Elmore James is hugely underrated as a slide/blues guitarist. There is no doubt that he was a legend in creating good music of that sort. This compilation is a really great example of his virtuosity, recorded roughly from 1959 to 1961, so let’s hear it and see where it takes us.

We begin with Shake Your Money Maker which is a funky, jazzy sort of piece. The instrumentation and singing here is terrific, and is directly informed by musical history. A great piece of musical artistry and wonderful sounding, this is a fine start to this collection of music. Nice to hear. A kind of musical style that is not really heard today.

Following is Look On Yonder Wall which is a traditional blues piece that sounds happy and energetic. This is a top listen, taking an old form of music and transforming it into something more modern but just as decent. The guitar solo is really great, with some expert licks from Elmore James. Excellent work.

The Sky Is Crying comes along next, with some fuzzy slide guitar that sounds very different. It sounds like a legendary blues piece that has the power to live forever. It sounds very different to most forms of music out there, making it a very captivating listening experience. The whole thing sounds majestic, great song.

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ comes next. It is a simple and bluesy piece that is very good quality listening, even today. Elmore James may be the star of the show here, but the rest of the band are just as good as well. This is another excellent song that deserves to be listened. It gets very frenetic towards the end. Good tune.

Next is Held My Baby Last Night which is a song of love and devotion, with some expertly played slide guitar in the background by Elmore James. It’s a song of woeful relationship troubles, but just sounds brilliantly good. An excellent blues number, these songs are infinitely good.

Following is I’m Worried which is a faster and more straightforward piece of bluesy sounding musicianship that sounds super good. Very catchy, and Elmore James’s slide guitar here is unmistakably noticeable, and awesome too. This sounds really amazing, and is a great example of old time blues. Excellent song. The outro in particular is superb.

Done Somebody Wrong is next and it is a more groove based piece that has a syncopated feel to it. It’s still classic blues music, with a rock and roll edge to it. A great listen regardless, as is the rest of the album. Elmore James’s music lives on to this day, with some great and powerful slide guitar to it. Top quality.

Fine Little Mama comes next, and is a more pop/rock staple with some insanely good playing by the band. Elmore James and crew knew how to entertain and excite others with their music, and this is a fine example of that. With a swinging groove and a great sense of melody, this is awesome. A must hear.

Next is Anna Lee which begins with some top slide guitar before leading into a much slower blues led piece with prominent saxophone and harmonica here. It’s an ode to a lover, but regardless sounds fantastic. This is an excellent sounding piece that sounds remarkably good. Fresh and inspired, this is a great example of fine musicianship. Nice, the outro is very awesome.

Following is Stranger Blues which is a twelve bar blues sort of piece. It sounds top and terrific, showcasing a beautiful and wonderful musicianship from Elmore James and co. The guitar solo here is sizzling hot, in a good way of course. Top music and a great performance here. Great to hear.

Something Inside Of Me is surprisingly long for this album, at exactly five minutes long. It is a dramatic and top listen from Elmore James and the band here, in a great sense of blues music tradition. There is almost a call-and-response nature to this song, which is great. The guitar solo is equally as awesome here, with such suspense and wonderful delivery, it no doubt influenced many guitarists from that point on. Great quality music, always nice to hear. Music to one’s ears. Superb. Who said slide guitars aren’t relevant?

Early One Morning comes next, another fine piece by Elmore James and company. It is ridiculously catchy and good, a story of childhood love. The saxophone here is really top as well. The guitar solo here is mindblowingly great, and takes centre stage during its simple expression of melody and rhythm. Great piece of music, this is a fun listening experience.

Next is Sunnyland which is really upbeat and smooth. A fun and, yes, fresh sounding piece of music, this is a great listening experience. It’s enough to bop along to, or dance if you feel like doing so. Super catchy and memorable, this is awesome. Definitely worth hearing, as is the rest of the album.

After that is Standing At The Crossroads which is a cool blues groove. It is super catchy and enjoyable, and sounds really wonderful. This is top notch listening experience from Elmore James and co, sounding fresh, wonderful and energetic. Elmore James’s slide guitar sings loud and proud here, it must be heard to be experienced. Great stuff.

My Bleeding Heart follows, and is another great piece of excellent quality music. This music sounds really awesome, one need not be a total blues fan to enjoy or appreciate this music. A wonderful and enjoyable listen, this is worth visiting and revisiting. Great song, and fine musicianship, this album is a great one, no doubt about that.

Dust My Broom is the last song here. It’s a really good song too, and is a Robert Johnson cover. The song is a great rendition of a historical classic, and is definitely worth your time. A nice way to finish off this album. The guitar solo at the end is really great.

Yes, this is a classic album, and yes, you should have a listen to it. Why? It is top notch blues/rock music that stands tall many years and decades after its release. A fresh and satisfying listening experience, check this out today.

Fine musicianship.