Les Paul was a true genius. Not only is the Gibson Les Paul guitar named after him (which he largely designed), he also reportedly created multitrack recording and also married and created this album with his wife, singer Mary Ford. He was the Nikola Tesla of Rock music, and this is one of his main recordings that kickstarted things for himself in particular. In any case, this should be a great listen, so let’s hear it.

We begin with How High The Moon which begins with some awesome old school sounding Jazz guitar playing and Mary Ford’s delightful voice. This is a tremendous effort and just sounds fresh, different and unique. A really excellent piece of old school music that sounds different, it is a lovely and underrated piece of sonic bliss. It is quite short as well, at barely over two minutes long. It ends dramatically, a good song indeed.

Next along is Josephine which is quite different, with pitch shifted guitar sounds and overdubs that sound really quite awesome. This is really old school as mentioned before, yet still sounds incredible to hear today. Some of the riffs and arpeggios here are truly awesome, and this sounds really fine. A definite sort of thing that goes with wine and cigarettes, this is awesome. Great to hear all the same.

Mockin’ Bird Hill (Tra La La Twittle Dee Dee Dee) is a very different listen with more pitch shifted guitar and Mary Ford’s immortal voice. A really awesome and entertaining listen, and sounds like lost music from many decades ago. Really cool to hear, this is a really good quality song that isn’t hugely edited or autotuned, it is just a wonderful piece of music. Awesome to hear, a nice song indeed.

Whispering comes next and has more joyful and different guitar sounds to hear. Les Paul certainly knew how to play guitar, and play it he did. This is a really nice instrumental that sounds really awesome, and is full of substance and energy. A really great listen all the same, this sounds passionate, energetic and wonderful throughout. It ends nicely.

After that is Vaya Con Dios which is a slow and relaxing sort of swing oriented piece. It’s perfect for one to dance with their partner to late at night, and Mary Ford sings beautifully here. Sure, this is very old fashioned sounding music, but sounds really awesome and inspired. A nice and seemingly effortless listen, Les Paul and Mary Ford deliver a fantastic song to hear. Very good, as long as you can appreciate the old fashioned sentiment here.

Following is I’m A Fool To Care which is another very slow romantic piece that sounds really quite nice. This is quite an excellent listening experience that sounds really great, even after many decades of music and fashion that has passed by in this world. A really nice, gentle and downtempo listen that is just awesome and brilliant. Really fresh and wonderful sounding though, although it is about relationship issues. Brilliant.

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise is a bit quicker, but sounds really incredible and amazing all the same. This is from the golden era of Jazz based music, before Rock music really took hold. A really excellent listen, Les Paul plays as a very underrated guitarist. Sure, Slash is often associated with the Gibson Les Paul, but Les Paul designed those guitars and sounds. Effortlessly brilliant.

Meet Mister Callaghan is next, with some excellent semi-harpsichord guitar sounds here, before launching into a really top instrumental that has lasted the test of time. A fine and decent effort, which is less than two minutes long, Les Paul really shines on this record. Awesome instrumental and sounds here.

Next up is Tiger Rag which is very quick and upbeat, with some incredibly good guitar playing and is an excellent sonic palette for one to try. Eventually, Mary Ford begins singing in this wonderful piece, and although it hasn’t aged too well (this particular song at least), it is a really fresh and inspired listen. Good piece of music all the same. Excellent yet really old fashioned.

After that is Tennessee Waltz which is a slower and more laidback peace about dancing to said waltz. It is quite a sad song about losing one’s love at a dance, but is emotionally delivered and a really powerful statement. Excellent music all the same, this has a nice guitar solo piece in the middle, which is really cool. A very bold and sad statement, but wonderfully executed by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

I’m Sitting On Top Of The World is a shorter piece with some really brilliant and quacky sounds coming from Les Paul’s guitar. A much happier and energetic piece of music, this sounds like guitars on helium, for want of a better way to describe the music here. Brilliantly done, this is a really awesome and interesting listen. Mary Ford’s voice here is amazing, too. The whole thing is a very clever composition, and sounds very nice indeed.

Wither Thou Goest is the very last song here, and begins with some nice harmonies here. This is a slower, more soulful piece that is accompanied with some nicely played electric guitar by Les Paul and with gorgeous vocals by Mary Ford. A really different and refreshing listen, this is very good music. No autotune or anything like that, just a great performance by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Excellent stuff.

This is definitely worth hearing and having in your collection if you dig Rock music and guitar, as well as female vocals. Even so, both men and women of today could appreciate this music here if they can look past some of the dated nature of the sounds here. Still, a really great album and definitely worth checking out.




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