Although it was very clear to many fans of Oasis that, by this point, they had long passed their heyday, the group were not finished just yet. Noel Gallagher still had a good amount of songs to uncover and his brother Liam Gallagher was still being cooperative with him, although tensions between the two were becoming worse. Despite that, Don’t Believe The Truth was a very good album and the songs on it were their best in some years. This is the EP release of the hit Lyla. Let’s observe this release, track by track.

Lyla begins with a mesh of acoustic and electric guitars, pounding drums and a definite air of excitement in this tune. Liam Gallagher’s voice is rather horrible here from the outset, but the song is so good that you barely notice this fact. There is a mesh of loud guitars, pounding drums and unique instrumental touches, such as keyboard piano to boot. It does sound very nicely layered and interesting, with a huge dash of latter-era Beatles sonic template here. This is a good song, but unlikely a great one. It just wears thin with its appeal after some time, which is unfortunate. Still, it is catchy enough to merit listening here. An adventurous and interesting trip back in time to 2005, this does show some promise but could have been better done. Again, Liam’s singing is really shockingly bad here, and there is no doubt a huge amount of autotune on his vocals. The outro is pretty, punchy and awesome simultaneously, with a great deal of cool instrumentation to hear. Good song. It ends with feedback laden guitars.

Eyeball Tickler begins with some rusty Fender Telecaster sounds, launching straight into a terrible song by Oasis with equally horrible singing by Liam Gallagher. Fortunately, this is a short listen but still, it is the audio equivalent of projectile vomiting. In other words, it is not very good to listen to. There is little wonder that Noel Gallagher left Oasis in 2009 if Liam’s voice was really horrible at that point. It was getting that way from this point. A real disappointment for a song, avoid this if you can. Terrible.

Won’t Let You Down begins with some multitracked acoustic guitars and some more awful singing by Liam, again. His voice is so terrible at this point that it’ll make your ears go down the drain as a result. It just sounds like a parody of Oasis with these songs, and the whole EP is just a money making exercise. Oasis had lost their momentum by this point of their career, and this is quite bad to hear as a song. Not entirely groundbreaking nor original sounding on this song, the music is a failure here. Terrible. The keyboard throughout is nice, however.

This is not a good representation of what Oasis was, and this EP is a downright disappointment. Oasis, in particular Liam Gallagher, sounds like they are attempting to parody themselves in this era of music. Liam’s singing is just awful, and it sounds as though autotune was used to the nth degree to save the material. Should you listen to this EP? No. The music is patchy enough, regardless of what you think Liam’s singing here is like. Noel Gallagher likely left Oasis in 2009 after having enough, no surprises why though. Don’t Believe The Truth flows better than this EP, that’s for sure.

Ordinary verging on awful.