Who would have thought of such an interesting idea for an album? This, of course, is a piece of direct Reggae/Dub music take on the huge classic by Pink Floyd that was Dark Side Of The Moon released back in 1973. Released 30 years after the original Dark Side Of The Moon album, this album should be an interesting, if not bizarre, listen. Apart from possibly Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the original Dark Side Of The Moon is the highest selling album of all time. Let’s examine this interesting take on the Pink Floyd classic and we shall see if this unusual twist on the album is any good.

Speak To Me / Breathe begins with muffled beats, a grand mixture of Dub sounds and instrumentation that sounds gloriously good. There are bongo drums and clocks, along with interesting quotes. There is the sound of a bong being lit, along with coughing. There is laughter present, too. Soon enough, this launches into a fantastic Reggae/Dub version of the opening Pink Floyd classic tune. There are some typical Reggae sounds, but true to the original Dark Side Of The Moon, the music at hand is followed very well. Very catchy, too. This sounds really awesome and amazing. When the singing kicks in, one can really enjoy the Reggae effort that has been made present on this album. Quite interesting, Psychedelic and awesome to hear, this is a great start to the album. It segues into the next track.

On The Run begins with looped organs, racing hi-hats and the familiar electronic melody from the original tune. This is excellent. There is a recording of an airport traffic controller present. Soon enough, this piece launches into an awesome tune with the Amen Break sampled as well, being cut up very nicely. Some purists of Dark Side Of The Moon may not like this, but hey, it’s not supposed to be entirely sticking to the original here. More delayed vocals are here, along with laughter, before this tripped out track continues. Entertaining and enjoyable, and this song is amazingly good. Some laughter is present in this song before a mock explosion occurs at the end, and this piece fades out, before segueing into the next track.

Time begins with ticking clocks and these are different from the original. A bunch of cuckoo sounds, electronic alarms and other bizarre early morning alarms sound. The pseudo-heartbeat returns from before, before some excellent percussion enters. This is followed by organ melodies and other original and beautiful sounds that incorporate the original album’s melodies into a new and different sonic palette. There are some amazing sounds present, this is undeniably cool and awesome to hear, along with some subtle electric guitars being played. Really awesome and interesting, it quickly launches into a Dub/Reggae version of the original tune. It’s weird, and not sticking entirely to the original, but it is entertaining. A pleasant and different listening experience. Instead of a guitar solo, there is a freestyle Rap Reggae vocal delivery going on. All the same, this is awesome and legendary in its own way. Odd, but staying true to the original song in many ways, this is a strange listen. Very nonsensical but loveable pseudo-Rapping is here, this is done between the verses. Soon enough, the latter verses enter and this tune still retains its freshness and unique take on the Pink Floyd original. This quickly goes back into the Breathe style reprise, with some super spacey excellent delay and good choice of sounds present here. A brilliant take on Pink Floyd here.

The Great Gig In The Sky begins with some Reggae style drums and a tune that incorporates the original melody from the Pink Floyd original. Some wah-wah slide guitar is present, and this is actually a very joyful listen. The original vocal is performed by a different lady this time, as this strange yet impressive album goes on. A really great listening experience, this is nice and inspired music that can definitely take you places. There is a heavy bass Dub breakdown present, and this whole thing sounds really lovely and marvellous. This is a surprisingly good listen, and it works as a nice take on the original tune. Very beautiful, psychedelic and electronic, if you want Pink Floyd to get high to, this is probably your go-to point. This ends with a nice organ sound.

Money begins with the sound of a bong being lit, looped coughing and inhalation sounds before this piece gets underway. Yes, you read that correctly. Soon enough, the famous groove enters that is the Pink Floyd song, going straight into the song at hand. This is a really excellent take on the original tune by Pink Floyd, although it sounds like lots of weed was being smoked making this take on the original song. Nonetheless, this is interesting and quirky enough to retain one’s interest throughout. There is an awesome saxophone solo that is heavily treated electronically, which is great as well. A fine and elegant listen, this is the Dark Side Of The Moon that you’d wish to take drugs to. There is an unusual breakdown in the middle which sounds different to the original but is a good listen regardless. It probably isn’t 100% necessary here though. A good take on the original album song nonetheless, this sounds really cool and extraordinary, being very tuneful and decent. Eventually, this song goes back into the verses at hand and reaches its eventual logical conclusion. This piece concludes with a long jam that takes from the original tune, before segueing into the next song.

