This is often seen as the peak of Bob Dylan’s career, and where everything fell right into place for him. In retrospect, Bob Dylan was moving so fast in the Pop/Rock world that almost nobody was able to catch up to him. Let’s take a listen to this album, many years later and see how it sounds.

We begin with Like A Rolling Stone which is a great and key Bob Dylan song, complete with nice guitars and an organ in the background. A brilliant piece of music, there is a multitude of many wonderful sounds, including harmonica here. An awesome piece of music, with some great lyrics by Bob Dylan. This is an extraordinary listening experience that sounds wonderful. The lyrics here are quite surreal to listen to. This is a great Bob Dylan piece, and we have a great and tasty (musically speaking) listen to enjoy. An uplifting and enjoyable piece of music, this is really a golden listen. Amazing, even today to hear. A Rock music classic.

Next is Tombstone Blues which sounds really awesome, with uptempo acoustic guitar and bashing drums. Another great song to listen to, this is a really awesome listen with some Fender guitar tones that sound amazing. Bob Dylan delivers a stream of consciousness with his lyrics here. Some really excellent lyrics are here, referring to John the Baptist (a murderer) and other strange things. A wonderful listen from start to finish, this is an excellent song with a great variety of instruments. A wonderful song, and a great highlight of Bob Dylan’s career. Great piece of music.

It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry comes next and is a slower, more ballad oriented piece. A really excellent piece of music, led by piano and other beautiful instrumentation, this is excellent. Bob Dylan reveals his best and most wonderful efforts on this album. There are some bluesy guitar solos and a loud harmonica to boot here. An excellent listen, it sounds like smokey Blues music. A brilliant and moving piece of music here. A great jam style piece, this is a top listen.

From A Buick 6 comes next and sounds a lot like Green Onions in a way. Still, it is an original piece of music that sounds weird but really good. Bob Dylan was definitely not the greatest singer in the world, but he has an artistic purpose and a wonderful delivery for this music here. An upbeat and enjoyable song, this is great music from 1965. About a lover, the lyrics here are really excellent. Good song.

Following is Ballad Of A Thin Man which begins with a strange piano and keyboard set of sounds. It is an odd-sounding piece, but still as good as the other songs on this album. A really nasty sounding story tale, Bob Dylan sounds like a proto-punk vocalist here. An unusual sounding piece of music, but enjoyable and good listen from start to finish. It sounds pretty weird as a song, very unusual music here.

Next is Queen Jane Approximately which sounds a lot lighter and more laid back than what came before. A really well composed and structured piece of beautiful music at hand, this is really top. Bob Dylan did take a lot of drugs back in the day, and some of the lyricism here on this album comes across as so. A modern-day poet, Bob Dylan reveals himself as up there with some of the greats of lyric writing here. A harmonica solo takes up a large part of the second song here. A strange tale of love and lust, this is definitely the 1960s. Very welcome here.

Highway 61 Revisited comes next, and is a punchy and upbeat sounding piece of joyous artistry. Very catchy and great musicianship here, even if Bob Dylan’s singing is not as good as some of his contemporaries of the time. A great USA tale of travel and different situations dealing with the said highway. An excellent piece of music regardless, and a great listen. Even if you are not a huge fan of Bob Dylan, this is worth hearing. Top stuff here.

Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues comes next and sounds musically hopeful. An upbeat and joyous piece, this is really quite good. Some epic visionary lyrics are here, this is good music. Despite the fact that Bob Dylan’s singing and lyricism aren’t always running at parallels, this is a good listen regardless. Lyrics about fame, fortune and the dilemma of choosing between the two are here. A brilliant song, this is awesome listening to. Another harmonica solo is here to listen to, following by lyrics about drug and alcohol use. Epic and wonderful to hear.

Last on this album is Desolation Row which is super long at over 11 minutes long. Still, this was the 1960s, so this is quite acceptable for this time. It is a great piece about chaos and the events that can unfold in day-to-day life, along with some surreal fantasy lyrics as well. This is a very good piece of music that is epic from start to finish. Being primarily an acoustic number, this is a really beautiful listening experience. Very good and some of the lyrics here are actually quite funny if you listen closely. A great piece of music from beginning to end. Bob Dylan had a great mind and sense of how music should be and delivers well here. This piece builds up into a frenzy towards the end and is a really underrated song. A fine piece of music. Wonderful to hear. A great piece of jam-like music.

This is definitely a great album and a must-have in your own collection, regardless if you dig Bob Dylan or not. The rest of the music world agreed. This is a great listening experience, and quite unforgettable.