This was the beginning of the first real Disco music before Disco was even considered a trend. The album here is considered a classic today, so let’s dress up fancy and get your boogie shoes on, and dive into the music here from the mid 1970s. The name KC & The Sunshine Band is divided between the primary vocalist’s name, and the name of home of the band, The American Sunshine State – Florida.

Let It Go, Pt. 1 begins with synth noises, beats and electronically modified bongos. It’s a cheerful and interesting introduction to a musical era gone by a long time ago. There are many horn sections here as well, as well as a 1960s organ sound. This is a great start to the album here, a nice summary of what KC & The Sunshine Band were about. A very good way of showing the world about Disco music.

That’s The Way (I Like It) is a classic Disco tune with beautiful singing and instrumentation. It’s an interesting and inspiring listen for any musician or singer out there. The lyrics are excellent here, too. A catchy and good song from the mid 1970s. Great effort, with horns galore and a funky guitar part. The harmonies here are glorious.

Next is Get Down Tonight which is another Disco music classic built up from a Funk music based background. It’s a great exploration of the music that would become so hugely popular in just a few short years. Still, KC & The Sunshine Band do very well here, more than most later Disco music. Great stuff here. Inspired and colourful. A danceable classic in the history of popular music.

Following is Boogie Shoes which is a danceable and funktastic piece to here, and is about dancing with a loved one. It’s a cleverly arranged and feel good classic, even after all these years. There is a beautiful Fender Stratocaster guitar solo in the middle, showing that these guys had class. A very good Disco Pop music piece.

Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong has a guitar and trumpet riff throughout, matched with sensational Disco 1970s lyrics. This sounds as amazing and fresh today as it did all those years ago when this album was received. It’s a great song and ode to positivity, along with the rest of the album. A clever and chilled out listen, this music is awesome. Good to hear.

I’m So Crazy (‘Bout You) comes next, and talks about approaching a love that is difficult to do so. A brilliant piece to hear about love and the intention of feeling in love, this is super awesome music to hear. It has barely aged, and is a good representation of the best of the mid 1970s. Classy. It’s more of a story than the other songs, but is really very good listening all the same.

Next is What Makes You Happy which is a musical ode to hedonistic urges. It’s a clever and fun loving song. Not band for a band who were little known at the time. This Funky Disco stuff is gold, and worth your time and effort listening. It’s super fun and inspired listening. There is some great singing here, too.

Following is I Get Lifted which is possibly about drug use, but all the same, is an upbeat and Funky love song to hear. These guys had worked very hard to make their unique Funky, proto-Disco music, and you can hear the passion and positivity in every note. Nothing really before or since hits you in such a way throughout the history of music, so it is refreshing to hear on this record. Short and sweet.

Let It Go, Pt. 2 finishes off this very short album. What a trip it is, all the way back to 1975. A clever, ingenious and excellent listen from start to finish, Disco music really starts here. A great listen overall.

If you want to hear a short snippet of the mid 1970s underground Disco scene, look no further. KC & The Sunshine Band do extremely well here, and this is one of their classic albums you should have in your collection. If you hated Punk Rock and like some Funky, Boogie music to hear on the right occasion, start here.