Blues music still has some relevancy in the 21st century. After all, it is mainly where Rock music over the past several decades came from and still has many committed musical fans to it. Kingfish, aka Christone Ingram, is a new Blues music artist who has gained a large amount of popularity, complete with his own custom shop Fender Telecaster which is worth having a look at. Let’s take a listen to the music on his debut album and we will see what it sounds like.

Outside Of This Town begins the album with some heavy Blues Rock guitar and sounds magnificent. Kingfish gets singing with a traditional Bluesy voice that promotes soulfulness, majesty and brilliance. Instantly catchy and listenable, this is something that is highly impressive and wonderful to hear. An excellent Bluesman, Kingfish sings about roaming out of town and going to explore the town out and abound. There is a searing guitar solo that sounds really awesome, and it is totally impressive. A really great tune to hear, this is underrated, underappreciated and brilliant. Wonderful, the playing and sounds on this song are truly brilliant. An excellent listen, especially for fans of older styles of Blues and Rock. Great effort, this is beyond amazing. Brilliant work dude and a must-listen.

Fresh Out features Blues legend, Buddy Guy. It begins with some beautifully sensational guitar playing. Kingfish sings about not getting enough of the good stuff, and he sounds wonderfully monumental. An interesting song about missing some of the essentials in life, and lacking love, Kingfish already sounds like a real legend from the start of this record. Soon enough, the band kick into an amazing and soaring guitar solo. This is real Blues music baby, and don’t you forget it. A really awesome and interesting listening experience, there is a sustained Blues wail and a combination of single coil and humbucker based guitars. A very excellent song, Kingfish sings about drinking Johnnie Walker alcohol and missing one’s true love. Fantastic.

It Ain’t Right launches into a more traditional Blues groove with some excellent rhythm playing. This goes into a fantastic tune that has power and finesse. Again, Kingfish sings and plays like an enormous Blues legend in the sense that he is already a legend. A really great and fantastic listen, this sounds absolutely amazing. The sustained leads and wailing playing from the guitars here are just great. Kingfish is an excellent artist and someone to who you should listen and pay attention to. The playing of these songs is truly catchy and insane. A really excellent tune, it ends with a load of awesome drumrolls and guitar fills. Nice work.

Been Here Before begins with some sublime acoustic guitars that sound great. Kingfish sings about being uncertain about the life that one lives. Still, this sounds amazing. It’s about the concept of reincarnation and living a life that is full of wonder and feeling left out of society. Musically, this is a great acoustic Blues tune that sounds really excellent. Singing about one’s grandmother’s personal message to themselves, this is a great tune, once again. Some great piano is added here, along with the great guitar playing, to make this piece super great. A genuinely excellent listen, Kingfish sings with those whiskey soaked Blues and retrospective thoughts about life. Simple, yet powerful and absolutely beautiful, this is quintessential listening. A great tune to listen to. Kingfish also sings, that when he gets to heaven that he hopes that he hears his grandmother saying, “Kingfish, you’ve been here before”. Great tune, once again. A nice listen.

If You Love Me begins with some crunchy guitar, subtle harmonica and a bit of wah-wah sound. Kingfish quickly launches into a speedy traditional 12 bar Blues style tune with some awesome rapid fire lyrics. The whole thing, again, sounds amazing and the harmonica is a great and awesome addition touch to hear. A great and dynamic Blues tune, Kingfish sounds interesting and amazing here. It is a really fine and great tune with an awesome harmonica solo. Yes, this is the 21st century Blues. It sounds truly amazing and excellent, and this song is a fine and excellent listen. “If you love me, honey say that you do…” sings Kingfish. This is a really top and amazing tune to hear, and it just sounds really thorough and cool. There is a blistering guitar solo towards the end that is a must listen on this song. Another wonderful and interesting tune, not a dull moment is here. Great stuff.

Love Ain’t My Favourite Word comes next, and this is a much slower and more soulful listen. Kingfish plays a mean guitar over some nice and subtle additional instrumentation and drumming. He sounds really on top here. This is Blues central, and we are on the train of relationships here. A great song throughout, and Kingfish sings about the relationship issues and problems that people can experience, particularly when young. A really finely delivered and wonderful listen throughout, Kingfish knows Blues much better than you’d initially expect. Another blistering guitar solo emerges on this song, which is fine and tuneful. Respect to Kingfish, he does a truly great job on this song. He just sounds out there and on top, and blows away virtually everyone else in the music industry at this point. A truly great musician and artist, he sounds super confident and Bluesy. “She said she’d never leave me, she said it to my face, but I woke up one morning and she was three stays away,” is a good example of his straightforward lyricism and talk over a brilliant music backdrop on this song. The song ends with some excellent playing, a great effort.

