This was a great way of beginning the new millennium for EDM listeners. During years before this release, Psy Trance evolved out of the Goa Trance music scene in that region of India. Being a musical experience that was drug-influenced and interesting, Psy Trance is the music that Infected Mushroom makes. This is a really good classic album of theirs influenced by classical music, so let’s check it out. The cover looks like a trippy video game of sorts, although we can only wish that is so.

Kicking off with Bust A Move which is instantly catchy at the start of the track, leading into awesome beats, acid sounds, and atmospheric textures, it is a modern psychedelic music experience like no other. It’s really excellent to hear and is a headbanging EDM experience which is unique. It sounds like a huge head rush put to music. It’s music for the future of humanity, literally. The acoustic sounds indicate when the music structures change, a great musical indication of things. A brilliant piece, nearly 10 minutes long but very intelligently and expertly delivered. After halfway through, some Bach-like melodies and classical piano make this an audibly tasty treat. It builds up with many sonic textures in the second half of the tune, all done with expert precision. At the end, some really excellent piano is here. Brilliant.

Next is None Of This Is Real which sounds rather freaky at the start. It then has a distorted electric guitar patch signal the main part of the track. Although this is all (primarily) generated by computing technology, there are many instrumental patches in this piece. A good and very interesting listen. There are some unique classical motifs in this EDM piece. Truly inspired. It has many intricate sections to it, just an awesome sound altogether. The electric guitar sound is awesome and powers this piece along.

Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom comes next, kicking off with a load of acid sounds and textures. The kick drum and percussion come in shortly afterward. It’s a much more minimal effort than the previous two tracks but is still really consistent listening. Very enjoyable, regardless if you listen to it tripping or not. It’s very psychedelic in a brilliant EDM way. The sons and daughters of the original hippies will enjoy this sort of music, without a doubt. Good stuff to chill inside and play video games to as well. The second half has some more layered percussion sounds in it, sounding not too far away from Daft Punk’s music. Epic and brilliant. Some awesome electric guitar style arpeggios finish the piece.

The Shen starts with a simple string patch melody before some awesome breaks style drums enter the scene. Some razor-sharp sounds enter the music, and we kick off the musical journey. Awesome loops and beats arise out of this tune, proving that this album is a consistently good listen. The psychedelic melodies here will surprise and dazzle you. The low-pitched vocal sample in the middle is great to listen to, showing that these guys knew their craft. It’s not music that rips off any classical music whatsoever, it is original and highly fascinating listen. It is a fantastic listen to the end, good job Infected Mushroom. A vocal sample stating, “Patience, understanding, love,” is here, and that is what all listeners of the Infected Mushroom tunes need.

Following up is Disco Mushroom which is a different sounding piece with a child’s talk sampled, likely from a horror movie. The melodic rhythms kick in, making this track a very awesome and catchy piece. It is very IDM like, a fantastic and logically approached listen. Its quirky nature will surprise you, but still, sounding consistent with the rest of the album. The centre of it all is rather odd, but it really is rather cool in a quirky way. A classical motif joins the mayhem in the centre of the track, before going into an acid sounding riff. The rest of the track is a minor key melodic futuristic piece, which definitely catches one’s attention. Towards the end, we hear a synth-pop style classical melody, which is interesting, before gently fading out.

Next is Dracul, perhaps a reference to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It sounds creepy and menacing at the start. The beats and textures are more straightforward than previous tracks, but still very good. A chopped up melody emerges and we are taken through a dark trip of music. It is very danceable to listen to and is intended as an intelligent and interesting sort of EDM. It’s a good and melodic piece of music. It’s a great trip through the world of sonic textures, enjoy to the full. In the middle there are melodies being chanted, then bang – back into beat central. A good mash-up of beats and melodies in this track.

Nothing Comes Easy has a dark intro, with some cut-up vocals and IDM like textures, before going into an interesting and more surprising listen for a Psy Trance tune than you’d expect. The structures and sonic textures here are vastly different from many other forms of EDM. Brilliant, energetic and surprising all in one. With immaculate melodies and trippy textures, this album sounds great from beginning to end, and this track is no different. Great stuff even though it goes for nearly 10 minutes, a true sonic experience. The distorted and cut-up vocal parts make for some darkness amongst the light of this album. The energy never fades out from this EDM classic. The track has a surprise section in it towards the end, listen carefully.

Mush Mushi begins with an ethereal set of melodies. It then goes into a simplistic sort of track. Some extra textures then enter, and the piece becomes quite frenetic sounding. Some unusual acid sounds and digitally enhanced textures come through your ears. It’s an inspired and thoughtful effort all the way through. EDM heads will rejoice here. In the centre, it goes nearly dead quiet, before going back into dance territory. A brilliant minimal piece of modern-day psychedelic music. Great stuff, and awesome to listen to. Musical and psychedelic genius is throughout this track, and album as well.

Lastly, The Missed Symphony is neo-classical music brilliance. It begins with piano and synth strings, and just sounds awesome and moving. It’s over 10 minutes long but is a true piece of genius. Psychedelic and colourful textures then enter the scene. It goes into an expertly delivered and well crafted Psy Trance piece. It has some strange vocal samples in it. More piano pieces enter the middle of this song. The brilliant quote from the James Bond villain from Tomorrow Never Dies is here, “The distance between genius and insanity is only measured by success.” Awesome, epic and brilliant listening all the way through. Towards the end, it gets dark and creepy sounding. Some melodies textures send us through space and time, ending this essential album very well, ending with piano and gospel vocals. Brilliant.

This album is a great album and definitely is better than most of your average EDM albums out there. It is perfect for either that LSD trip with friends or just listening to at home completely sober. In any case, this is a great addition to your collection. Seek this out today.




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