Although Disco based music only was really commercially successful from around the period of 1977-1980, it had its moments and is still somewhat popular as a musical genre today. Chic were one of the best Disco music based groups at the time, delivering a series of well received records and hit singles from this time. This is often seen to be their best release, right before the “Disco sucks” movement and other negative trends for the genre brought it all crashing down. Still, music is music so this must be checked out, so let’s do so.

We begin with the Disco anthem Good Times which is a groovy, excellent and catchy piece of Disco music. It is very dated today, but still at the time, this would have been huge. A very good, if repetitive piece of music, this is obviously designed for clubs and parties out there that support this sort of music. Still, an accomplished and excellent piece with funky guitar, strings, piano and female vocals here, this song is really great to hear. Some lyrical Disco imagery is here as well, and this piece is really excellent to hear. A little repetitive musically, but it goes into a bass guitar led breakdown, which is sparse, yet cool. This goes to show the excellent instrumentation and sound of Disco, before some keyboards parts enter the mix. A great vibe is here already on this record. Some small piano parts then enter, showcasing a really cool sound. Funky guitar then re-enters, and we have a really cool sound here. In retrospect, it is quite sad that a lot of Disco music has been largely degraded into history and forgotten. Still, a great and listenable piece of music that sounds classy today. Very good listening, guitarist Nile Rodgers proves himself an excellent player here, and the song is brilliant, all the way to the fade out.

Next along is A Warm Summer Night which begins with lush piano and strings, which is different. It’s clearly a very romantic sounding piece of music, and just sounds magical. A great piece of music that sounds really fresh and excellently done, this is an incredible listen. Unique sounding, this is a slow Disco waltz. The instrument playing in particular here is really fine, and it just sounds top. It may not be out there guitar music, but sounds great all the same. An excellent song and sound, this has some expert playing on it. Obviously Chic and Nile Rodgers knew how to make good Disco styled music, and this is proof of that. An excellent piece of modern romantic poetry, this is really gentle listening and sounds just fine. Great music for the moment that it desires, and an excellent listen at hand, it is a great slow dance sort of piece with your partner. Really fine and awesome, this is an extraordinary listen. It fades out gently, with a surprise twist right at the end, mint.

My Feet Keep Dancing begins as a fairly typical Disco based music piece, with piano, strings, female vocals and a great melodic sensibility about it. Once again, this is a fairly lengthy piece of music, at around six minutes long. Still, it is a good piece of music that sounds original, despite obviously being Disco music for the masses. A great effort all the same. Musically excellent and a lyrical Disco story of dancing bliss, this is surprisingly good for music of its kind. A little repetitive, but all the same, very fresh and inspired. The guitar work, unlike most Classic Rock, is an additional instrument here. Shortly after the middle, it goes into some funky bass playing and clapping that is synchronized, and catchy too. Loveable all the same, strings become more prominent in the second half here, using the melody as a musical story. Excellent stuff, although the length and repetitive nature of this song may turn off some listeners here. Good piece of music regardless, and a historically important listen. Admittedly, some length here could have been cut off by some editing, but it is a dancefloor piece, all the way to the fade out.

My Forbidden Lover arrives next, and is a more straightforward funky Disco piece. Sure, this music may seem cheesy to some, but it is really excellent quality sound and music. This is about falling in love with someone who isn’t as good as a lover as they make themselves out to be. Still, a great listening experience and very good quality music here. Great stuff, with a very good quality listening experience at hand. Perhaps a good story from the female perspective about being in love with the wrong person, it still sounds genuinely good and classy musically. Great music here, and a really decent song structure, even if this piece is seemingly a little long and repetitive. The playing here is superb, and just is really good, all the way through the song to the faded out end.

Next is the shorter Can’t Stand To Love You which is an excellent, guitar led Disco music piece, showcasing the wonderful tones of a Fender Stratocaster here. Funky Disco wah-wah music, there is nothing quite like this piece of music that can be found out there in the world of music. Excellent music and sound, this is definitely passionate and pulsating with a slow energy to it. Sadly, for a large part of it, this music has been largely forgotten over time. Singing about troubled emotions, Chic do excellently here. Good and short tune.

Following is Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song) which begins with some interesting hi-hats, before launching into a slow Disco sounding piece about sad emotions that one can experience, set to music. It’s very much reminiscent of Burt Bacharach here, and just sounds like sonic ear candy. A very good piece of music nonetheless and about being hurt in a relationship, this is a good piece of music. The string section and guitar playing in the middle of the tune is really good. This isn’t overly depressing, but unfortunately this album wears out its welcome towards the end with these repetitive tracks. Sure, it’s Disco music but some careful editing would have made these tracks become a bit better. Still, a good listen of an album, and this song is no different. Really gentle listening, it finishes with a beautiful combination of piano and strings.

What About Me is the last song here. It is another slice of Disco led funkery, and by this point, this album seemingly wears out its welcome. Still, it is a good listen, but the fact that these songs are too lengthy and sound too similar to each other is an obvious flaw of the album. The musicianship here is really excellent all the same, and just sounds nicely performed in that area. It still sounds superb all the same, but can test one’s patience with its overly repetitive and soppy nature of music listening. A good finish to the album and just sounds really brilliant sonically, even if it wears out its welcome by this point. The “me” generation culture begins here, which is also disappointing, too. Nonetheless, good but not outstanding.

This is a decent Disco album with an array of influences but suffers from a few flaws. Only the first track sounds really outstanding, and the tracks after it simply sound like a musical exercise in sonic texture. This and the repetition of the songs, makes it a very good album, but not a great one. This is also a good case for those who dislike Disco music and point to some of its shortcomings. Good to hear now and again, although nothing special.

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