There is clearly no doubt that Wes Montgomery was a brilliant guitarist. Self-taught and using his own special techniques to play the guitar (using his thumb to play as opposed to using a plectrum), he showed the world during his short lifetime how wonderful he could be as a Jazz guitarist. No doubt inspired by previous legends such as Django Reinhardt, he also inspired many generations of guitarists to follow. This is an album release of his that was recorded a couple of years before his unfortunate death. Let’s take a listen to this album and hear this genius play.

We launch into the album with Tequila which begins with some loose picking on the acoustic guitar, bongos and a great groovy Jazz based piece of music. It sounds very much like a great and awesome smooth Jazz vibe that is original and unique. This is an excellent piece of instrumental music that sounds really fresh and interesting, without a doubt. A great taste of Jazz guitar, at merely three minutes long. This sounds wonderful and nicely played, showcasing a legendary talent. Brilliant.

Next is Little Child (Daddy Dear) which begins with some slower guitar, melancholy string sections and a more moody sort of sounding environment on this piece. Needless to say that this also sounds very amazing as well, and is definitely a nice and relaxing instrumental that hits the spot very well. Short and sweet, at only two and a half minutes long, but irresistible listening. Great stuff by Wes Montgomery.

What The World Needs Now Is Love begins with some gorgeous Jazz guitar, hi-hat heavy drums and a great melodic sensibility on this song. A really excellent piece of music, this is a very fine listen, with some Jazz accompaniment to suit. The playing on this song is wonderful and intricate, showcasing a legendary skill and dexterity on songs such as these. A really awesome effort, this sounds incredibly good and timeless, too. A refreshing and interesting listening experience, this never bores one throughout its length of time. A very intricate piece of music, it plays nicely all the way to the end. Brilliantly good.

The Big Hurt follows and has a more cool, laidback feel in its instrumentation and playing. A really lovely and different instrumental piece, this sounds amazingly good. A mixture of Jazz guitar, hi-hat led drumming and violin styled strings, this is a really awesome set of instrumental music to enjoy. Really excellent and lovely music, this is a different and excellent experience to hear musically. Great music, this is addictive listening and nice music to bop along to. Great sounds and playing on this album, it concludes nicely.

Up next is Bumpin’ On Sunset which begins with some laidback guitar, slow bongo beats and a sense that we have an exciting listen on this song. This is enjoyable for every single moment of this piece, it simply sounds impressive. The nice mixture of Jazz guitar and string section sounds really captivating, even today. It’s very fair to say that Wes Montgomery was far ahead of his time, which he was. A really fine audio experience, this is great to hear from start to finish. A cool, smooth and easy sounding piece, this sounds really wonderful. Wes Montgomery plays the guitar in his own original and inimitable way. Another brilliant tune, it ends with a fade-out and some wonderful chord playing. Excellent.

Following is How Insensitive which begins with some lush sounding guitar textures, soft percussion and brooding string sections in the background. Still sounding really amazing, Wes Montgomery delivers an exceptionally great performance on this song. This is a gorgeous and timeless listen that sounds wonderful and unique. A really interesting listening experience, this sounds awesome and unique. A classy classic piece that has some pronounced string sections towards the end, this is unique and wonderful listening. Great music to listen to.

The Thumb arrives next and has some further smooth Jazz guitar playing and accompanying instrumentation. It sounds really unique, wonderful and effortless, and is a genuinely good and nicely played piece of guitar work. A wonderful and enjoyable piece of music, these Jazz instrumentals sound totally brilliant. A great example of how the guitar can be played and showcased as an instrument that is really top. The chord progressions here are just beautiful, along with Wes Montgomery’s playing style. Fresh and inspired listening, this sounds really awesome. The outro is fantastic.

Midnight Mood is a longer piece at over five minutes long. It begins with double-bass notes, violin sounds and some quiet drumming. It quickly launches into a moody sounding piece that is very much welcomed here. It’s a slow burner but is never dull nor bland for one moment. After a couple of minutes, it changes into a more optimistic sounding piece of music that is really great. An enjoyable and articulate piece of music, this is definitely decent and enjoyable listening to. Before long, it changes sections again and goes back into the dark and moody section. Still an awesome and wonderful tune, it sounds very melodic. Nice work by Wes Montgomery and company.

Next along is Wives and Lovers which is a much shorter piece that sounds a lot more upbeat and frenzied. It is certainly an energetic piece of music with some interesting playing by Wes Montgomery. A nice listening experience, this certainly sounds lively and energetic. A really great synthesis of Jazz-based music and playing, this is really fine music. Great way to finish the main tracks on this album, it fades out gently.

Following is Bumpin’ On Sunset – Alternate Take which is a nice alternative recording of the original song. It’s a decent addition to this album and just sounds really wonderful, once again. A good listen from start to finish, this is a really great example of sound that is excellent. Thankfully, we can go back and listen to these classics again today, this is really great sounding music. Really awesome music. Nice addition.

The Big Hurt – Alternate Take is most welcome on this album. It has a very salsa/samba feel to it with the bongos and hi-hats. Overall, another very good addition to the end of this album, sounding amazing. A really effortless sounding accomplished piece, this sounds really great. Enjoyable to hear once again, Wes Montgomery showcases himself as a great guitarist. Catchy and creative sounding, this is worth hearing. A smooth instrumental, and a compelling listening experience.

Tequila – Alternate Take is the last piece on this album. It is good to hear a different version of this classic song and performance, once again. A very nice listen and very eclectic music, Wes Montgomery shows what a real star he is. A really nice and relaxing listening experience, and a great way to conclude this album. Awesome music here for many generations of fans to enjoy. It ends nicely.

This is definitely an underrated album by an underrated artist to this day. Wes Montgomery had talent, fire and soul in his music that nobody else before or since could imitate. In any case, this is a very wonderful listen. If you like Jazz guitar and instrumentals that aren’t too long, then this is for you. A great album, the title track is awesome, too. Unfortunately, Wes Montgomery died in 1968 but his legacy will always live on.




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