Country Music was a big thing back in the 1950s. It was hugely important to many styles of future music, including Rock music itself. Hank Williams was a pioneer of all this, and his short, yet hugely creative time on planet earth, was extremely valuable. This album was released after his unfortunate and tragic death on New Years Day in 1953. Let’s take a listen to this album and see if it pays decent enough respect to this legendary musician.

We begin with I Saw The Light which has some nice country fiddle, and Hank Williams begins singing beautifully here. It sounds really simple and fine for Country music. This is a great and wonderful sounding tune, with an old school Country music feel to it. It’s devoted to discovering God, and Hank Williams sings from a deeply emotional place. Great music, something to play if you live on a farm or somewhere similar. Brilliant music, and surprisingly fresh and good to hear.

Following is Calling You which is lively and upbeat, with more Christianity inspired lyrics. It points to an era long gone in the history of the world when life was simpler and more laidback. The playing on this recording, especially the fiddle here are beautiful and wonderful. Bocephus (Hank Williams’s nickname) does superbly here. This is very moving, and an awesome effort from this tragic Country music star. A really good effort, and sounding very pure and nicely performed.

Dear Brother comes along next, with some interesting banjo sounding plucking, before launching into an interesting piece with some female backing vocals here. It is, once again, a really good song. Some slide guitar is here in the middle, adding some deep south flavour to this song. A really pure and lovely sort of song, this music is old fashioned but fantastic. Hank Williams was a great musician who died too early. Still, his songs here are marvelous.

Wealth Won’t Save Your Soul has some gorgeous Country fiddle and an upbeat accompaniment. This is another Christian based piece that is likely true today. It is just as good to hear if you are non-religious or if you are heavily Christian, this is outstanding music. Hank Williams does a great job of singing on Country Pop music here. For those of you who are not wealthy in terms of gold, but in terms of decency, this is for you. Nice song.

Next along here is (I’m Gonna) Sing, Sing, Sing – Undubbed Version which has a beautiful acoustic guitar and Hank Williams singing joyfully. This is a really awesome listen, and just sounds really great and fantastic. Once again, referring to Christian ideals, this music is very acceptable if you are a regular Churchgoer to play on the weekends. Short and sweet, this is a lively song that deserves to be heard.

Following is Message To My Mother which is an old sounding recording with loads of tape hiss. It is simply Hank and acoustic guitar playing and singing beautifully. A very lively and reassuring listen, this is fantastic to hear, even today. Although this was some time prior to The Beatles, it is a really awesome and enjoyable piece of old Christian music. It’s about finding God and seeing the light, so to speak. Good song, even for those who are not religious. A nicer and gentler era than the postmodern world of Rap and RnB today, a fine performance and a classic in Country music. Very heartwarming, lovely to hear.

How Can You Refuse Him Now begins with some pleasant acoustic guitar and soulful vocals from Hank Williams. It is about accepting Jesus as one’s saviour. Admittedly, this album is not really for non-Christians here, which means that a lot of appeal from outside listeners is not there. Despite that, this is a really awesome and fine listening experience. Some really kind lyrics are here regardless. Awesome song and a good Christian tale here.

When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels begins with some layered fiddles and Hank Williams singing excellently over the top of it. Once again, there is a lot of tape hiss here. Still, if you dig Christian ideals and Country music, these songs are the perfect mix for you. The fiddle solo here is really neat, and this whole piece of music is really quite good. An excellent piece about having faith, nice song here. A fine and fresh listening experience, very listenable.

Next is Jesus Remembered Me begins with some nice plucking, and quickly goes into a duet with a female singer. There is some really cool slide guitar here in it, too. At this point the religious overtones may wear off the appeal of many casual listeners. Still, there is no doubt that Hank Williams aka Bocephus was a really excellent Country music performer. There is a Fender Esquire sounding guitar solo here as well, which sounds different. Great tune though.

Following is A House Of Gold sounds like a very old recording, but has some nice acoustic guitar playing and deep singing from Hank Williams. This is quite moving as Bocephus sings about the afterlife that is possible when one dies. This piece is very beautiful to hear, and sounds quite decent. Very touching, this piece is also very moving. Excellent song.

Thank God is a more clear sounding and upbeat piece along the same lines of Christian ideals. If there is an obvious flaw to Hank Williams’s music, it is that it is entirely focused on Christianity and his beliefs, which could lock out a lot of other listeners. Still, an impressive and enjoyable listen of simple and old style Country music. Excellent listening experience though, and is completely joyous.

The Angel Of Death begins with some excellent acoustic guitar and singing, although the religious overtone of his music may be a little wearisome for non-Christian ears at this point. That aside, this is a wonderful and lovely piece that is really intensely delivered and passionately good music. A very good listen, this is exceptionally good music and a decent story of faith and hope.

Next is The Prodigal Son – The Health And Happiness Show is a fiddle heavy piece that sounds really awesome. It is based on the biblical tale that is quite interesting itself. Still, a very fresh and inspired listening experience, even with all the Christianity based themes. The guitar playing here is underrated, and sounds very spot on and precise here. Country music for Christians, this is a pleasant listen here. Nice to have when driving through the farms in your countryside, an excellent song.

Following is Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine begins with acoustic guitar and slide guitar, and Bocephus gets going here. Another piece that is full of Country soul about people living a worse life than Hank Williams ever had. It is a good listen and a nice sentiment, and just sounds heartwarming. A melodic and wonderful piece of music about the pain, whether physical or emotional, that people have in their lives, a little off the beaten track. Good stuff.

A Tramp On The Street – The Health And Happiness Show is a nice recording that has some excellent slide guitar and some deep Country soulful singing by Hank Williams. A really neat piece of music, and sounds intensely musical and fantastic. Excellent stuff, although heavily Christian, this is really awesome and inspiring for musicians to this day. Another decent song towards the end of this album, and is quite heartbreaking. Decent song all the same.

I’ll Have A New Body (I’ll Have A New Life) – Live Health And Happiness Show is the last song here, beginning with some fine fiddle and sounds really great. This sounds like a live Radio performance from way back, and is really lovely and fantastic. More Christianity references are here, but this is to be expected. Great music all the same, this sounds lovely. Great Country music for those who follow God, it finishes gently. Nice song.

This album is quite good, a nice semi-compilation effort of the Country music of Hank Williams. If there is a noticeable flaw here, it is that all the songs are heavily about the Christian religion which may turn off some listeners. Still, a very good album that deserves listening and credit regardless, and a very fine effort by Hank Williams overall.




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