This is where it all began for Oasis. Five Manchester lads worked away at their craft for many years before becoming a well-known group for Rock music. They had humble beginnings as a band called The Rain. According to legend, Noel Gallagher worked as a roadie and guitar tech for the Inspiral Carpets during the early 1990s. Coincidentally, his brother Liam Gallagher had also begun a Rock band around the same time, likely inspired by fellow contemporaries The Stone Roses. Noel went and watched Liam’s band play, and promptly decided to join his band in 1991. They changed their name to Oasis, and the rest is history. This is their very first single release and it climbed up the charts very well. Let’s listen to this single, track by track.

Supersonic begins this single with a simple drum beat, a Gibson Les Paul sounding riff that is fantastic and then the band enters without warning. Liam Gallagher’s voice sounds very excellent and pure and fits the loud Punk Rock styled music perfectly. In any case, this song was written, composed and recorded within a day back in 1994, that’s how talented these guys were. It still sounds hugely impressive to this day, a mammoth creation of Classic Rock, complete with a Bluesy sounding guitar solo. There are some smooth backing vocal harmonies, before the band launch right back into the slow-ish, gurgling piece of majestic music. This is very simple, but highly enjoyable music. Overall, this is a very decent and impressive song by the group. Wonderful to hear any day. This tune ends with the extended Bluesy guitar solo, handclaps and gurgling backing instrumentation to fade out. Wonderful stuff. A must hear for fans of Oasis. A legendary song.

Take Me Away is one of the underrated rarities by the group. It’s virtually a solo piece with Noel Gallagher singing and playing acoustic guitar, and it sounds simple and melodically awesome. This is about youthful conceptions that one will have as a person, and it sounds simple and whimsical. There is also some nice slide guitar by Noel here, and the song sounds super simple. A beautiful and lively tune that perfectly articulates the dreams and ambitions that one has when they are younger. “You could be me, and pretty soon you could be, but you’re gonna need a line,” may refer to telephone contact or Cocaine use, but in any case, this is another good listen. Worth your time as well, if you love Oasis. Nice work. It ends with acoustic guitar strumming and slide guitar that is majestic. Great work Noel. It has a suspenseful finish.

I Will Believe – Live begins with a sustained guitar lead before some overdriven melodic playing enters. This song begins very quickly and sounds rather melancholic and youthfully innocent. Liam Gallagher sings some beautiful vocals here, and his voice is unique and wonderfully Mancunian. An extraordinarily wonderful and pretty listen, the Oasis boys do a great job here. It is likely that this song was recorded in one of the two failed attempts to record Definitely Maybe before the third and final successful shot at it. Still, for a B-Side, this is awesome and impressive. Great tune, even though it does seem to lack a bit of the punch of Definitely Maybe itself. Worth hearing for sure, it ends with some nicely overdriven guitars.

Columbia – White Label Demo begins with some great playing of this tune with slide guitars, which are different. Soon enough, the song launches into the famous Oasis jam that fans of the band know and love. Liam Gallagher sings in a plain vocal with some decent singing. Seemingly, Liam’s singing was at its peak during the Definitely Maybe era. This is an interesting listen that sounds more like Joy Division than Oasis on this demo, but still does the job effectively. An interesting, exciting and captivating listen, this sounds very interesting musically and very legendary, too. Great to hear, and an excellent way to finish off a short single that introduced Oasis to music listeners, and who eventually changed the world of music. The repeated vocals are a little repetitive, but eventually, conclude as the guitar based jam takes over. Towards the end is some epic guitar playing by Noel Gallagher, with some random sounds and singing overdubbed at the end. A great listen, especially for fans of Oasis.

This single may be just a single, but it is an extremely good representation of the music that early Oasis made. Nonetheless, this is a really great effort by the group and just sounds audibly wonderful, youthful and unique. Oasis’s career took off from here, and soon enough, they were likely the biggest band in the world for a short time. A goodie to hear all the same. The cover says it all: a young, eager Rock band ready to conquer the world. That, they did.