Volume II of the renditions of classic Chrono Trigger pieces is right here. Volume I was decent enough to listen to, so let’s jump into Volume II and hope that this second half of this orchestral arrangement of classic pieces of music from Chrono Trigger is as good as the first half.

Boss Battle 2 kicks off this listen which makes it sound a lot better than the original. A wonderful and interesting listen, it sounds glorious from start to finish. A better example of fine classical musicianship, this sounds really top. Nice rendition of an original tune here.

Primitive Mountain kicks butt in a way that is unusually good. Another fine classical music piece to hear, with many layers of melodies, this is really awesome listening. The piano motif throughout in particular is really good, and the whole piece here is a great cover of a classic Chrono Trigger piece. Great to hear.

Next is Battle With Magus which begins in a very dark and eerie way, way more so than the original ever did. The melodies here are unmistakably noticeable from the original. In short, it is good. Really good. This is another clear example of a piece that excels the original track here. Wonderful, and scary simultaneously. Unforgettable melodies are here, in an original and updated way.

Following is Tyrano Lair which begins with some gospel choirs interpreting one of the main melody lines here. A great listening experience, with some killer drum sounds and a nice orchestral rendition of one of the more memorable pieces from Chrono Trigger. The harp is awesome here too. This is very catchy, and also very listenable. Great effort overall. There is some great bass guitar playing here as well.

At The Bottom Of The Night is a perfectly good example of a rendition being better than an original piece. This is quite clearly so here. It has an edge of melancholy to it, but all the same, a wonderfully brilliant listen. It is a great highlight of this soundtrack, and is very moving. Unique and beautiful.

Corridors Of Time is a rival to the already wonderful original piece from Chrono Trigger. The unforgettable melody is here, but with a 3D sonic reinterpretation as well. Lovely to hear and a genuinely quality listening experience. There is a sitar style sound in this one as well, making it sound somewhat oddly psychedelic. Still, an essential piece of music from one of the greatest video games ever made. Top. A wonderful listening experience.

The next piece Zeal Palace sounds even more dark and twisted than the original. It is a slow burner, but a good one at that. The various sections are excellently played and performed, and adds a different flavour to a great piece of music. Top notch listening, and a wonderful example of classical based re-visioning, this is really excellent.

Following is Schala’s Theme which is also really good. With its haunting melodies and fine instrumentation, this is a winner. The variation in instrumentation, mixed with classic melodies make this a highly memorable listen. Great stuff, an excellent instrumental. Very haunting. The outro is very moving.

Sealed Door is a very good interpretation of the original, done in a very concise musical fashion. The melancholy melodies are thrown into a classical music setup that breathes some new life into it. Wonderfully done and executed, this is a moving and unforgettable piece. Excellent work. Great to hear.

Undersea Palace is just as revolutionary as the original was back in 1995 (when Chrono Trigger was released for the SNES). It captures the frenetic paranoia of the part of the game that it relates to. It is a great listen all the same, and very much every track on this composition set is. Memorable and creepy sounding, this is another top listen. Magical. The keyboard here is insane.

Next is Black Omen which is far better than the original, and is very suspenseful. A very good listen, updated for the 21st century. There are some awesome and nicely created sounds, in particular the harp and piano melodies. Catchy and melodic, this is great music. The rhythm section pulsates throughout.

Following is World Revolution which is towards the very end of the game. It incorporates the Lavos theme into it, and is refreshed and up to date in this format. It sounds very interesting and melodic throughout. Another very good addition to this set of recordings, nicely done. A fine creation. Great playing and musicianship.

Last Battle is a great rendition of the final boss theme song. A wonderful piece of music that transcends space and time, just like the basis for the Chrono Trigger game itself. It is an uplifting and enjoyable listen all the same. There is an imitation of the Lavos “scream” as well here. Neat, and definitely worth hearing. An excellent listen.

Epilogue is the toybox style melody that is played throughout the game. It is a beautiful and uplifting piece that shows, in every form of darkness, there still shines a light. A good listen towards the end of this wonderful set of musical pieces, it sounds really great. Excellent work.

Last is To Far Away Times which finishes off everything in a soothing and gentle way. This is an emotional and beautiful piece of music here, a great listen and a nice way to finish off a musical soundtrack set to update that of a wonderful video game. Excellent, good to hear once again. Very moving throughout.

The fact remains that both Volume I and II of this orchestral interpretation of a video game soundtrack are very essential listen for those who enjoyed played Chrono Trigger, and who dig the soundtrack of it as well. A top listen, definitely worth your time hearing. Check out both volumes if you can, you will not be disappointed.