To be fair, a lot of the older styles and skills of music that has been done many decades ago is being ignored by many for the “latest and greatest” styled listening attitude by many people. This has its ups and downs, but the biggest down about it is ignoring the great music already made in the past that has been largely disregarded via this approach. This should change here. Blind Lemon Jefferson was a Blues legend and although he made his primary batch of recordings almost a century ago, this is quintessential listening, especially for those who dig Blues music. Let’s pay tribute to his legacy and dive into this album, which is a collection of his songs that were popular at the time.

We launch with Black Snake Moan (80523) which is a very pleasant listen. You can hear how much tape hiss there is on this recording. Blind Lemon Jefferson sings wonderfully and plays acoustic guitar very nicely. You can also hear the passion and brilliant music that our star created here. A really awesome and inspired sounding piece of music, this is a Blues tale that sounds terrific and nicely played. No doubt Blind Lemon Jefferson inspired many to pick up guitars and play them for many decades after. A very great piece of music, without question.

Next along is Match Box Blues (80524) comes next and sounds very upbeat and refreshing. It is a lighter and quicker piece but still sounds amazing. If only postmodern musicians could deliver great music such as this (for the most part), one would have a better listening experience. A really interesting and energetic listen, although it is Blind Lemon Jefferson just singing and playing acoustic guitar. Excellent music, and something unique to listen to.

Easy Rider Blues is a three-minute piece that sounds a bit like the sort of thing Bob Dylan may have listened to and covered when younger. Even so, this piece is pretty and reassuring to listen to. This has nothing to do with the 1960s film Easy Rider, it just sounds really bang on what you need to hear from a bluesman a century ago. The music on this album is totally underrated, and beautiful to listen to. It gets quicker towards the end but still sounds very precise and nicely done.

Match Box Blues (4424) comes along next, which is another version of the classic song, but it is a different version of the piece. Very pleasant listening, this is a really great track to enjoy. This version is a little more audibly clear, although there is a load of tape hiss on each of these recordings. Brilliant and effortless music to listen to. This is beautiful and uplifting Blues, the purest Blues sounds that one can hear. Very decent listening from start to finish, a nice and soothing listen.

Next along is Match Box Blues (4446) which is a very clear version of the classic song. It sounds very much like music from another time and universe, and just sounds really enjoyable and captivating listening. The music on this album is very thorough, and just sounds clever and interesting for a man and his acoustic guitar by themselves. A really cool and excellent tune, this sounds determined and amazing. Cool music to hear.

Following is Rising High Water Blues is next, which is an excellent piece but is barely audible with loads of tape hiss. It is difficult to know whether or not Blind Lemon Jefferson is playing the guitar or if it is piano in the background. Still, this is a good piece of music to listen to and is a refreshing listen. A very enjoyable listening experience for fans of Blues music. Nice music and a great performance.

Weary Dogs Blues is a very pretty and lovely piece of music that has a rather rapid-fire vocal delivery and sounds really great. This song is one of the many highlights of the album and sounds really enjoyable and terrific. A really cool and interesting sounding piece of music, this sounds very good. Blind Lemon Jefferson’s fluttering vocals sound very well delivered and unique. An excellent story tale, nice and easy listening.

Right Of Way Blues is next, beginning with some quirky guitar work that sounds very good indeed. A really different piece with blues singing and intricate playing, Blind Lemon Jefferson was a brilliant artist and performer. This piece of music is very uplifting and well delivered and still sounds great nearly a century later. Very solid and excellent listening. A wonderful and enjoyable listen with some great guitar to finish.

Next along is Teddy Bear Blues (Take 2) which begins with some great guitar playing and a deep vocal from Blind Lemon Jefferson. A really great and listenable piece of music, this sort of music should appeal to older music fans, as well as newer fans, too. Awesome tune, it sounds very nicely achieved and accomplished. A very good listen, and very timeless too.

After that is Black Snake Dream Blues which begins with some intricate playing and sounds, of which Blind Lemon Jefferson sings the Blues over. This is a listenable and accomplished piece of music, with some interesting lyrics to listen to. Very consistent and decent music to listen to, way back in the days before digital recordings and multiple overdubs. The Blues is pure, as is the music on this collection. Great to listen to. Enjoyable and wonderful listening.

