Oasis was beginning to celebrate their past with this release. With a nod and a reference to their previous glories, especially with the first retrospective Stop The Clocks compilation album, also released in 2006, Oasis seemingly saw the end of their career nearby, although that was still a few years away. They, especially Noel Gallagher, were well aware that their time was coming to an end. Having said that, this is a sign of the times with this EP release and has four older songs, rather than some brand new songs. Still, this would be worth hearing, given the context, so let’s hear it.

Acquiesce begins with the Morning Glory demo being played, with some reversed speech by others in the studio over the top. Soon enough, this launches into an amazing sounding Rock song that still is criminally underrated to this day. Liam Gallagher sings beautifully on this song, and the whole band play in such a decent and stunning way. A great tune to listen to. Noel Gallagher sings the chorus, which is different and sounds really cool. The riffage, songwriting and melodicism will take you away. This is a fantastic song, without a doubt. A joyous tune to listen to, and something that many fans of the band can come back to again and again. A great song with such power and dynamics. This is likely about the personal relationship that the two brothers in the band, Noel and Liam Gallagher had together. A great listen, and it does sound really wonderful. Noel’s vocals sound massive and really cool, with repeated phrases to the end. Excellent work. It ends with a slowed-down section and the Morning Glory demo again.

Cigarettes & Alcohol – Demo is a great piece, with crunchy Les Paul styled guitars, some basic Rock sounds and an exciting sounding listen. Liam Gallagher’s singing is truly beautiful here, and he sounds really in fine form. Especially as this would have been recorded around 1993-1994, his voice sounds unbelievably great for this demo. This is a Grade A example of how good his singing was at the start, and how quickly Liam’s voice declined over the years. A rather tame sounding tune compared to the album version, this does extremely well and it is a powerful statement on its own. Great to hear this despite the fact it doesn’t sound as massive as the album version, it brings a different kind of quality to the music listening experience here. Excellent song and there are bongos in this version as well. A great listen through and through, this is worth your time and ears. Great tune from start to finish. Definitely worth hearing.

Some Might Say – Live in ’95 (Venue Unknown) begins with some delayed chords and some mental crowd cheering, before the band launch into a very good live version of the classic Oasis song. A great listen from the start, although Liam’s voice is a little worn out sounding here. He does hit the right notes, but all the same, he is not great here, especially in the chorus where he really struggles. The rest of the band, particularly drummer Alan White, does a great job at playing the song. Again, Liam’s voice is not as wonderful as it could be, and sadly this is a good indicator of his decline over time, even early on in the band’s career. The whole thing does sound pretty mental, however, although it is an ordinary job by Liam here. Other gigs around this time were better than this tune, and it is very sad to hear Liam Gallagher like this so early on. The outro has quite a good guitar solo, and if Mark Coyle was mixing this one, he did a very good job indeed. The ending has Liam saying: “This is Alan White, our new drummer, yeah? Splendid.” Whitey indeed, did a great job here.

The Masterplan is likely the greatest Oasis song ever, and Noel Gallagher himself probably knows it. Beginning with acoustic guitar strumming, electric guitar harmonies and some juicy melodicism, this is a fantastic listen through and through. A gorgeous and decent tune with eastern sounding strings, Noel sings in a joyful, positive and proud way. This man and his brother Liam changed millions of lives for the better, all encapsulated in his own masterplan. This song is fantastic regardless with loads of wonderful musical elements combined together into a fine piece of art. Some of Noel Gallagher’s best-penned lyrics are here as well, and this tune sounds brilliant and marvellous. This is as good (or possibly better) as some of the greatest musical works that The Beatles ever did. It is simply that great. There is a great guitar solo and a combination of brass and strings together here to polish it all off. An excellent song, from start to finish. It ends with the gorgeous acoustic guitar strumming and the sample from The Beatles Octopus Garden. A truly wonderful musical experience, Noel Gallagher surprises all with this song. Brilliant.

This is a great snapshot of the best of Oasis, and it sounds amazing and impressive. Should you listen to this? Absolutely, especially if all you have ever heard of by Oasis was Wonderwall or Don’t Look Back In Anger. This is a great little EP and a collector’s item today to have, should you ever desire it in your collection. A small yet decent snapshot of music that is really excellent. Definitely worth hearing.

Amazing sounding music that never ages.