The Stray Cats changed the ball game of music, proving that a blast to the past didn’t mean sacrificing one’s musical future. Their self-titled debut album released in 1981 is chock full of good tunes. Let’s take a look at this album and see what the Stray Cats could offer.

We kick off with Runaway Boys which is an upbeat and interesting tune about a teenage runaway. It is a super catchy and wonderful song that relies heavily on a traditional rock music stance. But, that is the point. It is so catchy that you will be bopping along to this tune, many years after the release of this song. It is a rockabilly like musical journey, but is great to hear today regardless.

Next is Fishnet Stockings which is a comical tale about one’s lover who wears said fishnet stockings. It’s very humourous and upbeat, and the guitar solo here is fast and furious. A wonderful piece of music to listen to, this is fun music. Good song.

Ubangi Stomp begins with pounding drums and chanting, before going into a Reggae like tune that is strange and catchy simultaneously. It is another good tune that looks back to rock and rockabilly tradition many years after it was a trend to do so. The song is strange, yet amusing, about said Ubangi Stomp. Good piece of music here.

Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie is a fun piece of music that is devoted to a lover. It is super upbeat and fun to listen to, with some frenetic guitar playing throughout. A great song that hasn’t aged much at all to this day, it is an excellent listening experience, just like the rest of this album. Good stuff.

Next is Storm The Embassy which has a strange guitar led intro before launching into a political song of sorts. A good song with some deep meaning in it, it is a cautionary tale about people being held hostage in Iran, based on a situation that was real many years ago. Sadly, war and all that is attached to it is an ongoing thing in our world today, and this song is proof of that. Good song though.

After that is Rock This Town which is a statement of intent from the Stray Cats. It’s a great, upbeat and catchy tune with a frenetic feel about it. Sure, it’s old school, but it is really great listening. A really good song that is memorable and listenable too. A must hear for those who don’t know what rockabilly is, great song. It is very singalong too, a nice effort by the Stray Cats.

Rumble In Brighton comes next. It is a strange tune, beginning as a mostly instrumental piece, before leading into another good song. It sounds very energetic and upbeat, with a very good guitar solo here. Obviously the Stray Cats had many tricks up their sleeve. A great piece of music here.

Stray Cat Strut comes next, and is a mellow piece that is a definitive listen of the Stray Cats. It is an interesting listen, both lyrically and musically. There are some funky middle position electric guitar solos here, along with a laidback sense of rhythm. A mint tune, it is a must listen to those who don’t know who the Stray Cats were. Nice song.

Next is Crawl Up And Die which is an Elvis sounding tune, which is unusual for a group such as the Stray Cats. Unfortunately, this song does seem a little weaker than the others. It’s still listenable regardless, and is proof that even on a lesser tune, the Stray Cats can do fairly well. Good all the same.

Following that is Double Talkin’ Baby which is a good tune that is upbeat, fun and energetic. These songs on this album are mere proof that you can take a great musical idea and use it to 100% effect. The guitar solo on this song is really quite amazing. The music on this album is definitely positive. Great listen.

My One Desire is an old fashioned sounding piece about love/lust and all that comes with it. It is an underrated piece from the album, and yet sounds irresistibly good. These songs on this album more or less are. This album is a good example of how old fashioned doesn’t mean old and useless. Great song, and a superb listen.

Wild Saxophone comes as the last tune here, with a good mixture of drums, guitar and yes, saxophone. It is a nice listen to finish off this album, being full of the pacing energy and upbeat sense that the Stray Cats by now are well known for. The piece sounds awesome, and as this album comes to a close, you are sure to agree with that.

This is a very good album, chock full of listenable pieces of music and a upbeat, positive manner from the band. The Stray Cats really do well here, and excel at their craft. Although this sort of music has been largely forgotten today, do seek this out if you can. History lessons need not be just taught through books, but in music as well.