This is DJ Adam Freeland’s debut album. Prior to this, he gained recognition as a phenomenal DJ with a series of mixes, such as the legendary Coastal Breaks series which were a real treat for EDM heads out there, plus numerous other releases that were really awesome. Let’s take a listen to this album and see if it is as good as it can be musically.

We kick off with the anti-Capitalist anthem We Want Your Soul. It has a robotic voice that is seemingly a reminder of things that people take for granted, before launching into a rather weird sounding piece of Hip Hop/Breakbeat glory. This is a Glitch inspired piece that is different for sure, it doesn’t sound like anything else out there in the music world. An awesome track that is different and fresh, this is a very amazing listen with some semi-Uberzone inspired sounds in the background. It is a strange and disturbing piece of music that is really great from start to finish, and the “U.S.A. President” sample here is pretty disturbing too. Catchy and listenable from start to finish.

Next is Mind Killer which has some eerie sounds to begin with, with some gradual processed electronics increasing in volume, before this track gets underway. A brilliant Breaks and vocal sample are both here, and drive this piece along. It is socially conscious Hip Hop/Breakbeat music here, and takes right wing conformity and breaks it away here. A good listen, although really only appealing to EDM heads here, it is a warped and interesting piece of music. It ends with a Reggae sample that is quietly playing in the left channel, definitely unusual.

Burn The Clock begins with a lone bunch of interesting samples, before some cut up distorted sounds enter. Some neat beats then come along, and this track sounds a little freaky and eerie. It’s very good though. After about a minute, this track launches into a beatastic and different piece altogether. After some time, the beats stop whilst some really different textures enter, before an amazing head rush sound makes this track come alive. This is brilliant, and that is not an exaggeration. With some energetic and nicely placed sounds and a very clever use of such sounds, this is a killer track. Some warped Acid House styled sounds emerge in the second half, before the beats re-enter nicely here. A great effort for a mishmash and original exploration of musical genres, this is unique. Excellent stuff, Adam Freeland deserves full credits here.

Big Wednesday begins with some liquid patch sounds and bunch of cleverly based melodies, before going straight into a Breaks styled track is oddly catchy. This is more to the unusual side of Adam Freeland, but goes to show how underrated and valuable he is as a DJ and music maker. It goes eventually into a minimal section of electronic glory that is very catchy. A really different and unique sounding piece of sonically advanced music, there is no question about that. The middle is an ode to Progressive EDM of sorts, before it goes straight back into the mayhem here. A cool and very Techno inspired piece in general, this sounds very awesome and original. Towards the end, the beats cut out and we have some ethereal string sounds here to finish off quite a good track. A parody sample of MTV complete with electric guitar finishes this off. Interesting listening.

Next along is Heel N Toe begins with some Acid sounds and some dark textures that begin this off, before some Rapping enters. This follows the theme of the album, and we have some pounding beats and textures to match. A really good piece of underrated music, this is a very good and wonderful listen that is clever and unique. Obviously this piece of music is for those who like a fusion of weird music, but something that is decent and accessible simultaneously. A great fusion of EDM, Rap and surprises here, this is catchy and well delivered. Nice tune to hear, a second Rapper emerges towards the end to make this even more unusual. A pulsating and energetic piece of music, this is a highlight of this album. Great stuff and very catchy from start to finish.

Following is Physical World which is a short, one minute interlude. It has a vocal sample that is really nicely placed here, somewhat reminiscent of The Matrix films. Interesting pastiche, and definitely different, this is okay to hear as a welcome change in this album.

Supernatural Thing begins with some female vocals and some dark and fuzz based textures. It seems like an odd mixture, and although is good, probably could have been better done in retrospect. Still, it is very good regardless. “Interplanetary, extraordinary,” indeed. It also sounds like proto-NuBreed here. A short three minute piece that is very catchy regardless, this is a really cool listen all the same. Nicely done, and very different. A fine effort despite the fact that this track and vocals are a bit of an oddity together.

L.I.F.E. is next, a much longer piece at six minutes long. It begins with a traditional Techno/Acid feel, with more female vocals in the background. This is pretty amazing listening all the same, and just sounds different. Everything fades out early on, except for a repeated vocal sample, before some interesting textures kick in. No doubt Adam Freeland was a very original creator here, this is a good and catchy listen. This whole album is very interesting and awesome to hear, and just sounds really incredible. This track is no different, and it sounds really decent. It breaks down into a brilliant electronic mish-mash towards the end here, which is unique and individual for Adam Freeland. A great piece of decent music, this is a good listen from start to finish. More vocal samples are here at the end, with some delayed sound effects. Different.

Next along is Reality 3D which begins with a male voiceover and some tripped out sound effects that are different. A drum roll kicks in the Breakbeats here, and we are underway. This is a fresh and unique experience of listening and will take you to a musical place that is rarely experienced by other types of music. An acoustic guitar sound, the voiceover and other textures here are really incredible. A great piece of music here, this is an enjoyable and incredible listening experience. It is likened to a very psychedelic musical experience of EDM, and sounds likely a nicely crafted piece of music. Towards the end the vocals become incredibly prominent, and finishes with some Acid sounds and a vocal sample about love and live.

Last here is Nowism which begins with some more Acid textures, sonic percussion and some pseudo-guitar sounds. It goes into a minimal piece of EDM music with some extra tasty sonic extras. The subsonic bass here is excellent too. A really awesome and cool piece of music, some vocals enter which are semi-Rapped about enjoying life in the now, so to speak. A great and different piece of music, it almost stops in the middle with some bare sound effects. This is fresh and different, but honestly could have had some more sonic sound effects to beef it up a bit. Still, a good track to end this album. A chanted vocal sample about music finishes this track, and album off nicely.

This album is decent listening for those who enjoy a mishmash of various EDM, Breaks and Rap based genres. Unfortunately, it is not really accessible music otherwise. No denying that this album is a really good effort, however. It is a strong start from DJ Adam Freeland and sounds political and direct, particularly with the open track. Good to hear something like this now and again, it hits the spot when the times calls for it.




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