Knife Party’s first step into the world of music is this EP. It was made widely available online at many different points to the world (from their offical website, to Facebook and iTunes) upon release in late 2011. This Australian duo specialised in making some interesting Dubstep styled tunes. Let’s take a listen to this EP, and hear how it sounds.

The first track is the hit tune Internet Friends. It begins as a sort of one-sided Facebook vocal conversation with some electrified Dubstep sounds and a bouncing groove. This quickly launches into a decent and danceable piece of wonderful Dubstep EDM that is definitely awesome. The next part is gold, footsteps occur and a doorbell is rung. There is banging on a door, the sound of glass smashing and an iPhone going off. The phrase: “You blocked me on Facebook, and now you’re going to die!” is very suspenseful on this track, followed by a different set of monstrous melodies that should get one’s headbanging away. This is wonderfully done, obviously, this track is a Dubstep story of an online creep on Facebook. In the second half are some minor key melodies that surge into your ears, before going straight back into the mayhem. Be careful who you talk to on Facebook guys, it may turn out deadly. An excellent and very catchy tune from start to finish. Great tune, it finishes with a descending single-note melody.

Next is Destroy Them With Lazers which begins with some laser-like sounds that are decent and original. These gradually build up in pace, before launching into a strange sort of groove. This is very much along the lines of pseudo-video game music. The title of the song is spoken, quickly launching into a catchy and melodic Dubstep tune. This is very cool and energetic sounding, although Dubstep is not quite to everybody’s tastes. In any case, this does sound very interesting and quite drug influenced. The breakdown sounds pretty freaky, before resuming into a decent and catchy tune. This is another very good track to listen to, perfect for that long video game session you’ve been dying to have. A cool and decent tune, Knife Party clearly excel here. A good piece with some fairly druggy psychedelic sounds, a fine listen from start to finish.

Tourniquet begins with some watery sounds, quickly entering into some banging beats and melodic textures that are really cool. This is not Marilyn Manson by the way. It is, however, a very straightforward and danceable Dubstep piece that still sounds as fresh and amazing as it did in 2011. A really cool and very neo-Psychedelic sort of tune, this is a monstrous piece of music. It breaks down into a strange midsection that is cut up with a simple snare hit, before going straight back into a rising pitch shifted piece. Eventually the beats and melodies from the first half return, and this piece of music kicks the proverbial. A great combination of sounds, samples, textures and melodies, this is very enjoyable to listen to. Towards the end, the beats are wound back somewhat and the melodies end. It leaves some basic drum patterns, before concluding with a watery sound. Awesome.

Fire Hive begins with a Reggae sounding mash up of sonic instrumentation. Soon enough, this piece gets going nicely with some awesome treatment of sounds and cut up melodies that sound really excellent. This sounds like Reggae for those in the 21st century who like weed and other hard drugs. It is a wonderful and enjoyable piece of music. The breakdown has some accentuated sounds and spacey sonic textures, before going into a cyber constructed melody. The second half is full of surprises and some monster cut up Dubstep melodies. This shows that, in the world of Dubstep, Skrillex had some competition for sure. In any case, this EP showcases a really amazing and large variety of sounds. This track concludes nicely.

This EP is a really decent example of what a good bunch of musicians (or duo in this instance) can do with Electronics, and take the world by storm. Indeed, Knife Party are famous in the Dubstep genre, and this is just the beginning for them. Check out this release if you wish, you won’t be disappointed.




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