After the mixed efforts of X & Y, Coldplay needed to create a better effort than that album in order to survive. That album is this one. With a painting based on the French Revolution as the cover, a title that is a Spanish statement and some exciting songs within, could Coldplay rescue themselves from the world of musical mediocrity? Let’s find out. This album version is an expanded release of the original Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends album.

Life In Technicolor begins this album with some reversed sonic textures that are instantly brilliant. This gradually fades in and sounds electronic and brilliant. This is instantly a must listen, there is nothing else quite like it. Some interesting guitars then enter, and the whole thing gets underway. A wonderful introduction to this Coldplay album. Eventually, pounding beats enter as well. A really awesome listen, this does sound genuinely great. Nice introductory tune. It segues into the next track.

Cemeteries of London begins with some ghostly sounds and Chris Martin singing in a really emotional and soul searching way. This is quite a good effort, once again, and has some gorgeous textures occur, before acoustic guitars and Rock instrumentation get this going. This is definitely an improvement on the material of X & Y, it really sounds terrific. There is a strange sounding guitar solo in the middle of this tune, and this music is very good quality and interesting. A great song to begin this album with, the harmonies present in this song are emotional. A very touching tune. It ends with a piano solo, which is very welcome in this song. Great effort.

Lost! begins with some organ sounds, bongo beats, handclaps and Chris Martin singing quite nicely over the top of it all. This song is another solid effort and it is lyrically about keeping one’s head above water. A really excellent listen, this music sounds really awesome and terrific. This is a postmodern album that works very effectively and is exciting and listenable. A very good artistic and musical effort, this is somewhat akin to neo-psychedelia. In the second half is a ripping guitar solo that sounds interesting, before the song section resumes. Coldplay makes some great tunes, and some of the background textures present in this song are really quite amazing. This piece ends with more organ, a nice touch.

42 is more or less continuing the semi-concept album that is in this album. It has some deep and interesting singing from Chris Martin, followed by some string sections, piano and other tasty audible treats that sound really inspired and wonderful. Chris Martin’s singing has improved quite a lot on this album, which is also surprisingly good. This launches into an excellent solo section that is very Nine Inch Nails The Fragile era-ish, except that it is Coldplay here, not Trent Reznor. This is a life affirming piece of music that does wonderfully well. With repeated singing about ghosts and not making it to heaven, Coldplay makes themselves relevant here. Great job guys. It ends with the piano, strings and singing. Nice work.

Lovers in Japan begins with some unusual textures and sounds from a keyboard that sounds thrilling. Soon enough, a pounding 4/4 kick drum beat enters and we are underway. This is totally enjoyable and upbeat, it just sounds gloriously good. Coldplay was back, and they had lifted their game. Chris Martin sings very well on this song (and album), and he has improved that in a big way. Although this song is just short of seven minutes long, it is hugely enjoyable. An upbeat, lovely and intricate piece of music, this is one of the better and underrated Coldplay pieces from this album. The sounds, textures and playing are all top notch, and are a must listen for anyone who needs a good dose of Coldplay. The drumming present is quite powerful, too. A very wonderful and enjoyable piece of music, it fades out early, only to be replaced with a piano driven section and more electronic sounds that are awesome. Really cool, Chris Martin then sings again in a very gentle way. Unfortunately, his voice at this point of the song is barely audible in the mix, which is a shame. Despite that, this is good nonetheless. An excellent listen, and one that definitely deserves your time. Great music, this sounds wonderful. Nice song, the piano is very prominent at the end. Excellent Coldplay.

Yes is another extended piece, this one is over seven minutes long. It has some eastern sounding strings, to begin with, before acoustic guitars and percussion enter, along with some other tripped out sounds. Chris Martin sings in a very unusual key for his voice, and to be honest, it doesn’t sound normal or natural for him, although it is not outright bad. Anyway, this sounds very experimental and incredible and is a monumental sounding piece of music. Singing about making an effort, but being lonely at the same time, it seems like Chris Martin needs to vent a little on this song. Nonetheless, this is a really decent listen. Sgt. Pepper like strings are present in this tune, which are awesome. An underrated Coldplay tune, the music present on this album is of very good quality. There is an early stop of the first half of music, which is followed by some U2 styled guitars and other electronic textures. A really good and unusual piece of music, this is wonderful to hear. A very strange piece of music, mind you, especially for a band like Coldplay. It is exciting and captivating, and this tune makes it difficult to believe that a Rock band would deliver this sort of music. Excellent work, even though some may dismiss this as postmodern junk. It’s not, it is highly enjoyable, artistic and colourful. This ends with some sustained guitar chords, nice work.

Viva La Vida is the most popular and well known Coldplay song from this album. It begins with a chugging string section and other layered instrumentation before Chris Martin gets singing away very nicely. This is very lovely and beautiful, and it reveals Coldplay as a force of nature that nobody can argue with. The chorus is just amazing. This ballad is really lovely, and the overall lyrical concept is about warfare and revolution. Regardless, if you haven’t heard this song yet, you really should. A wonderful, wonderful tune that still stands tall to this day. The harmonies in the second half are guaranteed to make one smile, and this song is a standout in Coldplay’s career. This song ends with some nice melodic harmonies of the main song melody. Wonderfully brilliant.

Violet Hill begins with otherworldly textures that sound interesting and impressive. These gradually seep into the mix and sound beautifully wonderful. Chris Martin eventually gets singing, and this tune is rather awful, to be fair. It doesn’t sound like anything Coldplay should have done on this album, and is a cut that should have been dropped from it. This is rather sad as the rest of the album is great, but this song is not. A very Guns ‘N’ Roses style guitar solo is present in this song, again, not really Coldplay. In any case, this song is awful and can be skipped. The ending is good, but the majority of the song is not. Fairly ordinary.

