Plump DJs are an internationally acclaimed Breakbeat act. They have had many successes to date, this album being one of their acclaimed successes. Is it worth listening to? Let’s find out.

We begin with the wah-wah guitar parts and the electronic sounds of Creepshow. It has banging breakbeats and some interesting sounds about it before the robotic voice enters the mix. It’s definitely a great mix of electronic breakbeat sensibilities and sounds nothing like anything recorded elsewhere. Still, it is very good to hear. It’s perfect for a nightclub environment. It has a variety of brilliant sounds and samples. It is adventurous and unique, unusually so for an EDM track. There is some great use of percussive beats towards the end.

Next is Weighed Down which is more of an acid house based sounding tune, whilst still having breakbeats and a groove that is awesome. It’s a very party sort of tune this one, and still very good. Consistency is the key to success, and it is a great listen to enjoy. Some quirky sounds are in the middle of this tune. A midsection with some almost subsonic bass and a buildup back into the main track is here.

The Funk Hits the Fan starts off with a looped electronic song, and a James Brown-like singer doing some spoken worded parts before some electronic sounds come in. It then kicks into EDM glory and is totally catchy. This is a brilliant pop-like and essential listening experience. Some processed instruments come through the mix of all this, and there is a definite funky feel about this track. The midsection breaks down with some subtle funk instrumentation. This track is a danceable and fascinating tune to listen to. It segues into the next track.

In Stereo is a trippy sounding piece with a repeated robotic voice and Trance like melodies to boot, unusually for a Breakbeat piece. This album is highly consistent and very interesting to listen to. It has a grinding groove and beats that match it. It has some interesting percussion in it as well. Some brain-melting sounds end this, which transition into the next piece.

Next is The Gate, referring to the main melody of this track. It’s a rhythmic patch, right at the start. It’s fast-paced and trippy. There are some beats to match. A drumroll enters, and we begin the bulk of the track. Some cut-up vocal samples are also in the bulk of this track, making it more interesting and enjoyable than you’d expect. It sounds so futuristic, that it sounds like it was made centuries into the future. The whole piece is so fantastic that you’d expect it to be boring, given the length being over eight minutes long. It’s not though, it is great listening all the way through. Some pulsating sounds in the middle of it make it an interesting breakdown for sure. Towards the end, it goes quieter, with some interesting drum parts going on in the background. A classy effort by Plump DJs. Then – BANG! It ends.

Following that we arrive at Morning Sun. It’s a much more subtle and psychedelic piece with female vocals in it. It’s nice and mellow listening. A very good song-like and well-structured piece to listen to. The lyrics here are fantastic. It’s a chilled and very trippy tune to hear.

Mantra enters with some basic drumbeats and some unusual voice samples before we slowly go into a percussive heavy and excellent sounding piece. It’s a slow starter but gradually evolves into a groove sort of piece, with Acid House type sounds in the background. It’s just simple. The midsection is hypnotic, subtle and trippy. It quickly evolves into a groove that is so trance-like, it works perfectly to give an almost drug-like state to the listener. Not bad, hey?

Pray For You sounds unusual at the start. It then enters a New Order sounding piece, at least with the melodies here. Plump DJs are more than simply just DJs, they are brilliant music creators as well. Some lyrics enter the scene, which refers to said praying. It’s a good tune to hear and anticipates apocalypse occurring in one’s life. This track, like all the others on the record, is essential listening. Some very expert and careful tweak of sounds is here. It’s rather discordant sounding.

Next is Something Goin On. It sounds a lot like Daft Punk here, funky and unusual. It’s a clever and expert piece which has a blues like singer sampled here. The whole track sounds quirky and robotic piece to hear. It’s a good lesser track which matches the quality of the other tracks as well. EDM glory is here. There is a good twist towards the end.

After that, we have Contact Double Zero. It’s another good breakbeat filled EDM tune, which is great to hear. It has some interesting sounds in it before the beats enter and take you into outer space. If we look into the future of the next 1000 years, this is a great way to begin it. Many tricks are employed by Plump DJs to make this a tripped out cyber listen. This is really good to hear. It’s tripped out. One’s head feels like they are entranced by the music here.

How Much Is Enough sounds rather eerie, to begin with. It’s a more subdued piece with a retro feel about it. It’s a more home listening sort of track this one. Still, it is fresh and inspired sounding. It breaks down into a very EDM midsection. This is very high quality and excellent listening, and a great album at that. It’s funky fresh and inspired. Some siren noises join the track into the next one.

Cry Wolf has some really great drum beats at the beginning of it. It’s an excellent listen, with a quirky bassline. It sounds as futuristic as the rest of the album. It’s a trippy and epic listen. Well worth hearing, even though it is a lesser track. Some samples of gospel vocals are here as well. Very expertly put together. Once again, it is very hypnotic.

Lastly, we have Tilt. It is a more chilled sort of listen, with much of the same quality as other tracks here. This ends the album nicely, and we come to a close here. Some minor key melodies are here, along with funk guitar parts. It ends quietly.

This album is highly recommended for any person who enjoys EDM and in particular, Breakbeat. The only flaw? It is a little long. Still, nothing will prevent you from having the greatest Eargasm you can possibly have from Plump DJs.



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