Although this is not seen to be the greatest release by Oasis and is often seen as the start of the band’s downfall and decline in popularity, it still is one of the more popular songs to this day by the group. Effectively a Liam and Noel Gallagher catchphrase at the end of every sentence they say, this is still a landmark release to this day. It is an EP with four decent tracks on them. For the record, let’s explore these songs here.

D’You Know What I Mean? begins with the sound of an aeroplane landing on the runway at Mustique, where the demos to this album were recorded. A bunch of odd sounds and sound effects quickly follow, including morse code. Eventually, beats kick in and this song gains momentum. This quickly launches into a rather lengthy but awesome sounding tune that delivers exactly what listeners were craving back in 1997. There are many flaws here musically, and the main flaw of this song is some of the production techniques and length, not to mention that it is a bit of a Wonderwall rip-off. Having said that, this is truly uplifting to hear: “All my people, right here, right now. D’You Know What I Mean? Yeah yeah” is a simple and life affirming statement that is sung in the chorus. Liam Gallagher sings tremendously well here, and Be Here Now is really the peak of his singing ability, before he lost his vocal range. Unfortunately, the absurd length of this song (over seven minutes in length) destroys this otherwise fairly good listen. It really doesn’t sound that good musically, evidence of a lot of drug use being done here. The wah-wah guitar solo isn’t very inspired sounding, and the song slowly, gradually draws to a close with a load of feedback. A bit of a drag to hear, but all the same, an enjoyable drag. The outro has loads of awful feedback and backwards vocals and a repeated guitar loop to fade. It’s decent, but yes, the music of Oasis was done better elsewhere. Still, a good piece of music to hear from time to time.

Stay Young is the main B-Side of this EP. It begins with a short drum intro, some euphoric guitars and some magical sounding keyboards. Liam’s singing is really fantastic in this song, and he sounds excellent and lively singing away. If there was any rewarding aspect of the Be Here Now Oasis era, it is the fact that Liam Gallagher was at his singing peak. This song also is less boring and more minimal than D’You Know What I Mean? A really excellent and underrated B-Side, it certainly makes one wonder why on earth Noel Gallagher chucked good cuts off from albums and instead used them as B-Sides here. Anyway, Oasis fans will love this song dearly, and it is a better effort than people realise. “Hey! Stay Young and invincible, because we just know what we are…” is a really excellent statement, no matter what age you are at. An excellent song to listen to, and very thrilling. The outro has some good drumming, and some excellent playing by the band as the song fades out. Sweet.

Angel Child – Demo begins with clanging acoustic guitars which are multitracked and isolated into separate channels. Noel Gallagher sings this piece, and it is a deep and meaningful tune about being in love. A really soothing and different tune, this is the simple, acoustic driven side that Noel Gallagher really should revisit at some point as a touring musician. Noel sings from the heart here, and the beautiful, majestic music is truly enjoyable as a result. Regardless, this is a really cool listen and the chorus sounds very pretty and soul touching. A really excellent listen throughout, this has some gorgeous arrangements about it as well. A pretty and deep tune, the outro repeats the chorus and acoustic guitars to its eventual conclusion. Excellent music.

Heroes is obviously a David Bowie cover, of whom Noel Gallagher is a fan. It has some excellent neck pickup guitar sounds, and Noel Gallagher puts in a fantastic effort on this cover. It sounds really energetic and excellent to listen to. It is a cover? You probably barely noticed. Still, this is a lively and tremendous effort and this song is really excellent. It is full of intense melancholy but sounds really amazing and is great listening. This song seemingly is about the Berlin Wall divide and being lost in romance. All in all, Noel Gallagher proves his worth in this tune. A nice addition to a good EP present in the Oasis back catalogue. There is an extended outro with loud guitars and intricate drumming from Alan White. Enjoyable and legendary music.

Sure, this EP isn’t at all perfect, particularly the title track. Having said that, this is a perfect listen for those who thought the backlash of Be Here Now was unwarranted. The songs here are, indeed, lengthy. Having said that, they are totally enjoyable regardless. A nice listen and a good, but not great, addition musically to your collection.