There is Metal, and then there is awesomely sounding and to the ultra nth degree Metal. This is the latter sort, and like Slipknot and anything heavier (e.g. Lamb Of God) can sound so heavy that it can make one laugh. Still, it has musical value to it. Let’s take a listen to this interesting album, and see how it fares today.

We kick off with the title track American Capitalist with its chugging drop tuned guitars, before the band kicks in. It is so loud, heavy and intense that it sounds amazing. Singing and screaming is here for good measure in alternating sections. A truly awesome listen about being said American Capitalist (regardless of your own political views) is on this album. The guitar solo sounds crazy good, reminiscent of Kirk Hammett’s playing from Metallica. A crazy and fun audio experience, the drumrolls towards the end are great.

Next is Under And Over It which is another superb song here. It is more song like than you’d expect for this sort of thing, which is good and there are some different song structures and ideas here. The double kick drums here sound amazing. The riff midsection leading into the guitar solo is brilliant. In fact, this is hugely underrated music. A superb listen, and this is great music, unquestionably.

The Pride begins with some eerie keyboards, before going into a tune about being self-confident, in a repulsive sort of way. It’s really heavy metal that sounds superb, and mentions many American companies and products. The melodic singing throughout is excellent. Singing about many USA ideals, we have some really awesome music here. “Only the strong survive, welcome to the pride!” is social Darwinism set to music. Still, it is brilliant.

Coming Down is different, with an acoustic set of guitars, and melodic singing. It is a good addition to the album, and eventually bursts into loud guitars and drums in the choruses. It doesn’t seem to entirely suit the group to do a song like this, but still is an excellent effort and listening experience. It has screaming about distressed emotions, before going into more chugging palm muted midsection playing, before unleashing an excellent guitar solo. The piece is a melancholy one, but not overly so. It ends with the acoustic guitars, nice effort.

Next is Menace which goes back into a more typical piece by Five Finger Death Punch. It is a louder and energetic piece about being said menace. Sounds amazing, with a load of loud screaming throughout the track. The choruses have some melodic singing in it, before returning to the screaming. This is really loud, and very syncopated in its delivery. This seems to be a semi-concept album about the nature of Capitalism. Regardless if it is politically motivated or not, this is top. It ends with screaming alone. Brilliant.

Following is Generation Dead which begins with some super heavy bass playing, before the rest of the band kick in wonderfully. The riff here is really awesome, and the singing matches it as well. Using different elements of singing/screaming, this is a good melodic and heavy song. No doubt Metalheads and some of those who like the darker side of life will enjoy this. An interesting guitar solo is here as well, sounding wonderfully beautiful and frenetic simultaneously. This is an excellent song for fans of the band.

Back For More goes straight into super Heavy Metal and is an interesting listen continuing the theme of the album. It is a good example of melodicism mixed into heavy metal, and just sounds incredible. The drumming in particular here is really excellent. The chugging midsection gives way to another super fast guitar solo. This is played wonderfully. This is a strong piece from the album, and sounds wonderfully awesome.

Remember Everything begins with an interesting introduction of some guitars and, get this, strings. It is about missing loved ones and the consequences dealing with it. Good subject matter, and even radio worthy here. Despite that, this music is still pure Metal. It is a great pop Metal song, even though it’s not really pure Five Finger Death Punch. A moody guitar solo is here as well. Good song about regretting things, but towards the end, it gets a bit much. Good anyway, maybe a bit too melodramatic for a song from Five Finger Death Punch.

Next is Wicked Ways which is a more straightforward tune from this group. It still sounds good, even at this point of this album. Singing about relationship issues here and using some nice guitar riffs, Five Finger Death Punch do very well here. “Who do you think you are?” is chanted here throughout. Another good piece, much simpler here than the other tracks.

Following is If I Fall which begins with electronic sound loops and acoustic guitars, before roaring into another loud and dramatic Metal piece that just sounds top notch. This is excellent listening, even towards the end of this album. Good music here, and just sounds awesome. The midsection here is particularly impressive, with double kick drums and some great harmonies. Superb music, and just sounds genuinely good. It ends with acoustic guitars again.

100 Ways To Hate comes last on the album here. Some really profane and hilarious screaming is here, before the melodic singing kicks in about hating someone for who they are. Seriously. This is an interesting song, but definitely not Pop/Rock music for the radio. Very aggressive and Heavy Metal, this is a good song to finish off this album with. The midsection goes into turbo mode, before it all ends. Awesome.

This is music to scare your parents with. It’s loud, heavy, melodic and even rather intelligent. Political intentions aside, even if you are a Communist, you should listen to this album for the quality of music here. Overall, a good listen. Check out the re-releases with extra tracks as well.