Who knew that a bunch of cool dudes living in California from an Asian background would make such great tunes? This album is a good album and deserves your attention. The album itself is a great mixture of Electro, Hip Hop, EDM beats and RnB Pop sensibilities. Let’s give a run through of the track listing.

The first song Girls On The Dancefloor sets the scene, a party tune that is catchy, modern and hook-laden. It is pure fun. From the vocoder intro, to the pounding 4/4 beats, this is a wonderful tune. An excellent listen that is really fun, fresh and energetic. Although this is Pop EDM, it is great to listen to. Many vocal samples and references to loads of shots of alcohol are here as well. An outstanding piece of fun music that has dated a lot less than you’d think. Very uplifting, this sounds incredible. A great tune.

The group’s biggest hit follows, Like A G6. This song features cut-up vocals, a catchy 808 “bump” and references to heavy drinking. Club central? You got it. Just don’t act like you’re drunk when you listen to this song. The electro vocals here are amazing, as is the tune. This whole piece sounds crazy good, and is perfect for that Saturday night out to the club with those sexy ladies. Or handsome gents, if you are a lady. Some awesome sounds and lyrics are here, and this whole piece sounds incredible. The best song from the Far East Movement, and for very good reason.

Rocketeer is a rather melancholy piece about being in love. It’s awesome listening for anyone out there, “I’ve never been to outer space before, but I’ve never seen a face like yours” is a great lyric on this song, as is the piano here too. These guys show more flexibility than your average pop group. This song is a good one for bringing back memories of spending a night with a beautiful lover with or without friends. A great cyber fantasy song with some great lyrics, a fine listen. Very touching.

If I Was You (OMG) is the next song, featuring Snoop Dogg. It’s a hilarious song about admiring the things girls do to get a guy’s attention. Pretty dirty though. It kicks off with some excellent cyber sounds, and Snoop Dogg doing his thing. The mixture of guest and host is awesome here, and we have a very catchy and incredible listening experience. There are some real laugh out loud moments here, no doubt enough to make you laugh pretty hard. Clever, witty and interesting, this is a great song, and album as well. Dance to this one.

Following is She Owns The Night is a great dance piece about a girl who masters her moves on the dancefloor. It’s more interesting and catchy than you’d think. These guys obviously had their fair share of wild nights. It begins with computerised vocals, before going into a groove laden piece that sounds pretty cool. This is a really cool listen, showing that even the lesser tracks here on this album are really good and well crafted. About a girl, but not a Kurt Cobain song, this is really cool. An awesome tune. Some nicely crafted and original sounds are here. Good tune, quite entertaining.

The album begins to lag with So What? It’s not a bad tune, but can be repetitive to some. It does sample Kid Rock screaming, “WHATCHU WANT?!!” which proves that these guys had a variety of music tastes outside of the music scene that they would typically play. Regardless it is a strange and interesting listen, but still highly entertaining all the same. A clever, charged and entertaining musical experience, well done by Far East Movement. Some smart sounds are here as well. The sounds towards the end are pretty interesting, too.

Don’t Look Now is another one of those sorts of songs for the ladies. It sounds really great, although very much Electro Pop/Dance Music. The mix of male and female vocal parts are pretty wonderful here. A really fine and enjoyable piece of music about falling in love with someone at first sight. It is a great listen nonetheless. Nice to hear. The chanted vocal part towards the end is mint.

Fighting For Air is a passionate song about sharing moments with a lady. And it’s not bad. In fact, by this point, this album is still going, and it kicks ass very well. A fantastic music listen, this is really cool to hear. Even for the “lesser” cuts here on this album, this is very, very good. A solid and enjoyable listening experience. The lyricism and instrumentation are a great match here. A really nice and anthemic tune, although this does drag on a bit towards the end. Good though.

The following song White Flag features yet another guest Kayla Kai and is almost call-and-response in the way it is structured between verses and choruses. This is an unusual technique in today’s pop music and shows how intelligent the Far East Movement are. A straightforward and danceable piece of music, this is incredible. A great listening experience, very fresh and fun. Very good to hear. “I can’t wait until the change of seasons, to make your heart melt like Reese’s Pieces…” is true gold here. Nice one.

The last song is kind of funny, but rather rubbish. 2 is Better is rather politically incorrect, and is only advisable for heterosexual men to listen to. It is pretty out there, if you know what Far East Movement mean. Insane, but in a very good way. Not essential, but great regardless. Hilarious from start to finish.

So why this album? Many people who follow the latest trends would identify this album as “old”. But it still sounds amazing and fresh to this day. If you have a Friday or Saturday night free and are about to hit the clubs, give this one a whirl. Nothing is more suitable for such an occasion. Despite the fact there are many guest musicians here, Free Wired is a club classic.

Fun and fresh.