Glam Rock was a popular movement of the early 1970s. It was primarily a Rock genre that has roots in bisexual dressing up and had some interesting and decent musical releases at the time. Although at the moment Gary Glitter is in prison for some low sexual acts which should not be mentioned, this is his debut album. It is seen as his best overall and certainly should be examined in retrospect, particularly for fans of Glam Rock. Let’s take a look at it now and hear if it sounds any good.

Rock ‘N’ Roll (Part 1) begins this album with a straightforward beat, followed by a decent guitar riff and some chanting. Singing then emerges, and this tune gets going. A really excellent and catchy tune that begins this album, this is a song about the youthful exuberance that one has loving Rock and Roll music. A very clever and infectious sounding piece, there are some interesting guitar sounds and saxophone throughout, the latter of which is buried under the main tune. Great start to the album, all the way through to the fade-out.

Baby Please Don’t Go begins with some exciting drum beats, followed quickly by bass guitar and electric guitar lines that are quite good. Although this is a cover, it sounds very upbeat and enjoyable. It is good to hear a variety of musical influences. There is a saxophone present before there is chanting in the right channel before this piece goes straight back into the action. A very great cover by Gary Glitter, this is a really excellent listening experience. The ending combines the chanting and the pretty instrumentation through to the fade-out, nice work.

The Wanderer begins with some nice drum rolls, before launching into an old school tune that is about male sexual lust. It comes complete with some pretty harmonies and saxophone. This is a great listen throughout, and it is a basic Rock and Roll romp. This does sound nice, particularly with the saxophone solo. Great work, it sounds very pretty. Very nice to listen to. Excellent tune.

I Didn’t Know I Loved You (‘Till I Saw You Rock ‘N’ Roll) begins with more beats and handclaps before an electric guitar emerges. Singing then enters about a lady who is awesome on the dancefloor, this is a great piece of music that is turbocharged and fun listening to. A really great tune, this does sound very decent and amazing. The hey-hey-heys in the second half are great before the rest of the song commences. A top and interesting listen, this sounds really good, with call-and-response vocals towards the end.

Ain’t That A Shame begins with some great vocals, old school 1950s styled piano and some slide guitar as well. The interesting thing about this track is that there are some very retro harmonies in the right channel. This is another excellent tune that sounds great today, even though this was released in 1972. The saxophone and instrumentation on this tune are really great. Very refreshing and interesting music that still sounds great in this era of the internet as well as it did during the peak of Glam Rock. Gentle and great listening.

School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) begins with some crunchy electric guitars and basic 12 bar blues sounding music, and lyrics about the interesting nature of a day at school. A very great listen, it is about the basic nature of being young and somewhat free, this has some awesome guitar soloing and riffage in general. Another classy and catchy piece of music, a great piece of Classic Rock that is brilliantly done and although fairly retro, still sounds great today. Great and simple Rock music for the masses, and a nice effort indeed.

Rock On! begins with some pounding drum beats, before some brief guitar work and saxophone enters the left channel. This is another ode to music, and it does sound really great. This is about the appreciation of Rock music, and it sure sounds great. A simple and melodic tune, this album no doubt went for simplicity in a time of Progressive Rock excess, which is a very good thing. A squealing saxophone solo then enters in the middle of the song, which sounds really decent and excellent. More chanting and singing arrives after that, quickly followed by basic instrumentation. Very much an excellent tune, this is a listen that deserves a spot in the history books. Rock on, indeed.

Donna begins with a quick drum roll, beautiful harmonies being sung and quickly launches into a song about said lady who left her man. A really great and excellent piece of music, it sounds quite heartfelt in this tune by Gary Glitter. The chorus is a peak of emotionally charged energy and excellent singing, it sounds really fantastic and nicely played. A masterclass in Pop/Rock excellence, this sounds really very awesome. Very romantic sounding and a great song to listen to, this is a gentle and lovely piece that should make you appreciate Gary Glitter’s music. It ends with a lone vocal simply stating: “Where…can…you be?” Great melodramatic music.

