This album was released as a massive supergroup album way back in 1970. Compiled of four excellent musicians, this should be a musical treat for listeners out there. Let’s dive in and do some listening of a critically acclaimed album from these four men,

We begin with Carry On which begins with fast acoustic guitar playing. Before long, a great deal of singing and awesome bass guitar playing enter. Immediately, you can hear how fresh and inspired this is, with some gorgeous guitar playing to match. This is a really amazing listening experience, and just sounds incredible. Harmonic singing is here, along with bongo beats to match. Some chanting is here as well, along with organ. Awesome guitar soloing is here too, which is really top. Each musician here does a great job, and this is a really great start to this album. Some wah-wah soloing here is in the fade out. Brilliant start to the album.

Next is Teach Your Children which begins with some nice slide guitar, acoustic guitar and some more subdued, yet beautiful singing. Lyrically, this song talks about being on the road and having adventures there. A really fine listen. This is beautiful, refreshing and very listenable, particularly for older Rock fans out there. Very amazing and beautiful, especially if you also dig Country music. A fine listen from start to finish.

Almost Cut My Hair begins with some nonsense chatter, before drums kick in and we get underway. The singing then emerges, and we have a real interesting piece of music here about being one’s hippy self. The guitar solo here is really fantastic too. This is definitely a highlight of the album, and sounds terrific. Very much a late hippy sort of song, it sounds awesome. The guitar solo in the second half is super frenetic. In some ways, this is a sort of recording that The Beatles would have done if they had stayed together. Great, especially the fluttering melodic singing here. A very great listen, definitely worth hearing. The fade out is glorious.

Helpless comes next, with some excellent violining on guitar, and an unforgettable melody to match it. The singing here is soft and calm, making this a suspenseful and incredible listen. Some introspective and psychedelic lyrics are here too. The rest of the band puts in a marvelous effort as well. The chorus has some beautiful singing in it, revealing a great musical sense on this song. The acoustic guitar here, as well as the other sounds are perfectly done here. This is timeless music, and just sounds incredibly good. A nice gentle and relaxing listen from start to finish.

Following is Woodstock which begins with a really cool riff. It’s an ode to the legendary festival held just out of New York where many musical greats played in 1969. Musically, it is a great piece, very nicely melodic and catchy. This is a really fantastic and enjoyable listen for anyone who digs old school Country and Rock music. The guitar solo again is amazing and incredible. This is a great musical journey for those who love musical history, a fine effort. The harmonies here are brilliant.

Next is the title track Déjà Vu which begins with some hummed melodies, acoustic guitar and a great sense of melodic accomplishment. It goes into a very good piece with a very rhythmic vocal part. It changes at the drop of a hat to a more melodic sounding section that is incredible. This is a really cool listening experience, and sounds original and exciting. This piece is a little more subdued than you’d expect, but with a great array of brilliant Country/Rock sounds and harmonies that would make Yes jealous. There is also some harmonica and beautiful keyboard here. The bass guitar towards the end is effortless sounding and really very good. A very nice tune to hear, great song.

Our House begins with a simple introduction about having a simple life. It is actually quite a lovely love sort of song here, with chugging piano and excellent playing from these guys. This is a very decent and awesome listen, with many layers of instrumentation and perfected lyricism. The harmonies here are irresistible, and the whole song sounds lovely. It slows down towards the end, and finishes off nicely.

4 + 20 may directly refer to marijuana use, but the songwriting and musicianship indicate otherwise. No doubt these guys had their very own stash of drugs, but that is not the point. This song discusses living in poverty, all over a lone acoustic guitar that is fingerpicked. It’s really amazing and beautiful, just like the rest of the album. Very nice to hear.

Next is Country Girl which begins with more strummed acoustic guitars, an organ and some beautiful singing here. This is very decent quality music. The organ then goes centre piece, and just sounds uplifting. This is a good highlight of this album, and has a beautiful and cool melodic sense about it. This is a wonderful musical snapshot of 1970. The singing mixes in with the organ sound, and we have a real Rock classic here. This is a wonderful and uplifting piece of melodic music. This is an extended number, running at five minutes, but fortunately not too long. The harmonies in the second half are nicely mixed together and sound really nice. Towards the end, it gets very loud and interesting, with some great harmonica. Great song, it fades out gently.

Last here is Everybody I Love You which is a more uptempo number that has a really nice Classic Rock feel to it to kickstart the 1970s. This is likely a short ode to fans of the group out there, and it does sound really excellent. The guitar playing here is impressive in particular, sounding somewhat like Jimmy Page, but with a Country feel to the song. A very nice song to hear, and a classic album indeed.

This album is an often overlooked gem in retrospect. Although their time as a group was short, Crosby Stills Nash & Young could make great tunes and show the world what they were capable of. Fans of the band will be delighted to hear that a remastered 50th anniversary release is out there of this album. A brilliant effort overall.




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