David Lee Roth released this whilst still in Van Halen. That’s the irony of this four track EP. He could have waited, but did not. Diamond Dave was too impatient to move on from Van Halen. However, this is a taste of what his potential was on his own. Surely the Van Halens weren’t bothered by this?

Starting off with whimsical lyrics and piano, David Lee Roth carves out some new territory here. Easy Street is a colourful and solid piece about having a good night out on said street. Saxophone and other arrangements are here too. This sounds nothing at all like Van Halen. Perhaps it was for the better. Some interesting guitar work is here too, it sounds very 1980’s. Mint.

The next piece is a medley Just A Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody is an almost Frank Sinatra like piece which is almost like David Lee Roth’s most important solo piece. It’s hilariously laughable in some parts. Particularly the old school “bop” piece in the middle. It’s still a great song, though.

California Girls is a cover of The Beach Boys, but more uptempo and better listening, to be frank. It’s a good idea for David Lee Roth to cover here. It’s rather hilarious for him to cover here. A nice one.

Coconut Grove is a good sort of West Coast America piece here. It sounds so chilled and awesome, you have to give that David Lee Roth is a good musician here. A nice song. More whimsical lyrics are here again.

Although Eat ‘Em and Smile came afterwards which was a significantly larger and more popular statement, this is a short and sweet vision of David Lee Roth musically. Very enjoyable listening here. A good summer time listen.



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