Bruce Springsteen had released two albums prior to Born To Run. Despite that, neither grabbed much critical or commercial attention and sold poorly. Given that, he put 100% into his work and released this album Born To Run, now seen as a critical success and somewhat of a commercial breakthrough for Bruce Springsteen. Let’s take a listen to this album and see if it still holds up today.

We begin with Thunder Road with its iconic piano and harmonica. It is a very beautiful listen from the start. Bruce Springsteen gets singing away and this is quite a decent listen. Bruce Springsteen’s voice flutters wonderfully over it all, before electric guitar and the rest of the band kick in. It emerges into a glorious and wonderful piece of music which is unforgettable. An awesome and timeless piece of music, this is incredible listening. Bruce Springsteen truly puts in 100% here, he sounds powerful and incredibly great here. A drumroll kicks into a horn based outro here, this is a great listen. A strong start to the album here.

Next is Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out which begins with combined horns and guitar, before a drum roll gets this piece going. This song is again, a great listen, with a very classic Rock feel to it. It has an almost Reggae feel to it in the guitar work, along with a lush backing sound for Bruce Springsteen here. This is definitely impressive, Bruce Springsteen’s holler here is awesome. Another nice tune.

Night begins with crashing drum rolls and some gorgeous saxophone. Singing about the night, Bruce Springsteen puts in an excellent effort here, once again. A short three minute piece, this sounds musically accomplished, just as much as it does lyrically and vocally. A unique and fine listen from Bruce Springsteen, this is really upmarket and polished sort of music. The saxophone solo at the end is magical.

Backstreets begins with a piano passage and some layered melodies of bass guitar and other similar instruments. It gradually becomes louder, before organ comes crashing into this piece. Bruce Springsteen then gets singing away in his inimitable way. His raspy screaming in the chorus is definitely unique. A very great sounding piece of music, this is a nice six minute journey through sound, with Bruce Springsteen showing you how it’s done. The piano throughout is really pretty, and Bruce screams away in the midsection, before a loud guitar solo enters. A really top listen, this is an excellent quality listen from this album. Towards the end, Bruce sings away nicely over piano and pounding drums, whilst chanting, “Hiding on the Backstreets”. It builds up into a wonderful crescendo. Definitely a classic rock masterpiece here.

Next is the title track Born To Run. It has a load of prominent drum rolls, before launching into a glorious sounding piece that is magical. The piece sounds very musically beautiful, with some gorgeous keyboard sounds and supporting instrumentation whilst Bruce Springsteen sings about the American Dream, so to speak. An excellent saxophone solo then comes in next, before the second half of the song arrives. It has a strange descending melodic part as a solo section, before Bruce Springsteen gets singing again. A nice effort here, this is a magical listen, it finishes gloriously.

Following is She’s The One which begins with some subtle electric guitar work from Bruce Springsteen. An unforgettable keyboard melody then enters, and this piece gets underway. A really excellent piece of music from the start, it quickly goes into a loud and powerful Rock groove. This is a gorgeous and timeless listening experience that is valued by fans and musicians around the world. A really excellent piece of music, the call-and-response mix of vocals and saxophone here is glorious. A very decent piece of music, this is one of the better tracks from the album. Good tune.

Meeting Across The River begins with a horn intro, along with some piano. A grandiose and melancholy listen about going to meet a (girl)friend. It sounds a lot like a Rock adaptation of Miles Davis’s sort of music. This is a really awesome and interesting listen that is different. A beautiful and wonderfully played piece of music.

Jungleland is a nine minute epic piece to finish off this album. It begins with some gorgeous string sections, piano and a keen sense of melody here. It goes into a lovely piece of music that sounds impressive, especially with the piano riff. Bruce Springsteen then hollers away nicely into the microphone. This is a good and anthemic sort of piece, which is great quality and lively. This is a decent piece that is socially conscious and wonderful listening for any Rock fan out there. The guitar solo here is pretty amazing sounding as well. A fine piece of artistry and excellent listening, this is really awesome. The midsection of the song has some nice keyboard work and beautiful saxophone to go. This is well done and awesome, sounding very much 1970s without attempting to be too mainstream. It just works nicely. Genuine music and art mixed into a great whole, it sounds really amazing. It goes into a quiet, piano solo section in the second half here before Bruce Springsteen sings away to finish off this epic listen. After a good piece of singing, it goes into a glorious and fast finale. Excellent song, and a good finish to this album.

Okay this is a very good album and sounds impressive. It is an accessible, awesome and listenable experience from the 1970s and although it is not seen as his finest work (which would come later), it is an impressive monument to the legend that Bruce Springsteen is. A really awesome listen that doesn’t wear out its welcome. If you love classic Rock music, this should be a good starting point for you. It’s solid gold. Fans should check out re-releases of this album as well.

Awesome yet pretty.



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