This is Oasis’s response to the classic song by The Beatles All You Need Is Love. It also was the beginning of the era of a return to decent form musically on albums, particularly after the disastrous listening experience that was 2002’s Heathen Chemistry album. Don’t Believe The Truth was a decent album for all it was worth, and it was received well by most critics and fans. This is one of the singles of this era. Let’s hear it and hope it sounds good.

Let There Be Love begins with a count-in by Noel, chiming strummed acoustic guitars and some good singing by Liam Gallagher, although his voice has clearly seen better days by this point. This is a glorious piece of majestic beauty, and the chorus will sweep you away into its melodic intensity. This is a very pretty song and something in Oasis’s back catalogue that sounds really brilliant. An amazing and decent tune to listen to, it is spellbinding and gorgeous throughout. Noel Gallagher sings some of the verses present here, and he does a great job overall. A refreshing and different listening experience, there is a spacey Mellotron on this tune instead of a guitar solo. A bit different, but good nonetheless. Eventually, a breakdown occurs before Liam sings the verses once again. A magical and gorgeous listen, this is full of beauty and wonder. Great tune to hear. Towards the end is a nice instrumental medley of sorts, and this tune concludes nicely. Great effort.

Sitting Here In Silence (On My Own) begins with some acoustic guitar in the right channel and some piano in the left channel, the latter sounds like The Beatles Sexy Sadie. A good and interesting listening experience, it is a nice tune, even if it is clearly a rip-off from that song by The Beatles by Noel Gallagher. Short and sweet, this tune is okay, but not groundbreaking. There is a multitude of instruments and instrumentation, such as xylophone, all the way to the fade out. It’s okay, but Noel Gallagher should write something more original next time. Disappointing, in this respect.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Star – Live at City of Manchester Stadium, 2005 is next and begins with some awful sounding guitars. It sounds horrible from the start of the song, and the audio makes one want to cringe. Liam Gallagher’s voice is absolutely shocking here, and Noel Gallagher has to sing some of the parts to assist his awful voice. Beyond awful, it sounds like the world’s worst garage band. Please do not listen to this rubbish, this does destroy the listening experience and Oasis should have broken up by this point due to Liam’s awful singing. Shockingly bad, do not listen to this at all. Even the guitar soloing here is not that great. Liam Gallagher should get a better job than singing at this point, his voice is atrocious. Eventually, this song concludes with some of the most wild drumming and guitars you will hear. This outro still sounds terrible, but at least it is better than hearing Liam singing. The thunderous and powerful outro builds up into a frenzy, and gradually concludes. There is a repeated vocal sample over crowd cheering, and this EP concludes here.

This is a very mediocre release by Oasis. A main song that is good, followed by a half-baked B-Side and an awful live song says it all. Should you listen to this? Absolutely not. Even hardcore Oasis fans would have trouble listening to this joke of an EP. It’s just rock and roll? More like, it’s just money.