This is where real Country music resides. Buck Owens is seen as a Country music legend and had an impressive passion for music. Raised during the era of the Great Depression, music was seen as a joyful past-time for Buck Owens. He was also TV show host on a suitably named program called Hee Haw. He was a very talented and important person in the world of music. Let’s have a listen to this album and see if it sounds any good in the postmodern world of music today.

We kick off with I’ve Got a Tiger By The Tail which is definitive Buck Owens. It’s really Country music here, and for those who aren’t really into that sort of music, avoid. Still, it is a wonderful track about love and relationship based issues here, and just sounds excellent. A great Fender Telecaster styled guitar solo is here in the middle of the song, and this piece comes across as an excellent musical number. Very catchy and listenable, this is impressive. Nice song.

Following is Trouble and Me which is a different sounding musical piece that is about relationship issues. It’s about being plagued by bad luck. The guitar solos here are excellent and well thought out here. All in all, a short, two minute piece that sounds really well done and excellent, with references to God. Excellent song.

Let The Sad Times Roll On comes next, with some awesome guitar parts to begin with. There are some great slide guitars here, and this piece sounds really melodramatic. A clever, interesting and very Country music sounding piece, this is very much unlike a lot of music out there. Great music here, short and bittersweet listening. Decent music.

Wham Bam comes next, with some nice Fender Telecaster sounds and is about love/sex matters at hand. An interesting song about avoiding getting married and settling down early. “First thing is matrimony…next thing is alimony,” are some awesome lyrics here, and this is a shining moment from this album. Funny and strange song here, great to hear.

Next along is If You Fall Out Of Love With Me is a slow and different ballad about more relationship woes, complete with gorgeous slide guitar. It’s a small town sort of Country music story that is really excellent listening. You can hear pain and discomfort in the singing here, Buck Owens and co. do a magnificent job here. Great music, especially if you dig old school Country music. A brilliant effort all the same, and very captivating listening.

Following is Fallin’ For You is another one of the more optimistic tunes here, which is an interesting listen. Very upbeat, lively and energetic listening. The guitar playing here is really awesome, with some wonderful Fender Telecaster lines that sound really brilliant, along with the guitar solo here. Awesome music, somewhat like The Beatles mashed up with Country music. Great all the same, and definitely worth hearing. Only two minutes long, but very, very good.

We’re Gonna Let the Good Times Roll begins with some bluesy, descending minor key parts. It then begins by playing an excellent tune that, along sound a little melancholy, is actually a really positive sort of listen here. It’s about appreciating a lover here, and is a decent Country music number. Decent music, and a very good listen in retrospect. Very good and refreshing listening.

The Band Keeps Playin’ On begins with some fiddle, which is different for this album. More relationship issues are sung about here, with a great musical backdrop that sounds really awesome. It’s a fine piece of Country music that sounds really different, being a mixed message here. The music may be positive, but the lyrics are not. In any case, a decent listen all the same, Buck Owens does melodramatic music very well. Great stuff. Not bad for 2-3 minute long songs.

Next here is Streets Of Laredo which begins with some decent acoustic guitar that has a Spanish guitar flavour to it. Still, it’s pure Country music here and has some guest singers here, with different vocal sections here, which are different. It’s a story of cowboy adventures, with a gorgeous acoustic guitar solo here. Great stuff though, there is something quite magical here to listen to. Very good listening, and just sounds wonderful and inspired. Good Country music tale here.

After that is Cryin’ Time which is a melodramatic piece about being left alone by a lover. A sad and disturbingly messed up piece lyrically, the music here and singing sounds incredible, however. A real Country music classic here and just an excellent piece of music, no matter if you dig Country or not, this is a very sad listen. Great song all the same, with some nice slide guitar here. Decent piece of music, though.

A Maiden’s Prayer comes next, and has driving acoustic guitar and fiddle here. Once again, it is tinged with sad emotions and just sounds powerful on that basis. It is a short instrumental, but at times, actions speak louder than words. A very good piece of music that fits well on this album. The second half has some really fine slide guitar here, and it seemingly tells a story of sorts. Great music here, even if it is an instrumental. Nice tune all the same.

Memphis begins with some nice Fender Telecaster parts, before going into a cool song that sounds rather bluesy. It’s about finding a lady who one is lusting after, and sounds very musically accomplished and lyrically determined. Great song, just like the rest of the album here. With a great piece of storytelling and music mashed together, Buck Owens delivers very well here. Good song from start to finish.

Next up is This Ol’ Heart which begins with some audience clapping and cheering, as a very short piece of music is here and played wonderfully. This is seemingly a live, bonus track and indeed, if it is it comes across as a super short and nice listen.

Last on the list here is Act Naturally which begins is a cover of the classic song by The Beatles. Buck Owens and co. do a wonderful interpretation here of that song, and the whole thing is an excellent live rendition of a classic. The clanging guitars and passionate performance here are a really strong point as we conclude this album, excellent way to finish this underrated and interesting album.

This is a very good Country music album that is around only 30 minutes long. It is one of the definitive releases of the genre and has aged very, very well. If you dig Country music, Fender Telecaster guitars and short songs, this should be a perfect listen for you. Hard to believe that this album was done way back in 1965, it still shines bright today.

Excellent Southern adventures.



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