2 Unlimited, according to reports, weren’t doing so well by this point. The chemistry between the two main stars, Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth was beginning to rapidly disintegrate and there was a large sense that a corporate machine was in place over the future of the group. This is the last album to feature Ray and Anita together as 2 Unlimited before they split in late 1995. This album, although not as popular as the two albums before it, received some critical acclaim nonetheless. Let’s dive into this and hear if it still sounds any good today.

The Real Thing begins with some cyber-sounding harpsichord sounds that are very reminiscent of Bach. Soon enough, this launches into typical bombastic beats and Ray gets Rapping away here. This is an interesting and listenable piece, and Anita’s vocals are still in good shape here on this record. Despite some of the negativity surrounding the two singers, this is still a very good listening experience. Ray sounds bombastic, and Anita sounds really euphoric here. “No more waiting, anticipating, we’re searching for the real thing…” sings Anita, and this tune shows some melancholy about it. A good listen nonetheless, and this tune is full of surprises, especially sonically. This may not be as popular as earlier 2 Unlimited hits, but it still sounds decent regardless. The emotion and power of this tune are very legendary. Great tune to hear. A quirky piece of emotional Eurodance.

Do What I Like begins with some highly unusual textures, some interesting Roland style drums and percussion, alongside some good digital saxophone. This again is quite a good and enjoyable piece of music to listen to, and Ray lights up this tune with his Rapping very well. Anita follows in the chorus and sings a good set of lyrics about enjoying life as it should be done. This is a great listening experience that is very 1990s and sounds very energetic. A really great piece of music to listen to, even today, its pounding 4/4 beat and minimal textures do sound really stellar. In the second half is a brief breakdown, followed by more vocals by Anita. Even if there were tensions between Ray and Anita, they sound like a unified force of nature on this tune. Great to hear, all the way through to the fade out.

Here I Go begins with a mixture of synth strings and harpsichord melody sonic patches in the intro, followed by some handclaps, Acid sounds and driving basslines. Soon enough, basic Roland TR beats enter, and this tune gets going nicely. This album is just as good as the first two so far and is full of driven Eurodance tunes that simply work. This piece is no different, and Ray and Anita sound impressive and emotional throughout. They really give this music their all, and the music at hand is very brilliant. A good, pounding listening experience, this is really fantastically enjoyable and danceable music for those who like a good blast from the past. A very emotional and euphoric piece of music. The main melody is extremely catchy, and this song is excellent for what it is. A unique and great listen in the history of modern music. Worth hearing.

Burning Like Fire begins with cool bongos, an interesting keyboard patch and more typical Roland styled beats. Anita sings wonderfully here, launching the track into a really excellent tune indeed, and she sounds passionate, energetic and brilliant. Anita’s vocals sound really dynamic, professional and fantastic here for this style of music. Ray’s performance isn’t the best from him here, and it is quite clear that Anita carries this track on through. There is a breakdown near the middle which is unique and quite suspenseful, before returning back into the music at hand. A really excellent and different sounding piece of music here, this is still good quality music, even if fans at the time were less impressed and the end was near for 2 Unlimited. There are some really unique and individual sounds on this track to match the two stars, and this is an ingenious listen for Eurodance styled EDM. Nice effort. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Info Superhighway begins with a gong sound, some deep electronic styled bass guitar and Anita whispering before the track launches into the music at hand. This tune is likely about the future of the world, namely about the internet and how technology will connect us all. This is by far one of the best cuts from this album, despite the fact it is more textural and sonic-based than anything else here. A dramatic, interesting and decent tune, this does leave a good impression on the listener. A great listening experience on this album, this song makes a lot more sense today with great advances in technology and AI being created by mankind (both a plus and a minus here). Nonetheless, a worthy tune to listen to, and an interesting listening experience from this album. A really cool tune, and a highlight from this album.

Hypnotised begins with a loop that sounds a lot like a xylophone. It quickly launches into quite a good tune, although possibly not as good as what came before it. Still, Ray and especially Anita’s presence reminds us that the music is exiting and exhilarating throughout. The textures on this tune are mouth watering, and Anita’s gorgeous vocals ensure that this excellent piece makes an impression. Singing about melancholy based reflection and music, Anita and Ray are seemingly on different wavelengths by this point. In any case, the music present is again, very, very good. This is an outstanding and enjoyable piece of music, and it is very underrated. All the same, for its flaws, this a really decent listen throughout. A great digital ballad that does sound wonderful musically. Great four minute plus song.

