl Superstar begins with some scratched samples, before launching straight into a monstrous Metal number that sounds, once again, really awesome. A fine and fantastic Metal tune, this is a great and driven piece of music. Although Rob Zombie claims in retrospect he was running out of inspiration by this point, it is difficult to think how so with this material. This is definitely punchy and inspired, and the music here is sensational. A cool tune to hear, no doubt. Wonderful to hear.

Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy) begins with some creepy sounds before electric guitars enter and this piece sounds oddly mellow. It has acoustic guitars, a more subtle feel and a calmer vocal by Rob Zombie before crunchy electric guitars quickly enter in the chorus. This is a bit weird to listen to compared to the material on the debut album but sounds really cool anyway. There are some lively guitar parts and screaming in the middle as this track continues nicely. Sure, it is a little different compared to earlier work, but this still has aggression, melodicism and beauty about it. “Scream if you want it because I want more!” is repeated until the end.

Iron Head features Black Sabbath legend, Ozzy Osbourne. It begins with some weird reversed sounds and morse code. It goes into a fairly average sounding tune but sounds monumental all the same. Rob Zombie does a semi-Rapped vocal part here, and Ozzy Osbourne does a fantastic job here. This does owe some influence to Black Sabbath, although the song itself sounds warped and peculiar. This is a bit of an odd album compared to the first album, but it is good and exciting to hear that Rob Zombie was able to mix things up. There is a breakdown in the second half with sampled Opera vocals and electronic beats before a monstrous guitar solo enters. A really cool and upbeat listen, even if it sounds rather awkward musically. A good song, but not a great song. It ends with more satanic warped vocals, great stuff.

(Go To) California has some drop-tuned jangly guitar, to begin with before this launches into a fantastic wah-wah guitar part followed by an acoustic-driven piece. A really cool and different piece of music that sounds intense for an acoustic ballad, this is Rob Zombie for those who like a bit of a variety to their Metal. Very catchy and awesome listening, this can induce headbanging for such an unusual piece as this. Classy and classic, this sounds really different to most Metal out there. The layers of instrumentation here are certainly different. The outro is quite good too.

Feel So Numb begins with some Spanish sampled talking, some laughter and some other weird horror movie based sounds, before launching into an absolute Metal monster of a tune. This is a really fantastic and awesome listen throughout and is the most popular song from the album. It’s easy to hear why so, it just sounds wonderful and fantastic. There are some great sampled sounds throughout, and this piece sounds awesome and nicely driven. A monster of a tune indeed, Rob Zombie knows how to make excellent heavy music. A thunderous and powerful listen, this sounds really fantastic with repeated chanting and other subtle production touches. This is a good song for the album, and this album is somewhat more experimental than the music before it. Great stuff.

Transylvanian Transmissions Pt. 1 is a brief piece just over a minute long. It’s a primarily electronic instrumental, with the addition of down pitched satanic vocals over the top. Pretty weird stuff, but no doubt Metal fans and fans of other experimental music will dig this. Good effort.

Bring Her Down (To Crippletown) begins with some string sections that are likely inspired by Classical music. Soon enough, this melodramatic piece begins to power along. A really great and interesting piece of music, this sounds really powerful and awesome. An orchestral Metal piece by Rob Zombie? That is this song, it sounds a little awkward musically but is still listenable. A chugging and pounding number that sounds really fantastic in places, this is a weird tune musically, but still listenable. There is some chanting in the second half before this piece goes back into the chaos at hand. Some piano is at the end, which is different. It ends with string sections and a dark, clanging piano. Different.

Scum Of The Earth begins with some intense electronic sounds, before launching straight into a more typical sounding Rob Zombie piece. Rob Zombie is the king of raspy metal screaming, and he does extremely well here. A great and lively piece of music, this sounds awesome and driven. The lyrics are interesting and the drop-tuned guitars sound really fantastic. The song title is in fact, an old saying that has been used many times over the years. A really cool tune, this sounds wonderfully fantastic, although is somewhat repetitive towards the end.

House Of 1000 Corpses is the last track here and is also the longest at over nine minutes long. It begins with thunder, creaking sounds and some samples of news reporters talking about rather gory subjects. Soon enough, a very unusual song begins with what sounds like a Fender Telecaster and a shuffle based groove. A really different and interesting listen, this is quite cool. It is freaky as per usual by Rob Zombie but sounds more pretty and melodic as per such. A different song with samples of horror movies throughout, this is a wonderful and lively tune to hear. Top music here by the #1 freak Rob Zombie, it is not an intense rocker, more like a cleverly thought out pastiche. In the middle is some different piano, before some samples of children talking and a heartbeat enter. This piece then just has a heartbeat before some further news reporter samples follow, and it sounds super evil. To be fair, the second half isn’t really necessary on this track. It fades out around the six-minute mark, followed by a brief silence before static is heard. This is pretty weird and satanic and is something that you should not play around with children or your grandparents. The static is looped and repeats for some time, which is rather unnecessary. Before long, this tune begins to return with crunchy guitars, more vocal samples and Rob Zombie screaming away nicely. A good but fairly unimpressive tune to finish off this album, but a good shot anyway.

This is Rob Zombie exploring his more eclectic musical side. In addition, this is not as strong nor consistent as his previous debut album, but he shows that even Metalheads can evolve their craft musically. Had he delivered more of the same sort of music as before, this would have likely been a failure. It’s a little weaker an effort, but nothing too unimpressive. If you love Metal and Rob Zombie, this is, of course, essential listening. Even some outside fans may like this as well. A decent shot at a different Metal album, even if there are some misses, as well as hits.

Demonic and quirky.