This is the EP release of the most listened to and well-loved song of the 1990s. It is safe to say that Wonderwall changed everything for the British band Oasis in a positive way. This legendary song from their second album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? has been very popular to date. Many people who are music lovers know the lyrics to this song. In any case, popular or not, this EP must be written about and listened to so let’s take a glimpse of what this 1995 release by Oasis is about.

Wonderwall is an amazing listen. It begins with some excellently strummed acoustic guitar that sounds brilliant, followed by Liam Gallagher’s supersized vocal that exudes warmth and empathy. This is a brilliant song, with some great singing, guitar work, precise bass playing, intricate drumming and a violin sound played on a keyboard by Noel Gallagher. That’s on a technical level, but on an emotional level, this is catchy and captivating. Nonetheless, if you have to hear an Oasis song, this should be it. A fantastic piece of awesome music with poetry set to it, this song is amazing. A great listen from start to finish, this is a fine piece of musical history, and for that reason, this is worth hearing. Great song, the extended outro has a pretty piano part and is extremely catchy. Excellence. It ends with the guitar riff from Supersonic.

Round Are Way is a Slade cover. It begins with some overdriven electric guitar, harmonica, brassy horns and some pounding drums. This is another brilliant and excellent piece of music, even for a cover of this sort. It sure sounds euphoric and decent musically and makes you forget that Oasis didn’t create or write this song. Nonetheless, a fantastic cover and is very musically decent and animated. Liam Gallagher’s voice is at its nasal best here. This song has an amazing trumpet and harmonica combined solo, which is pretty cool. A great and enjoyable tune to hear, this sounds really great and amazing. There are some quality harmonica sounds and playing in the second half, and although this song could be cut down a bit in terms of length in that respect, it is enjoyable. A very good tune indeed and something quirky out of the Oasis cannon. Good job.

The Swamp Song is a live instrumental, but although it features on the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? album, it really doesn’t fit here. It is a very loud instrumental that is okay, but listening to this tune from start to finish is a bit of an off-putting moment. The playing is very good on this instrumental, having said that, and the piece has some brilliant drumming on it, but aside from that, this one is likely worth skipping. Some of the guitar solos by Noel Gallagher are quite impressive in this song, but again, this is fairly naff. A good tune to listen to, but definitely not a great one. This song can induce a headache, so be warned about that. The guitar sounds at the end are fairly awful.

The Masterplan should have been an A-Side, or at least should have been on the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? album. It is simply that good. It begins with Noel directing a count-in, followed by some very nice crisp acoustic guitar, deep basslines and electric guitar harmonics. There is a pretty string section in this tune as well, along with horns. Instantly, this song sounds like one of the greatest Oasis songs ever made. Noel Gallagher sings in a wonderful, intelligent and profound manner, and he delivers a career-defining statement. A backwards guitar solo is here after the first chorus, which is very interesting. Nonetheless, a decent and listenable tune any day of the week and something that Noel Gallagher created the 1998 compilation based on. A wonderful, joyful and upbeat song that is life affirming. This simply sounds great. This is a song that should have been on a proper Oasis album but was not. It ends with a similar theme that the song opened with, with a strange excerpt from The Beatles Octopus’s Garden. Brilliant effort.

This is a monumental release…except for The Swamp Song. Having said that, that particular song is easily skippable. The other three songs are absolutely amazing and just sound decent, continuous and excellent. Wonderwall and The Masterplan particularly are brilliant moments from Oasis, who carved out their musical legacy very well after this single release. The video for this single is interesting, too. If you haven’t heard Wonderwall today, then you really should do so. A brilliant song and a decent single.

Emotional and moving music.