One of the last truly great punk rock groups decided to call it quits for some time in 2005. Unfortunately, the band was never the same again when Tom Delonge quit in that year, although the band continues without his presence today, yet they did another album with Tom Delonge later on. Still, this career retrospective to that point was released in late 2005, which is a brilliant compilation for those who have some interest in the music of Blink-182.

Pure pop-punk goodness is here, let’s get stuck into it.

Carousel is an early Blink-182 song. It starts off with trebly guitars and a repeated bass riff. It then bursts into a furious and quick pop-punk piece which is relentless in its pace. It’s a great start to the compilation, a nice song as well. It’s teenage angst at a fast pace.

M+M’s is a cool tune which has Mark Hoppus singing and continuing the teenage stories. No wonder these sorts of songs appealed to young college students so easily. It’s an upbeat tune that is not great sounding in production terms. But that is the point, it’s just simple. Well done.

Next is Dammit, a great college anthem. This is somewhat different from the original on Dude Ranch, it sounds like a later version of it. Still, it is an unforgettable song and a classic tune. “Well, I guess this is growing up…” indeed. American Pie sort of music, but great all the same.

Following is Josie. It talks about the ideal girlfriend and being passionately in love with her. It’s a great piece to hear and no doubt a great piece for this compilation. Uptempo and upbeat, it is a very good song. There are dual vocals from Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus. Travis Barker’s drumming is intense.

What’s My Age Again? is the great anthem for not really caring too much in a relationship. It’s on the Enema Of The State album and is a powerful and great listen. Blink-182 are in their powerful glory here.

All The Small Things is likely the best and most popular song Blink-182 ever did and fits perfectly on the compilation. It’s a great listen, even today. The heavy punk rock riffing in it is truly awesome. A great song.

Next is the deep song about suicidal feelings Adam’s Song. It is a great song, but should really only be listened to in the right frame of mind. There is a John Lennon-ism towards the end, which actually shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of how bad life gets, which is perfectly fitting for this song. Great, and deep.

Following is Man Overboard which is seemingly unreleased on a Blink-182 album. It’s about some basic relationship issues with a lady who picks fights with someone all the time in a relationship. Not bad, even though it is a bit of a rarity in Blink-182’s catalog.

The Rock Show is an awesome song and fortunately fits very well here, being a big hit at the time. It is great and cheerful to hear. A joyful listen, every time. Being young and free is a cool thing, even if you are making music about it at an older age.

First Date is next, a story about true love at a young age. Another simple song that one can cherish on multiple listens. A great piece from the Take Off Your Pants And Jacket era album. Excellent – and catchy.

Another great song comes along with Stay Together For The Kids which is a dark listen about the stresses of relationships. It is another good listen, but is very intense and leads into the more melancholy side of Blink-182. It is a warning to those who marry for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it may actually be better to be single in a relationship? You be the judge on that one. Good song to hear though.

The first track from the self-titled Blink-182 album Feeling This continues the deep and meaningful melancholy of the previous track. It’s a great and catchy anthem about love. It proves that Blink-182 had many tricks up their sleeve. The song is wonderful to hear, even today in the world of trashy mainstream Rap music. Brilliant song. The harmonies at the end are mint.

I Miss You is a very sad song about losing true love. Rather depressing, but still a great song regardless. Intense, but an excellent and deep listen if you need to shed some tears. Nice stuff. A brilliant song by Blink-182. Heavy listening though.

Down is a riff-heavy piece from this latter era of Blink-182. It’s honestly not as consistent as some of the other songs from the self-titled album, but still a good listen. Travis Barker’s brilliant drumming powers this along. There is intricate production and sounds very well crafted regardless.

Next is another melancholy relationship song Always. It is about breaking up. It’s not exactly easy listening to this song, but it has a brilliant chorus and reminds one of the lost better times in a relationship. It is an emotional rollercoaster, so strap your musical seatbelt on. Great song though.

The following song Not Now starts off as an epic outer space psychedelic sounding journey. It then bursts into another great Blink-182 listen. Oddly enough, this one is not from any of their albums. It proves that Blink-182 had many great songs, all over their career. Great listening and Travis Barker is a really great drummer here, too.

Another Girl Another Planet is yet another rarity added to this compilation. It begins with some dirty guitar riffs, before going into a song about odds in a relationship, but sticking together. A good listen, and like all the songs on this compilation, it fits perfectly. A nice metaphor for the subject of the lyrics.

Aliens Exist – Live in L.A. is a good way to finish this compilation. A very decent live rendition of the original, and lets us know how obsessed Tom Delonge is with aliens today. Good stuff regardless.

This is a great compilation, not just for Blink-182 fans, but for general listeners of rock music and people who understand realistic emotions. Do yourself a favour, and give this a good listen. Unforgettable.



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