Us And Them begins with the looped organ sound that is a take off from the original. This is quite suspenseful and different. Soon enough, this launches into a good Reggae styled tune that sounds really nice. Of course, this is a good musical take on the original, complete with some lush saxophone present in this tune. The song eventually gets into its song section, and it does really very good. An excellent take on the original song, this sounds undoubtedly superb. The sonic exploration on this album is really superb. A gorgeous, logical and artistically creative tune for us to hear, this tune is a great fusion between Dub/Reggae and the Pink Floyd album that many all know and love. This piece is a little lengthy, but aside from that, this song does exceptionally well. In the second half is the pretty piano solo, and this is a lovely and lively piece of music. Saxophone returns to blow your mind, and there are plenty of gorgeous sounds and delayed textures to keep one interested here. This is definitely a great Dub take on the original song. This piece eventually reaches its logical conclusion and sounds beautifully brilliant from the start to the finish. A nice take on the original Pink Floyd classic.

Any Colour You Like begins with synth sounds that are a lot like the Pink Floyd original. This is decent and tripped out, and it sounds very original and spacey in terms of texture and sound. There is an awesome bassline and Reggae/Dub groove on this tune, and it is very unforgettable for that reason. Soon enough, horns enter to replicate the original melodies that were done on the keyboard in the original midsection. This is extremely Psychedelic, and it goes a long way nicely. A good and interesting listen from start to finish, this take on Pink Floyd is very cool and amazing. A trippy instrumental that fits the album very well, the horns conclude this interesting listen, again segueing into the next track.

Brain Damage begins with a spacey take on the original, complete with sound effects galore and a decent array of a sonic palette to hear which is different. There are a lot of different interesting digital sounds present in this take on Pink Floyd, and this track is no exception. A really nice and tranquil take of Pink Floyd, these sorts of reproduced sounds are really cool. A short, sweet and different take on a musical masterwork, these Reggae dudes know how to make a great take on an original masterpiece. Towards the end is some spacey keyboards that aren’t that different from the original. Pretty cool, this segues into the final track.

Eclipse is the last track of the main album, and it has bongos and organs, along with the main melodies present. The singing here is very different from the original, and there are some lovely female backing vocals here as well. A really good conclusion to a great album, this fades out with bongo drums and mock heartbeats, with that quote to finish up about the Dark Side Of The Moon. A very good and decent listen. This is the end of the main album.

Time Version is the beginning of the bonus tracks. It begins with a strange organ, which is different. Soon enough, some muted electric guitar parts enter and a Reggae/Dub groove gets underway. This is a good listen, and it is nice that these guys threw in some extra tracks to listen to. In any case, this is a nice instrumental addition to the main album for those of you who wish to hear more. Awesome music, and nice to close one’s eyes to and listen by yourself. A gorgeous and intricate listen, although this piece s fairly repetitive. Good, however. It finishes with a guitar riff motif.

Great Dub In The Sky begins with some Reggae drum sounds and a piano part that plays the main melody of the song. This is followed by some deep, heavy bass playing. Although not 100% necessary here, this is still awesome listening to hear. Fragments of awesome instrumentation flow in and out of audibility, and this piece sounds really wonderful. A good and entertaining Dub/Reggae take on the original, this has extremely tripped out delayed vocal samples as well. There is a breakdown in the second half with heavy bass guitar and trippy delayed vocals. Pulsating and full of energy, this tune is a great listen. Definitely a good listen, although very unlike the original song. This tune concludes with those female vocals floating in and out of consciousness, and an organ finale. Great stuff.

Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene is a tune that is not a Dark Side Of The Moon piece, but regardless, sounds very good and decent being here. After all, these are bonus tracks, so one has to bear this in mind when listening. Nonetheless, this Reggae piece is really decent and excellent, and the whole tune is enjoyable and different to listen to at this point. There are some trumpet samples, deep subsonic bass and some vocals that are sounding as though they are straight out of Jamaica. Nonetheless, even for filler, this is good for what it is. A cool and enjoyable piece of music, this sounds really awesome and refreshing, with some nice vocal parts towards the end. This segues into the last track on this album.

Any Dub You Like is a continuation of the previous track, which is another Reggae take on the original Pink Floyd song. The subsonic bassline present in this song is really different and amazing, these guys have nailed it when it comes to the Dub replica of Pink Floyd. Choppy piano and the bassline really drive this piece along nicely, and this is a decent finish to a good album. With singing about Reggae concepts and instrumentation to match, this is a really cool and excellent sounding listen. A super long fade out ends this album. Excellent work.

This album is a very good effort at mixing genres and updating an old classic album along the way. Sure, there are undeniably some things that could be done better on this album. Despite that, this is an excellent sounding listen and the whole thing should be a quirky addition to your own collection of music. Decent for what it is.