This album features Frank Sinatra’s best and most famous song, My Way. The extraordinary and unique career of Frank Sinatra with many, many releases to date did have a standout point with this tune. The album as well is very popular to date as well. Although the legendary crooner has long since passed on, his musical legacy still shines bright today. For these reasons, let’s examine this release from back in 1969, and we can hope it is a great listen, as promised by Frank himself.

Watch What Happens kicks off the album with lush strings and an old-school trumpet before Frank Sinatra gets singing away very well. A lively, soothing and energetic experience to boot, this is gorgeous, wonderful and sensational. Although Rock music was the main form of listening by this time, Frank Sinatra certainly makes the Hippies think twice about their musical passions. Nonetheless, Frank himself should be proud of what he has achieved in the world of music, and this is no different. A short and sweet tune, this deserves to be heard. It ends in a low key and subtle way. Great start to the album.

Didn’t We begins with gorgeous piano in the right channel, quickly followed by Frank Sinatra’s lone vocal to boot. This is a rather melancholy piece about deep relationship issues, but given Frank’s ability to pull off melodrama, he does this extremely well. A soft, lush and sad tune, but one which still sounds great today, this is really excellent to hear. A tearjerker style ballad that does soothe burned feelings, this is excellent music. Great to hear variety on an album such as this song, nice work.

Hallelujah, I Love Her So begins with crashing brassy instrumentation and a raunchy, romantic feeling throughout. This is beautiful, wonderful and romantic to the nth degree. It is quite possible that Frank Sinatra literally did romanticism better than The Beatles ever did. This is a wonderful, joyful and euphoric listening experience that is very rewarding music to hear. A really excellent, lovely, lively and brilliant sounding upbeat piece of love based songcraft, Frank Sinatra makes those magical moments come alive. An excellent listen, this is a fantastic song, and indeed, an album. The ending is ridiculously good.

Yesterday begins with some sad and blue sounds via an orchestral string section. It then launches into a melodramatic yet excellent cover of The Beatles classic from the Help! album. This is wonderful, tuneful and timely, it certainly sounds excellent and brilliant. It is nowhere near as fast nor poppy as the original, but it still ticks all the right boxes musically and emotionally. Nonetheless, Frank Sinatra pours his heart and soul into this magical performance throughout. No guitar solos are present, instead, the backing orchestral section that sounds magnificent in a solo section does the trick. A good piece of music, even if it is Frank Sinatra singing a classic originally by The Beatles. Great effort. It ends with the gorgeous orchestral instrumentation sounding effortlessly good.

All My Tomorrows begins with more lush instrumentation and piano in a very dramatic way. A unique and very impressive listen from the start. Frank Sinatra gets singing away very nicely, and he sounds romantic, in love and above all, gloriously good. This is impressive music, it is timeless and definitely worth repeat listens throughout. The vocals and backing band are perfectly matching each other, and this piece of music is undeniably incredibly good. Frank Sinatra wears his heart on his sleeve in this tune, and he will lift up your mood on this tune. A decent and pretty tune, this is exactly what one needs to hear when in a romantic mood. No loud guitars or prominent beats, just Frank Sinatra singing nicely and a pretty string section to match it. A timeless and essential listen, this is euphoric. Great tune.

My Way is the definitive Frank Sinatra song. It is an autobiographical piece that defines both Frank and life itself. There is an undercurrent of melancholy throughout, but it is something that will make you smile all the same. The backing instrumentation is super excellent, with acoustic guitar and strings to match. Seriously, if you have never heard this song before, and you don’t know what crooners are, you should definitely hear this tune. A pretty and upbeat tune that Frank Sinatra delivers with an acceptance that is extremely human. Really awesome music, this is a really interesting and deep tune. Certainly amazing, this is a really fantastic tune from start to finish. This song ends with some intense instrumentation that eventually gets quiet and Frank Sinatra sings: “Yes, it was my way”. It certainly was yours, Frankie. Great effort, without a doubt.

A Day In The Life Of A Fool begins with some brushed percussion, subtle piano and guitar. Frank Sinatra gets singing away very well, and he expresses emotion perfectly away at his job. This tune is a little lyrically odd, but still sounds really decent listening and amazing. An upbeat and golden listen about loose romantic ideals and feeling blue, this is really fine and uplifting. Unique, awesome and terrific, Frank Sinatra is great music that one should hear, even on break-up songs such as these. Good, yet a sad sounding effort.

For Once In My Life begins with a loud and punchy drum roll, followed quickly by brassy instrumentation. Frank Sinatra then gets singing away very nicely, and he does an effortlessly great performance on this song. Again, this reverts back to the positive side of Frank, but he sounds so cheerful and decent that this makes for perfect music listening that shines bright above many others. A really awesome, powerful, classy and unique listen that does brilliant things to those who are listening. The vocal based outro is sublime, nice work.

If You Go Away begins with some intricate and intertwined melodies. Frank Sinatra gets his crooner on, and he warns of being brokenhearted and blue. A sad yet good listen, this tune is a rather low key, and to be honest, fairly dreary. It quickly offers the alternative path shortly afterwards and is a lovely and grand representation of what Frank Sinatra does. A sad and mixed bag of feelings on this album, this is one for those having relationship issues, which can happen. A really lovely but depressing sort of tune, it outlines human misery and heartbreak. Good, even if it is fairly close to the bone for some listeners.

Mrs Robinson features Don Costa. This instantly is an upbeat, pleasing and awesome tune about a fictional lady that Frank Sinatra has in mind. An excellent, upbeat and euphoric tune that hits the spot, just like a nice meal with a glass of red wine. An awesome and upbeat tune, this sounds very, very good. There is gorgeous and awesome saxophone by our guest here, and it is played perfectly note-for-note. A really classy, elegant and upbeat tune, this is definitely worth hearing. A joyous creation, this sounds mind-blowingly good. Unusually for Frank Sinatra, this song fades out. Excellent work.

For Once In My Life – Rehearsal begins with a short introduction with the band getting ready for this tune, before launching into a great rendition of the original piece that, although didn’t make it to the final cut as a recorded version of this song, sounds exciting and effortless. Frank Sinatra sounds full of euphoria and joy in this rendition of the classic song. Whereas the main album version sounds more polished, this is more raw and in-your-face, so to speak. An interesting and varied tune, this sounds really upbeat and joyful. It ends with some double bass playing, which Frank Sinatra approves of. There is a musical twist on this recording as well, which has a bit of humour about it. There is some studio chatter with Frank and his team, which is interesting and cool. Nice addition to this album.

My Way – Live At The Reunion Arena/1987 begins with some great cheering and a piano, whilst Frank Sinatra talks over the top of it all. Even at a very much older stage in his life, Frank could still sing nicely away and hold notes well whilst singing. Fantastic job by Frank Sinatra, this rather stripped back version of this song still does very well overall. A really cool and excellent tune that is super well done in a live setting, and Frank Sinatra truly is the king of crooning. A really great finish to this expanded album, and definitely worth hearing.

This is a tremendously excellent and brilliant sounding album that has Frank Sinatra’s best well-known song on it. Should you listen to this album? Absolutely. This is a great record for those who need an introduction to Jazz based Crooners, or very old fashioned music. A tremendous effort from a fantastic icon, Frank Sinatra deserves vocal credit for this release here.