Listen features Keb’ Mo’. It is another acoustic ballad with some nice clean electric guitar, organ and some other nice melodies here on it. It is an euphoric tune that sounds very pretty. It is about the bliss of life and experience that one experiences, and just sounds really amazing and decent. A truly wonderful tune about enjoying everything that life has to offer, this is really decent and amazing sounding. It is a romantic sounding piece and it is about being in love with either another individual or God himself, likely the latter. Keb’ Mo’ sings very well here, too, and it sounds really divine and extraordinary. A really cool and great tune, it sounds extremely wonderful and joyful. A really great listen, it does sound awesome. There is a pretty guitar solo that sounds really nice here, and it soars above the music in its own inimitable way. A truly pretty and wonderful tune, this sounds like a moving piece of tunefulness that sounds really fine. A nice effort throughout, it is a joy to hear. Very nice music, it sounds grand. Great effort. Excellent.

Before I’m Old begins with dual tracked guitars that sound fantastic. Soon enough, a rolling drumbeat enters and we are underway. Kingfish sings nicely about his upbringing and circumstances, and he sounds amazing. This is a low key, mean and Bluesy tune that sounds really brilliant. It just sounds truly amazing and awesome, and is full of supercharged and wonderful emotion. There is another searing guitar solo present that sounds truly amazing, and Kingfish is an musical extraordinaire. Definitely a wonderful tune to hear, Kingfish sings about being an old soul (that’s something that anyone who knows reincarnation can understand) and he Rocks hard, sings the Blues and is pure as Soul. There is a wonderful guitar solo towards the end that sounds mindblowing and amazing, Kingfish rocks well. A truly amazing and interesting tune, this sounds excellent. A slow fade out is here, with amazing playing on it. Good job dude.

Believe These Blues begins with some upbeat guitar playing in the right channel and some interesting guitar playing and harmonics in the left channel. This is instantly loveable, and Kingfish sings in a wonderful and joyful way. This is soul touching Blues, and Kingfish states, “…and I believe these Blues are never gonna die!” He sings accurately about poverty and inequality affecting others around him, and is fairly direct about those issues. Soon enough, a clean and thrilling guitar solo section emerges that sounds brilliant, and fits the piece perfectly. A joyful and good listen, this sounds very deep and direct. “I can’t tell the future, but sure enough, I can play my song,” makes perfect sense to the listener. Another great guitar solo emerges towards the end which is beautiful, loud and blisteringly hot. The guitar playing here is truly fantastic, and it does work wonders. A great listen from start to finish.

Trouble is a shorter piece that has piano, rolling tom tom drums and searing guitar leads. It’s about relationship issues that stick, and Kingfish does a brilliant job of singing and delivering wonderful music. Another great song about cheating on one’s wife, this is really fine and amazing listening. Kingfish impresses the listener time and time again, and his playing is gargantuan and powerful on this song. A truly great effort with twists, turns and suspense, Kingfish does a great job on this album. Good work man, just don’t get caught cheating on your lover, and all will be fine. Great effort.

Hard Times comes next, and has some nicely recorded acoustic guitar and some excellent guitar playing chops on it. Singing real Blues about difficulties in life, it really sounds excellent and fantastic. Pronouncing that life is difficult except for having a lover, Kingfish sure knows how to impress. “If it wasn’t for my woman, I think I’d lose my mind…” is a raw and naked statement. There is a slide acoustic guitar solo on this tune as well, adding a nice bit of variety. Really excellent and thrilling, this sounds really impressive. It’s Blues born out of extreme poverty and difficult circumstances, and just sounds great. Nice tune.

That’s Fine By Me is the final track on this album, and launches into some crunchy guitar riffs and Blues central in the process. It’s about more personal relationship issues with a lover, and sounds really different and direct. Kingfish sounds really excellent on this song, and makes a solid statement about breaking up in such an euphoric and joyful way. Regardless, this is a thrilling tune with some Blues inspired piano present as well. It just sounds really amazing and direct, and is a thoroughly decent listen. In any case, this is a lively and listenable tune that tops off a great album to finish with. The second half of the song admits defeat in a bad relationship, and this tune is brilliant and fine. Blues music in the 21st century doesn’t come across as great as this anywhere else. The end of this song has more fluttering piano and searing guitar solo sections to boot. Another fine song, and a brilliant way to finish this album. Excellent.

Surely this is one of the greatest debut albums of the 21st century? Kingfish rocks hard, sings the Blues and is a cat full of Soul. He really exceeds and is a millennial to pay a lot of attention to. If you love Blues, Rock or any of the traditional genres of the past, this is an absolute must listen. Long live Kingfish, you sound great here.

Awesome music without question.