The Rolling Stones were rolling along very well at this point. This came after the consistent release Aftermath and before the mixed bag of Their Satanic Majesties Request. Still, this is a good listen, even today, so let’s hear how it fares against other releases of the time.

We kick off with Yesterday’s Papers with its catchy groove and has Mick Jagger singing about retrospective events that do not matter today. It’s an interesting and rather venomous topic for The Rolling Stones to sing about. It has harpsichord and other different instrumentation here, along with some catchy harmonies.

Next is My Obsession which has a gurgling organ sound, and a catchy drumbeat reminiscent of The Beatles What You’re Doing. It’s a great listen and talks about sex in a very explicit way. It’s a really good piece, and just goes to show how excellent The Rolling Stones were. With a call-and-response between the instrumentation and vocals, this is sure good to hear.

Back Street Girl is an acoustic ballad about a lover that The Rolling Stones may have had in mind at the time. It’s a clever and well written piece with acoustic guitar and, yes, accordion. A really inspired piece about a girl that one disregards. It’s excellent to hear, even today. Good effort and interesting listening.

Connection is pure pop goodness and it has piano and a keen sense of melody about it. It’s a repetitive yet enjoyable pop song about a lover who puts one in strife. Good 1960s pop, still good to hear today, very short as well.

Next is She Smiled Sweetly. It’s a good listen, with some background organ and some interesting lyrics about a girl who hides her real emotions among a positive attitude. Pretty deep. A good piece to listen to about a lover which is very traditionally 1960s. Good effort.

More piano is on Cool, Calm And Collected and a strange string instrument here as well. It’s about a girl who has a confident attitude. There is also what sounds like a kazoo here in this piece, unusually. A classy and interesting pop piece. Good effort overall, as is the rest of the album. It builds up to a super fast frenzied outro at the end of the song, listen carefully for it.

All Sold Out comes next and is an angry rant against a lover. It has some fuzz guitar and other excellent sounds here. It is a good reflection in this pop piece. The piano towards the end is awesome.

Please Go Home is a very psychedelic sounding piece that is very cleverly done and crafted. Perfectly suited for 1967, it has sweeping delay sounds that are very trippy indeed. It’s an “up yours” to a lover. A great listen all the same.

Next is Who’s Been Sleeping Here? is interesting and more straightforward with harmonica and piano. It references various men of different professions as the culprit guilty. This song is a plea to a lover. A good and interesting sounding effort, and shows some of the diversity of the music of The Rolling Stones here.

Next is the quick paced drum beat leading into Complicated. This song lyrically talks about misunderstanding of ladies in one’s life. It has organ and other interesting sounds in the background. Good overall. The drums toward the end sound really fantastic.

The raw country sounding Miss Amanda Jones is definitely quirky. It’s a good idea in among the other more pop oriented songs here. An interesting change here of the more typical rock and roll format, it’s a quirky and energetic listen. It’s under three minutes, enjoy it to the full.

Something Happened To Me Yesterday is the last track here and sounds like a Bob Dylan parody. It probably is, with a backing Jazz band to boot. It’s less lyrical, more musical. But all the same, a good effort. There is a horn solo in it that is awesome, listen out for it. A lengthy piece, but good to finish off the album with. Excellent work.

This album is a good, yet just short of being great, listening experience. It sounds a little dull, especially considering the musical context of the time. Still, it is consistent enough to warrant listening if you are a fan of The Rolling Stones. A good effort overall.