The KLF were pioneers of early EDM. This genre of music had existed in various forms, but the release of this album by The KLF were ready to shake things up. With many hit singles on this album, this was a breakthrough in many ways, and was also the group’s last album as well. Let’s see how this album sounds, track by track.

We kick off with What Time Is Love? (LP Mix) which begins with some rushing sounds of wind and other sound effects, before some unique vocal harmonies enter, along with some basslines. Some impressive soul singing is here, which is really cool. Before long, the intro finishes and we get kicking into a fantastic House based music piece, which has some great Rapping in it. A great piece of music that is nicely constructed and delivered. The 1990s were here, and the decade was kickstarted by acts such as The KLF. More Acid House style melodies are here, along with the cool Rapping here. A fantastic start to this album, and a very timeless piece of music. It ends with crowd cheering before segueing into the next track.

Next up is Make It Rain which begins with subsonic bass and quirky melodies, before female soul singing enters and we get underway. Beats then enter, and quite a good track is here. This is a fine listen, with breakbeats, semi-Jazz saxophone sounds, subsonic basslines and other unique musical elements to get you dancing, or listening. A decent tune that deserves to be heard, this is a wonderful piece of music. The female soul singing here makes this piece worth hearing, great song. It ends with more sampled crowd cheering, before segueing into the next piece.

3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.) begins with some machine gun styled sounds, before going straight into a decent Rap sounding tune. A very original sounding and energetic sounding piece, this is definitely different. It has ethereal textures, alternating singing sections, Acid House styled textures and a unique flow about it all. A great mixture of ear candy, this is definitely worth hearing. A very quintessential and catchy listening experience, it ends with more crowd cheering sampled here.

Church Of The KLF is next, which is more or less a continuation of the previous track. It begins with organ styled sounds, some additional Acid textures and some other brilliant Electronic sounds, whilst female soul singing about love and peace are here. Before long, digital beeps and percussion enter, and this gets underway. It ends very quickly, being a shorter track here.

Following up quickly here is Last Train To Trancentral (LP Mix) which begins with a load of high pitched melodies, before entering with beats and some trippy Electronic sounding screams. Some Rapping then enters, and this piece gets underway. This is interesting enough and decent enough to get your attention, and has some awesome musical blending of different styles and genres here. This is quite an unforgettable listen overall, and just sounds different to a lot of what is out there musically. This since its release has been much imitated in some ways, but never bettered as it is here. A good piece of music that still sounds fresh today. It ends with a lone vocal that has a load of delay added onto it, great music and nice touch here.

After that is Build A Fire which begins with eerie horror movie style string sections, electronic beeps and some warm, ethereal melodies as well. Some quacky sounding guitars then enter, and we get underway here. This is quite a unique piece, sounding like nothing else out there in the history of music. Some northern English speaking enters, along with some slide guitar. This is definitely different, and is a good piece of music for closing one’s eyes and relaxing to. A mellow and relaxing piece of music, this is a really fine listen. Awesome stuff, all the way to the fade out.

The White Room is the title track here, and no, it is not a rip off of the old Cream song. It begins with some unique electronic sounds, some old school style breakbeats and a really good listening experience. This is really awesome and different, with various vocal parts and sounds to get you dancing and moving. There is some unique clarinet here, which is different. All in all, a very good piece of music that has lasted the test of time, along with this album. A good piece of original and exciting music here. The combination of vocals towards the end is really awesome, as is the energetic bassline. A nice listening experience.

No More Tears is an extended piece that goes on for nearly 10 minutes. It begins with some bird like sounds, piano, subsonic bassline and excellent beats. It is a great and excellently constructed piece of EDM magic, with some beautiful and unique melodies within. This is an adventurous and pleasant sounding piece of music that is heavily underrated, and deserves to be heard. The subsonic bass here on this recording is really awesome, and you can hear how much it shapes the overall ambience and vibe on tracks such as these. This is never dull nor boring listening either, it is a very psychedelic soundscape that sounds incredibly good. Great music, this is definitely one of the highlights of this album. A beautiful, original and catchy track for anyone to hear, this is extraordinary listening. A mammoth instrumental that is a must listen for any EDM fan, this is an extraordinary listen from start to finish. There is some awesome and very top piano playing at the end here, all in all, brilliant. It fades out gently, a great track.

Last here is Justified and Ancient which begins with wind rushing sounds, before some basslines and soul singing enter and this piece gets underway. This is, once again, a brilliant listening experience. It is a great combination of vocals, textures and beats here, showcasing another decent track on this fine album. This is superbly constructed and delivered here, a very nice album from start to finish. A very audio-visual experience, this is a listening experience that is different and unique simultaneously. A nice finish to an underrated and great album. The KLF did very well here.

This album is very timeless, underrated and unique in listening terms, and is a surprisingly refreshing listening experience as well. It combines many genres and styles into a consistent whole: Psychedelia; Acid House; Soul; Ambient and many more genres out there. If you like some obscure EDM that touches on these genres, then this is likely perfect for you. Even from an outsider’s perspective, The KLF have done very well here. A classic album from beginning to end.




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