Tuning Into Something Wild begins with some gorgeous multitracked vocals by Anita, before a bunch of programmed melodic sounds enter. This song, lyrically, is pretty rough, but the music present is extremely catchy and enjoyable to dance along to. It is a real shame that this sort of music is overlooked today, it just powers along extremely well. This song mixes elements of House, Techno and Disco with the usual 2 Unlimited singing by Anita and rapping by Ray. All in all, this song is really interesting and adventurous, and it does sound really extraordinarily passionate and interesting. A nice listen throughout, and a standout tune from this album. Great work by the group, this is a varied and interesting EDM tune to enjoy. Nice music here, although it is about relationship difficulties.

Escape In Music begins with some very odd electronic melodies, launching into an interesting EDM tune that sounds really fantastic. Ray and Anita sound really awesome here as well, and the two of them do their thing very well. The rap section by Ray is extremely rapid fire, and Anita’s vocals are also excellent and impressive. This tune will likely sound a bit cheesy to some listeners today, but it still hits well. The breakdowns throughout are very well done, and the EDM styled groove present is really great to listen to and to enjoy. A lively and powerful piece of music that has aged quite well. Nice to hear.

Sensuality begins with some great and very 1990s keyboard looped melodies, followed by a set of really juicy sounding beats and Anita doing her thing very well. Regardless, this tune is an uplifting and totally listenable piece about physical attraction and some other similar topics about attraction towards a lover. Again, this is extremely good and different with some interesting lyrics and music to match. This is the sort of music that people who clubbing to pick up would hear. In any case, the music present is killer. A fantastic listen experience from start to finish. Great listen.

No One is a weird fusion of EDM and Reggae. It’s quirky sounding all right, but nonetheless is a welcome addition to this album and is a reminder of the whole post-Rave Jungle music movement of the early 1990s. A shorter tune that is really inspired and interesting, although is a bit musically naff. Ray’s rapping fits this tune extremely well, and Anita’s singing in the chorus is very magical. A quirky yet bold tune that explores music in a way that you have never really heard before, it works very well. Nice song, and catchy, too.

Face To Face is a melodic and emotional sounding ballad from the start, with some melancholy melodies and matching singing from Anita. It quickly goes into a strange sounding tune that honestly isn’t one of the better pieces of music on this album. It’s by no means a bad effort, it is simply not the best tune of them all here. Ray’s rap is very decent on this song, however. Anita really puts 100% into her vocal parts as well, showcasing herself as a sort of EDM Soul singer. In the second are some cut up vocal melodies with Anita singing well, before this tune progresses back to the chorus. A good song, even though there is a feeling of sadness throughout. Still, a good piece of music.

What’s Mine Is Mine begins with a very 808 State styled Acid House sounding patch, quickly launching into a nice, bouncy EDM tune. This is a joyful listen, and is proof of the underrated nature of this album. The music is perfectly matched by Ray’s spitfire rapping and Anita’s enjoyable singing. Again, the subject matter is about relationship based issues, in a negative way. This is quite possibly the album that one needs to hear if they are looking for a Burt Bacharach equivalent in EDM. A really cool and euphoric tune to hear, this is an interesting and joyful listen from start to finish. 2 Unlimited are legends, and the music present is very uplifting. Anita’s singing is amazing here, and the track is a very good one. Lively and supercharged Eurodance based EDM. It ends with looped vocals, which are really nice.

Nothing Like The Rain begins with some low key keyboard styled melodies, before this rather unusual sounding piece of music begins. Again, this is a sensational listen, and Anita sounds amazing here, whilst Ray sounds cool and calm. Anita’s singing sounds really legendary on this record, and this song is no different. A really unorthodox and moving listen, this is excellent for a bit of extra variety on this album. A gorgeous, emotional and lovely sounding tune, this points to the fact that Anita seemingly is the real star of this record, and it almost sounds like a solo album by her. A really great listening experience, despite this slight flaw of the record. A beautiful digital ballad, this pulls at heartstrings when hearing it. A nice four and a half minute Pop music piece of history, this does sound amazing and wonderful. Great effort from beginning to end.

The Real Thing – Tribal Edit is the last track on this album. It begins with some unusual drums and percussion, quickly launching into a lively remix that sounds really cool and different. Just like the original, this is superb, energetic and lively, but with some extra twists and turns throughout. The mix of the original tune with some cut-up tribal drum styled patterns will get you headbanging or dancing throughout. This is a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable piece of music that finishes off a very good and underrated album to listen to today. Powerful, energetic and direct, this track is enough to make one wish to dance.This sounds very euphoric. A decent conclusion to quite a good album.

This album is often overlooked by 2 Unlimited fans, and the music press in general. Still, this is much better than expected. The music here sounds more cohesive, even if that overall cohesion isn’t as good as some of the earlier 2 Unlimited moments. A decent album, and definitely worth your time. Sadly, Ray and Anita were getting prepared to call it quits after the release of this album, which is rather sad. Still, the music present on this album is legendary. A supercharged listen.

Underrated Eurodance EDM.