With Nirvana and Grunge, a whole new amount of previously ignored music was suddenly accessible to the general public in terms of acceptance. Was it possible for an all-female group to attain recognition and status in a fairly male-dominated music world by taking the trends of the time and making something original? We shall see. This effort is produced by the Nevermind collaborator Butch Vig and should be interesting listening regardless, as well as being seen as an underrated classic of the early 1990s. Let’s dive in and take a listen.

We begin with the amusingly titled Wargasm which begins with some awesome guitar riffs and a great melodic sensibility. It is very catchy and well done, with some really great rhythms about it. Some calm singing which is very Punk lyrically is here to listen to here, and the whole thing sounds really cool. It is an anti-war song, but a great one nonetheless. There are some weird vocal samples, followed by some very Grunge guitar solos. This is excellent from the start and sounds great. It’s short and bittersweet and is a great start to this album. Nice tune.

Following is Scrap which is another heavy Grunge styled tune that sounds really awesome. It tells the story of a man with a spray paint can and other endeavours. It is an interesting tune, but the vocals are mixed way too low here. In any case, despite that minor flaw, this is a decent tune with a loud and electrifying guitar solo to match. Really awesome all the same, this is a very wonderful Grunge piece to listen to. It sounds a lot like many other Grunge contemporaries mixed with Black Sabbath but is nonetheless really good. Nice tune.

Pretend We’re Dead is the most popular piece from this album. It has some really cool and awesome riffs here to enjoy and just sounds really anthemic and awesome. It is a Grunge anthem for those who dig that musical style, and the lyrics are very interesting. A really powerful and enjoyable piece of music railing against many social norms, this is a really direct and fun sounding piece. There is a good mixture of sound in the second half with an overdubbed guitar part that has a tremolo effect on it. The music is very enjoyable and listenable, sounding very unlike anything else recorded in musical history. Very excellent song and listening experience. Lively and powerful, this is a good and powerful Grunge masterpiece. Brilliant.

Diet Pill comes next, with some watery sounds, to begin with, followed by loud and distorted guitars. Singing about being on diet pills and their side effects, this is a definitely strange piece of music but a catchy one nonetheless. Women are often underrepresented in the music industry, and this is Exhibit A for such a case in the Grunge market. Great song to listen to, and a very anthemic piece of sludgy Grunge for all to hear. A really good piece of music with a dramatic and awesome set of guitar riffs, structures and solos, this does sound really cool. The lead guitar breaks sound really amazing and awesome that they easily impress the listener. The vocals and guitars here are wonderful, and this song finishes off with a lot of feedback-laden guitars in a fade-out. Awesome.

Next up is Everglade which begins with a drumstick intro, before quirky guitar riffs enter. This is a really enjoyable listen with some interesting pyrotechnics and playing on the guitar. A really fine and excellent listening experience, this is interesting and lively listening. A really cool song about sex and other similar points that are politically incorrect, there is an awesome and powerful set of guitar solos with pummelling drum rolls before this track reaches its logical conclusion. Good tune to listen to. Very catchy.

Following is Slide that has some descending Grunge riffs, just before the rest of the band kick in. A gloriously good piece of music that is excellent and uplifting (yes, even for Grunge), this is impressive and listenable simultaneously. Quick and catchy throughout, this is marvellous music. In the middle of the song is a quick and electrifying solo that fits the song perfectly. Very, very good and undeniably fresh and fun. Excellent listening from start to finish and an enjoyable listen. Great effort.

One More Thing begins with some lone drum beats, followed by some interesting pick scrapes. It then launches into a slow, yet artistic and catchy piece that sounds really very good. The singing here is ambivalent and the whole thing sounds excellent. This is no doubt one of the more catchy and memorable songs from this album. Cool, calm and in control, these girls know how to Rock. Very enjoyable and great to hear. In the second half is a simple, melodic and powerful guitar solo that sounds really cool. Politics is directly mentioned here as well. A really awesome and excellent listen, it reaches a brilliant climax, before ending much like it began. Great song.

Mr. Integrity begins with a straightforward drum beat, and a surprisingly Surf Rock feel to the tune. It is an excellent sounding piece of music from the start, and obviously intellectual and clever to hear. A really cool and heavy piece, this sounds really loathing of said person in this song. There are some interesting guitar solos and percussion, along with handclaps. Another classic song from a brilliant album, it is likely about male politicians. Ah, politics…the best way to begin angry arguments in a group setting. In any case, this is an excellent song that sounds great. It ends with a furious finish, nice work.

Next in line is Monster which begins with a Fender-style clanging bass guitar, before launching into an interesting song that sounds really cool, with raspy vocals. This is a good piece of short, sharp and direct music from the all-female team. There is an emotional descriptive guitar solo that sounds warped in a really good way. It becomes more furious in the second half of the song, with some great call-and-response vocals, before ending well. Good tune.

Following is Shitlist which begins with some weird feedback heavy guitars. Before long, it launches into a really cool and anthemic Grunge song that sounds really good. It’s about people that annoy oneself, and makes it onto the said list, which is an interesting thought. The song here is excellent and amazing sounding, and Butch Vig’s production makes it come alive. There are some screamed vocals here which is different for this album as well. Cool and groovy number, it slows right down and finishes well at the end with looped guitar parts. Great effort.

This Ain’t Pleasure comes at the end of the album, and sounds very Black Sabbath like at the beginning of the song, before entering straight into an excellent Rock groove to enjoy. A bizarre lyrical song, matched with awesome riffs, a very good way to finish off a consistent album for your ears to enjoy. In the second half are some great riffs and solos, backed up by the rest of the band. Electrifyingly awesome and good. The song ends with loads of whammy guitar work and feedback.

Underrated album? Absolutely. This album is a clear example of 1990s trends and underappreciated playing and singing from an all female group and if you like Grunge, you really should have this in your collection. The songs here are wonderfully accomplished and very near perfect. These ladies were very confrontational in their lyrics, too. Anyone who digs Grunge music or Rock history should listen to this awesome album, it’s solid and amazing.

Excellent tunes.



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