Model 500 is one of the so-called monikers for one of the originator of Techno, Juan Atkins, one of the “Chicago three” of Techno, the other two being Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. This is a good starting point for such music and this also looks like a good launchpad for Techno, so let’s take a listen and see where it takes us.

We begin wit No Ufo’s – Remix which begins with some cool Techno/Acid noises, before launching into a cascade of melodies and beats. It’s a great listen from the start, and brings us into the futuristic world of Techno. There are some mechanical sounds and vocal samples here. It’s a great statement musically and is very, very good. The midsection sounds amazing, with some great looped vocals and beats and hi-hats galore. This sounds like music for the year 3000, not 1993. A great start to the compilation, it must be listened to be understood. A great piece of Techno music, never dull or boring throughout the seven minute length of it. There is a great electric breakdown towards the end.

Next is The Chase – Smooth Mix which has a strange sounding intro. It has some glassy sounds and some bongo beats to match. It’s a strange listen, but a rewarding one at that. It just goes to show that music needn’t be full of guitars, vocals and drums. An intriguing listen, and a rewarding listen too. It isn’t dance music per se, it is far more intellectual than that. Some excellent melodies are here. There is a quiet breakdown in the middle, before going straight back into the main part of the track. Good effort.

Off To Battle – Remix comes next and has some dark melodies at the beginning, before launching into a minor key set of melodies and some Acid sounds. It is a good track, although it takes a while to kick off. When it does, some good sounding beats propel this into the music, and it reveals itself to be a decent track. It must have been exciting to create EDM back in the early times, as it was super revolutionary. This is a good piece to listen to, if you dig Techno, that is. The breakdown is subtle and interesting, before fading out into oblivion.

Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat) comes next and it is an interesting Acid and Techno piece, designed for that particular night drive. It is a dark and minimal piece that sounds quite good. It has many cleverly placed and arranged elements for us to hear. This is great to hear, and unlike anything else you will hear since the release of this album. A good listen overall, and sounds very unique. It ends with a head rush of Acid noises.

Next is Electric Entourage which begins with some percussion based sounds and some cleverly edited vocal percussion imitation sounds (not beatboxing), before launching into a great minimalistic and interesting piece that is very good. It sounds strangely science fiction like this music, but that is a great appeal of it. It will take your mind elsewhere, to other musical destinations you may have never been to before. Great music all the same. It is a simple and interesting track, it just delivers. A good listen, and one of the best tracks on this album. It ends subtly.

Following is Electronic – Remix which has some weird treated noises at the start, which are percussion. It sounds very eerie. The beats then enter, taking one by surprise. A basic Techno/Acid melody emerges, revealing this to be an exciting and quintessential listen from this album. It is definitely catchy, and this no doubt would have inspired many others since its release, particularly those in EDM making. A great futuristic and surreal listening experience. There is an extended outro here that sounds very sparse and interesting. A great listen.

Ocean to Ocean – Instrumental begins with some ethereal noises, before some interesting beats kick in, along with what sounds like a semi-bass guitar patch. It’s a great listen and an interesting musical experience for one to hear. It is another futuristic and well crafted listen, with a hint of IDM on it in the breakdowns. A good listen, and very much worth your time. There is very much a hypnotic quality about this track, too. One of the standouts of this album.

Techno Music – M500 Version is next, sounding like an anthem for those who love Techno music specifically. It’s a decent tune to listen to, with the typical array of Techno and Acid sounds for your pleasure. It sounds very good, and very futuristic. Techno has been around for some decades now, and this is a good place to start with it. Good tune. It is simple, computerized and futuristic, a good match indeed. A very interesting listen.

Lastly, we have Sound Of Stereo which is a straightforward Techno tune to finish off this compilation album. It’s a creepy sort of listen, and unlike anything else out there, even today. It is a good and refreshing listen for those who dig any sort of electronic based music. There are some funky like Acid noises in here, proving that both Techno and Acid House were very similar in their musical intentions. An interesting and somewhat funky listen.

This is a good starting point if you have never heard pure Techno before. Even if you have heard this sort of music before, it is a good addition to your collection. It is a good, yet not great, listening experience for those new to Techno and EDM, the only flaw is the length of the tracks, to be fair. Nice effort all the same, however.