The Famous Instigator begins with some piano that sounds a lot like The Beach Boys. Soon enough, this song gets kicking and it sounds really excellent. A great piece of music about making a lady’s life better. The suspense throughout is fantastic, and this song is really well done. A lively, pretty and wonderful tune with an interesting climax through the song, this is quite good. There are old school 1950s styled harmonies and saxophone throughout which make this wonderful listening. The panting and suspense in the chorus are really excellent, and this piece concludes with some interesting sounds. Nice work.

The Clapping Song begins with some nice drum rolls, clapping and some great singing about the joy that music brings. A real awesome tune to hear, this sounds really decent and different. The saxophone throughout is gorgeous, and the groove on this one, in particular, is worth paying to as well. If you ever need enthusiasm in life, this definitely can assist. A really great listening experience, this sounds really awesome and terrific.

Shaky Sue begins with some excellent drumming and bass guitar and is quickly followed by joyful vocals and excellent guitars. This is obviously a take on Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue, but the intent is noticeably fairly different. A great party sort of tune with an excellent guitar solo, this sounds really awesome and wildly upbeat. The repeated vocals at the end and the fade-out are wonderful. Nice work.

Rock ‘N’ Roll (Part 2) is the most famous Gary Glitter song. Its opening beat and handclaps, followed by chanting and interesting guitar leads are excellent. A driven and lively song, it launches into an instantly recognisable tune that is amazingly catchy and excellent. This is a great party tune to listen to, and it sure sounds really great. The chanting throughout and the main guitar riff are exhilarating and fun to listen to. The definitive Rock music song, and no question about it. The chanting at the end is over the top, but it finishes very well. Essential listening.

I’m The Leader Of The Gang (I Am) begins with some rather unusual sounds which make zero sense, quickly followed by a raised tempo piece that sounds very weird. This is a song about Gary Glitter and his fans, and it does sound very incredibly good throughout. An uptempo and nicely driven piece of music, this sounds really upbeat, driven and fresh. A very interesting and cool tune, the 1970s was full of decent Rock music, and this is no exception. Towards the end, the tempo change occurs and this sounds appropriate here. It fades out gently. Not bad.

Just Fancy That begins with a hybrid harpsichord and piano sound before these guys get it rolling. This is another straightforward and listenable piece of songcraft that sounds really awesome. A great and awesome listen, like the rest of the album, it sounds really excellent. A very uplifting and joyous piece, the keyboard sound is divine. A very fine-tune which sounds different, this is an ear-opener. Good one.

I Love You Love Me Love begins with some pounding drum rolls, followed by raunchy guitar and saxophone. This sounds rather weird until the vocals kick in. A very excellent and nicely delivered piece of music, this is borderline 1960s romanticism on the song, which is a great recognition of Rock music history. In any case, this sounds really excellent and driven. It is a little repetitive as a song, but this can be easily overlooked. A good song for this album, this sounds really waltz-like. A good tune.

Hands Up! It’s A Stick-Up begins with piano, bass guitar and some nice shuffle style drum work. Singing about getting robbed on the highway (just like the phrase highway robbery) it is a good tune with saxophone and other nice instrumentation thrown into the mix. A really excellent and glorious-sounding listen, the whole thing is joyful and melodic. There is a nice guitar solo and saxophone mesh in the second half. A very great and catchy piece of music, there are some excellent sounding drum rolls in the fade-out. Nice work.

Remember Me This Way is the last song on this album and begins with some warm guitar parts. This is another romantic-sounding piece, but it sure sounds sweet. Some Let It Be by The Beatles backing style vocals are in the background here. This is a really pure and sweet tune, and it just sounds very gentle and beautiful. A good way to end a Glam Rock classic album, this is Gary Glitter meets Burt Bacharach. It’s about a breakup, but nonetheless, is a really good tune to hear. Great music and a good listen, this sounds very pretty. It ends with some pleading for a broken relationship to be remembered well. Very sad.

This is pure Rock and Roll, updated for the 1970s. It is also a genuinely great classic album. Despite Gary Glitter being in prison for the end days of his life, this showed that, back in the early 1970s, he was a cool and great music maker. The second Rock ‘N’ Roll track, in particular, must be heard by all Rock fans out there. A very highly recommended listen and an outstanding album.




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