Likely one of the most underrated rock stars out there, Sammy Hagar has a huge back catalogue of interesting and rocking tunes. This, released in 2004, is a good way to reflect on decades of musical achievement. It is jam packed full of great tunes, so let’s get into it and hear what it sounds like.

We kick off with Bad Motor Scooter which is a really great song taken from the self-titled Montrose debut. It’s about young love and all that goes with it, with some insanely distorted electric guitar sounds on it as well. Sammy Hagar shows from day one he is ready to rock, and no doubt you will agree as well. The outro is insanely good.

Next is Thinking Of You which is a decent and straightforward song from early solo material by Sammy Hagar. It’s about missing a love intensely, and just sounds excellent. There are some awesome guitar solos here too. A nice song about devoted love, great effort by Sammy Hagar here. Sounds excellently crafted and made.

Call My Name comes next, and is a catchy and awesome rock tune, ideal for blasting in your car. Lyrically it seems like a devotion to rock and roll, whilst musically it is loud and rocking stuff. Sammy Hagar’s singing in particular is really effortless, he sounds like an expert at music making.

Red is a standout early tune. It is about Sammy Hagar’s obsession with the colour. It’s no secret that Sammy Hagar is known as the Red Rocker, for some very specific reasons. The drumming and guitar work here are in particular sounding awesome and refreshing. There is a drum and keyboard solo in this song too. Very nice indeed.

Next is I’ve Done Everything For You is another classic track specifically about relationship issues, but it is also a catchy and upbeat pop song about such issues. It is brilliant done and arranged. A nice effort from the Red Rocker. It is a very good breakup song and is a reminder of a musical era of radio rock that is largely forgotten today.

Following is Heavy Metal which is loud and riff heavy from the start. It is an ode to the style of music that has been popular for decades, done in a very Sammy Hagar way. The chorus is uplifting and fast too. It is a really fantastic listen, even today. A crowd pleasing and excellent song overall, this is a great tune. The guitar solo section here is amazing and frenetic. Brilliant devotion to metal itself.

I’ll Fall In Love Again is about deep and personal relationship issues. It’s very relatable lyrically, and musically it is very much straightforward rock/pop sounds, with some awesome female backing vocals. It’s not Pink Floyd, but is another consistent tune by Sammy Hagar. Nice job well done here mate.

There’s Only One Way To Rock is an excellent tune from the start, and a definite rock music classic. It just sounds so catchy and uplifting, and is a mission statement from Sammy Hagar. Keep on rocking out to this tune, it’s a really good one. A really great tune to hear and it hasn’t aged at all. No doubt this would have sounded brilliant live as well.

Next is Fast Times At Ridgemont High kicks off with a solid drum beat, before launching into a great song about teenage exploits and other similar interesting deeds. It’s a great song about some of the things young people get up to. Brilliant and well written.

Following is Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy which is a great pop/rock tune to hear and is about a true love that one may have. It has some subtle keyboard and other arrangements to boost the song. Very good song which sounds very Sammy Hagar.

Two Sides Of Love is a great song about the pros and cons of a love driven relationship and is an excellent piece about this matter. Musically, it sounds accomplished and well done, another rock classic by Sammy Hagar. A good song about troubled emotions.

The Girl Gets Around has some awesome guitar work in the intro that is somewhat Van Halen-ish. It’s about a girl that one is chasing with intensity, and is a loud and rocking piece to enjoy. There is a huge amount of consistency on this compilation, and it just is fantastic to hear all these songs here. Nice effort.

Next is Winner Takes It All which is an extremely catchy and uplifting song with some great guitar work in it. The music here is fantastic, with some great sounds flowing in the foreground and background of the song. A great piece of masterwork with some drum machine like sounds in the background, showing the musical accomplishment here musically.

Following is Give To Live which is a great song emphasizing that giving is a key part of a relationship, which it is. It’s a nice sentiment and has a great sound about it, with some expertly played bass guitar, well played organs and crashing drums. It’s a nice listen, and sounds great still.

Eagles Fly is next, which begins with a great keyboard sound and Sammy Hagar singing, before crashing into a loud rock song. It’s deeply inspired and sounds like nothing else you will hear in the world of music. A very emotional and moving song, it sounds terrific. If you have five minutes, listen to this excellent song.

High Hopes is about wasted opportunities, likely prevented by drug use or other similar things. It’s a timely reminder of such things, and a warning to those who waste time and opportunities through certain ways. Good song, mind you. The guitar solo is really expressive here. Nice.

Next is the short and bluesy Little White Lie which has acoustic slide guitar and a great groove about it. It’s an excellent and short tune from late Sammy Hagar solo career, post Van Halen. A good tune, and worth your time. It gets very loud and thrashy towards the end.

The classic Marching To Mars is next, with its iconic lead riff and surreal lyrics that talk about space travel and other surreal ideals. A killer track, and sounds really great, even today. A great and well done effort by the Red Rocker. There is a call-and-response chant here as well, nice.

Mas Tequila is the last track here on this compilation, and yes, it does borrow that riff from Gary Glitter. It’s a great tune all the same, proving that Sammy Hagar can still rock today. An excellent listen, and a nice drinking song to finish off this compilation.

This compilation is a great one, showing the world that Sammy Hagar is more than just the Red Rocker, he is a great musician as well. If you liked Van Halen or similar sounding music, seek this out. You won’t be disappointed. Unfortunately, this is not on Spotify or any other music streaming services except YouTube, so you’ll need to seek it out by non-traditional means.