Hot Dogs begins with some random rhythmic noises before Blind Lemon Jefferson gets going nicely on singing and guitar. A really decent and inspired piece of music, this one sounds very different, yet original and consistent in its own way. Really great tune, this is a sort of jig piece that is effortlessly great. A wonderful tune, all the same, this is a great listen, without question.

He Arose From The Dead likely refers to the legendary tale of Jesus Christ. In any case, this piece sounds really clever and cool. The song sounds pretty and nicely structured to listen to and is a great story set to music. In any case, this is a really great listen and it sounds very much awesome and perfect for the story at hand. No matter if you are Christian or not, this is a good listen to enjoy to the full. Great to listen to this powerful music.

Following is Struck Sorrow Blues has a load of tape hiss and is barely audible. This is obviously a rough take of Blind Lemon Jefferson and his music but is a little too rough in terms of audio quality to be able to be heard on this song. One can appreciate the performance and talent, however, even if the audio recording is of poor quality. A really nice and excellent listening experience if you can look past the tape hiss, this sounds really professionally played and decent musically. A good effort, although recorded using basic technology.

After that is Rambler Blues which is much more clearly audible. It is another great listen from Blind Lemon Jefferson that sounds really excellent and precise played and sung. These songs are all very enjoyable and entertaining to listen to, as they should be. It sounds so different to everything else today that it does demand careful and open-minded listening. A really cool piece of music, this is really awesome. A great listening experience. Nice tune.

Chinch Bug Blues begins with some nice acoustic guitar playing and lovely melodies before Blind Lemon Jefferson enters into the realm of singing. This is quite a unique and different sounding tune, but still lying within the Blues tradition. A really excellent piece of music, this is like the works of Mozart or a similar composer in its legendary status. The guitar playing on this piece is really divine and sounds awesome. Great tune.

Deceitful Brownskin Blues is an interestingly named song, but it sounds deep and soulful from Blind Lemon Jefferson. The song is interesting both lyrically and musically, just sounding really brilliant and well done, like a decently cooked steak for dinner. In any case, our guitarist sounds really great at what he does: singing and playing the Blues. This piece has quite a high register singing, but nonetheless, is another outright classic. Good job, and a great listen.

Next is Sunshine Special which sounds a lot like something to be played in a southern USA area in the summer. Regardless, it is a lighthearted and enjoyable listening experience that is full of energy and passion. Really nice and enjoyable to hear, this song sounds very inspired, much like the rest of the songs on this album. A great and picturesque piece of music that is timeless. Great effort.

Following is Gone Dead On You Blues which is a higher quality audio piece but with a lot more tape hiss. In any case, this piece particularly seems like a great and expressive piece of music. This music is really top and well done, and is back in the era of one take taping. A really decent and nicely played tune, this sounds extraordinarily good. Nice tune.

Where Shall I Be? is another very hiss laden piece of music, and it sounds good despite that overbearing technical difficulty to eliminate hiss from recordings at the time. The song itself sounds very upbeat and cheerful and is a great and enjoyable listening experience that doesn’t disappoint. Even the simplest of music can be enjoyable, and this is proof of that. Although rather repetitive, this song still is really excellent listening. A very good piece of Acoustic Blues.

See That My Grave’s Kept Clean (20074) is another hugely hiss laden recording, so much so, that you can barely hear what is going on. It’s good, but not good enough to hear a song with this obvious drawback. The song itself is very decent and worthwhile listening, just sounding really excellent. Cool music, even with a lot of tape hiss on it. The song is very nicely done and just sounds really amazing. Good job.

Next is One Dime Blues is much clearer listening and sounds really fantastic. It’s a good piece of music about being broke and not having enough money to enjoy life. A fantastic and enjoyable piece that is a good example of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s talent, and a song that is really great. Singing about the cowboy Jesse James to decent acoustic guitar playing, this is really timeless music. Great effort.

The last track on this album is Lonesome House Blues which is a slower and more melodic piece of music that has Blind Lemon Jefferson singing about his lady. A really fine and wonderful listen, this is the real deal when it comes to Blues music. A passionate and romantic piece of Blues music, it is a great piece of music that is really classy. A very good and enjoyable piece of music.

This is, without a doubt, a must-have for those who dig Acoustic music, Blues or both of those. The music here is very great and without a doubt or question, essential to hear. The only downside? The tape hiss often brings down the ability to listen to the music on this album. Otherwise, a very interesting and well delivered listen is here.

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