We really are spoiled for choice these days, aren’t we? The amount of pop diva clones seems endless today. Sabrina Carpenter seems to be one of those, so let’s give this album a listen and find out if it emerges out of the pack as a serious contender.

We begin with In My Bed which sounds a little like a Calvin Harris tune. It’s nothing unusual for what you’d hear on the radio today. Admittedly, this is not as good as Ariana Grande, who Sabrina Carpenter seems to be trying to emulate here. It’s an okay tune, but nothing memorable here.

The next piece, Pushing 20, is pretty awful. It just doesn’t sound good at all. At this point, yep, we have another Ariana Grande clone. It just falls flat. If this is going to be an example of music in the 21st century, help us.

I Can’t Stop Me is a bit better but has a rather unintelligent name for a song. It is the usual sort of radio sheen pop for today. The guest appearance doesn’t make this any better either.

Fakin is another song, this time about having a pretentious attitude. It’s not a real-life resolution to a difficult situation, and is the same as the rest of the songs, fairly ordinary. It’s just more pop based drivel here.

The next one Take Off All Your Cool is a girl’s sort of ideal thing sexually. Admittedly, this is VERY female based music. But still, it doesn’t sound any different, or better, than most of the stuff on the radio today. The fact that this album took two years to record is really not on either.

The next piece Tell Em just is awful. If it weren’t for the fact that this album is being reviewed, we’d have to stop it right here. It’s difficult to pin this music down to a specific genre, aside from rubbish. So we should stop the description here. The outro is actually okay here though.

Exhale has some awful lyrics, with some electronic sounds and violins in the background. You’d think that the producers would be best saving those violins for something better. But, no.

Take You Back is bad from the word go. It’s another take on Ariana Grande’s thank u, next but not as good. This music sounds like all the inspiration and soul has been sucked out of it, leaving just electronics.

The last piece, the latin American Looking At Me is easily the best song here, as it sounds inspired. It’s still no Buena Vista Social Club though. But, at least it sounds semi-inspired. We finish this brutal listen here.

So, was it really worth listening to this album? The answer is clearly no. Unless you dig contemporary pop diva music, please avoid this album, it just isn’t worth your time.



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