This is one of the many great albums that Miles Davis made in a career that spanned many decades. Obviously his talent was recognizable early on in his career, and this album is a very good example of that. Let’s take a listen to this album, see how it sounds.

We begin with ‘Round Midnight which starts with a subtle feel about it, which is appropriate for the title of the song. It’s a mellow and laidback Jazz piece to enjoy if you are in the mood for such a thing. Some beautiful piano is in the background, along with precise double bass playing. In the foreground is some jazzy trumpet. The climax of this song is really awesome, breaking into a well thought out second section which is chilled and laidback listening. This is a really great and inspired listen, with every instrument played to perfection. Awesome piece, and a great effort indeed. It concludes with a beautiful finish, great tune.

Next is Ah-Leu-Cha which is upbeat and frenetic, with a great drum led section for Jazz lovers out there. The piece goes to and from the unique drum solo, which is interesting. It’s a piece that demands your listening attention, and is very energetic. A great piece of music, once again, this one is really upbeat and energetic. The drums seem almost centrepiece here to the whole listening experience, with the rest of the band keeping up very well. A superb listening experience, fresh, unique and original. The piano in the latter part of the track is simply gorgeous. A fun and energetic listen, with a semi-drum solo towards the end. Magical.

All Of You begins with some quiet trumpet before heading straight into another classy Jazz piece. It is seven minutes long, so buckle up and embrace the Jazzy goodness here. Although the trumpet is in the foreground here, the rest of the band put in a marvelous effort to suit the music. Trumpet and saxophone take turns here to show you the music of Miles Davis and it is a great effort indeed here. Next, a great piano solo comes along with the rest of the group ploughing on. This is very, very good music and something that should be heard, not dismissed. A refreshing and solidly consistent listen. It goes back into the trumpet section towards the end, showcasing a brilliant and near perfect Jazz piece.

Bye Bye Blackbird comes next, with its piano led intro. Following it is some mellow trumpet playing, which suits the track perfectly fine. It is a well defined and structured Jazz music piece, with a memorable trumpet melody. The whole piece sounds awesome and majestic, unlike most forms of music out there. There is a great feel to the whole tune. Saxophone joins in shortly afterwards, making this track an interesting dual play. There is a great mixture of rhythm and melody here, and the band are top expert musicians. A mellow and great Jazz music listen. The piano returns for a solo here as well, obviously the group played tag throughout these sessions to showcase their wonderful ability to play and perform.

Next is Tadd’s Delight, which is a very unusual song name. The music is very, very good however. A great sense of rhythm is on this track, with expert drum fills and parts. The melody here is just as good, with various instrument parts taking you to another place: trumpet; saxophone; piano, amongst others. The whole piece is excellent and well structured. There is a massive sense of groove on these songs, which is amazing.

Following is Dear Old Stockholm which begins with some double bass playing and piano, before leading into another trumpet led piece of brilliance. It sounds energetic and inspired. There is a double bass solo in here too, which is interesting and worth hearing. This takes up most of this track, but it sounds so good. The whole thing sounds marvelous, clever and inspired. The mixture of double bass playing, drums and other musical elements here is brilliant. The track goes back into melodic trumpet playing which is awesome, a nice piece of cleverly done music. Top notch. It goes for nearly eight minutes in length, but every moment is superb. The wind instruments take turns to impress you here. A brilliant and energetic piece of Jazz music, Miles Davis is unbeatable here.

Two Bass Hit is a very short (for the album) piece that is upbeat and energetic sounding. It’s a good effort throughout and has the most awesome drum solo in it. Miles Davis never fails to impress on this recording, and does brilliantly well here. The band sounds right on top of things here, and delivers a perfect Jazz environment for his peers to grow and flourish in. The drum solo returns towards the end, a very good listen here.

Little Melonae starts off with piano and hi-hat cymbals which are really good to hear. The whole tune sounds like it was detailed down to crossing every T and dotting every I, so to speak. There is a wonderful trumpet part in it which is a great part of the mix here. A refreshing and inspired listen, this album is really high quality all the way through. The saxophone emerges after the trumpet to impress you. Relaxed but soaring, Miles Davis’s group really do well here. The piano solo is a little low key, but just terrific to hear, even way into the 21st century of today. A wonderful piece of Jazz music from start to finish.

Next is Budo which is the same track as on the Miles Davis album Birth Of The Cool, it is a different version however. Rest assured, its place on here is well deserved. It is a frenetic, upbeat and pacing piece to be added to this recording. Although only four minutes long, it is a great listening experience. The playing here is top notch, and many Jazz music fans would agree. A clever and listenable piece of Jazz music.

Lastly we have Sweet Sue, Just You which is another great piece of Jazziness to finish off this album. It is a very short (for this album) length at around three and a half minutes long. Still, it is a refreshing and interesting listen to this day. The whole album is very much so, a brilliant and solid listen. Great music is here, even if you are not a huge fan of Jazz. It winds down subtly towards the end, a nice touch.

Miles Davis cemented his legacy with great music such as this album, and what an album it is! If you enjoyed Kind Of Blue and/or are looking for some traditional Jazz music to hear, this is an obvious and enjoyable place to start. Miles Davis is a Jazz legend full-stop, and this is one of the many great albums he delivered during his lifetime. Check this one out today.