Strawberry Swing begins with some studio chatter before this piece launches into a slide guitar led piece with pounding drums. Fortunately, this is a big improvement over the previous track and sounds tripped out and imaginative. Coldplay again impresses listeners, and even if you are a casual fan, you will likely appreciate this song. The instrumentation changes nicely as Chris Martin continues to sing. Although this album isn’t the biggest musical revolution ever, it is a pretty and genuinely good listen. Acoustic guitars enter in the second half that sounds pretty and rhythmic. Enjoyable, lively and wonderful, this is an awesome listen. This song ends with the unusual slide guitar and some quiet strings sections. Excellent work.

Death and All His Friends is the last track on the main album. It begins with pretty piano and decent singing by Chris Martin. A really cool listen, Coldplay does well here. Eventually, some neat sounding Fender guitars enter, and we are underway. This is a really excellent listening experience, and it adds to the overall feeling that this is an underrated album, even by Coldplay’s own popular standards. Some pounding drums eventually enter and the main section of the song gets going. A really cool and enjoyable tune, this sounds very nice and relaxing musically. Coldplay is a great musical force that undeniably impresses. This song ends after around three and a half minutes into it, before a musical reprise occurs. This is a wonderful and beautiful listen, and it just sounds really fine and pretty. A great finish to a decent first half of this album, and worth your time. The instrumentation sounds blissful. It eventually fades out at the end, with a simple keyboard melody played to finish up. Excellent.

Life in Technicolor II begins the second half of this reissue, with some eastern sounding string instrumentation, strummed acoustic guitars and familiar melodies. This is a really decent and awesome listen from the start, and the music just sounds really great. The drums kick in and we have a really cool tune to hear. A lively, upbeat and listenable tune, the music may be a re-hash from earlier in the album, but it does do an effective job musically. A really cool listening experience, all the same. These guys sound as though they are having a good deal of fun making these great tunes, and they were likely so. This song is marvellous and sounds awesome and epic. Great tune.

Postcards from Far Away is a very brief piano piece at under a minute long. It sounds gorgeous and is a nice addition to this album. Very pretty and nicely played. Excellent work.

Glass Of Water begins with singing and strummed clean electric guitars. Soon enough, this song gets going and sounds beautifully majestic. The acoustic guitars and pianos make this song sound very much like Led Zeppelin. A really cool tune from the start, this sounds amazing. The chorus has a load of loud drumming and crashing supporting instrumentation as Chris Martin does his best to rise above it all with his singing. Another great cut by a great band, this sounds very lovely and amazing. Coldplay do make impressive music at their best, and even though this may not be Parachutes or A Rush Of Blood To The Head in terms of album quality, this does sound dramatic and wonderful. A really great listen throughout, and this is definitely underrated in a way. A pretty and amazing song, this sounds gorgeously well done. The last part of this song is filled with crashing drums, sounds of stardust and a simple, yet lovable outro. Nice work.

Rainy Day begins with some piano and some weird pseudo-8 bit instrumentation added to it, before launching into the song at hand. This is an awesome and pretty tune that sounds perfect for that rainy day when you need a good dose of Coldplay. There are some beautiful strings on this song which only add to the majestic ambience. A neat and effortless tune, Coldplay reveal themselves as wonderful and decent tunemakers. This is a gorgeous ballad that makes perfect sense for Coldplay fans. A lovely, euphoric and life affirming tune, this sounds really pretty. Enjoyable.

Prospekt’s March / Poppyfields begins with wind rushing style noises, nicely strummed acoustic guitars and Chris Martin singing about a fire ongoing elsewhere. Again, this is a lovely and pretty piece of music that sounds really terrific. An excellent listen, this is a relaxing and awesome tune for fans of Coldplay to hear. Likely inspired by drug use, but still sounding great, Chris Martin delivers an underrated tune by the band. It ends the main section of the song early, followed by some distant sounding jangly electric guitar. Nice work.

Lost+ (with Jay-Z) begins with some pounding electronic beats and singing from the original. A really decent listen to hear once again, this is one of the better Coldplay tunes from this double album. Enjoyably listenable and fun listening, Chris Martin sounds euphoric and happy on this song. Awesome music, even if it is a reprise of what came before. Jay-Z’s appearance is weird, but ironically good. Probably not the greatest ever combination musically, but it works surprisingly well on this track. A nice little pastiche of music, Coldplay do very nicely with Jay-Z here. The outro has some mint harmonies, a good listen. It ends with church style organ.

Lovers In Japan – Osaka Sun Mix is a remix of the song on the first side of the album. It does incredibly well, taking a good Coldplay song and turning it into a danceable great listen with a 4/4 kick drum beat. A different, interesting and refreshing tune, this sounds pretty and uplifting. Some juicy sounds, beats and textures make this piece almost sound like EDM, except that it is not so. A great listen throughout, Coldplay are a band full of some amazing tunes. The music on this double album is quite good, and this song is a good representation of that. A really cool tune, and a fine remix to hear. Great effort here.

Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground is the last song on this double album, and sounds like ‘Til Kingdom Come from X & Y. Still, despite this, the tune here again is good quality Coldplay music. Short at around two and a half minutes long, this sounds very good. A lush, interesting and enjoyable acoustic piece with tabla drums and horns in the background, this works very well. Another lovely tune, and as this double album draws to a close, you should be smiling, especially if you love Coldplay. Great work.

This double album is rather lengthy. However, despite that, it is chock full of good tunes. Barely a dull moment is present on this album. If you ever want to hear a lot of good Coldplay in one sitting, this is your best bet. Unfortunately, this is not as good as the first two Coldplay albums and is also the last good Coldplay album released. Still, hats off to these guys. A genuinely nice listen is here.