The Chemical Brothers were neither a one hit wonder, nor a one trick pony. Being a duo of intelligence and expertise, they made not only great albums and individual songs, but some great B-Sides as well. This is an album to showcase said B-Sides so let’s take a listen to this compilation by the dynamic duo.

The first track Nude Night is a minimal and catchy slice of EDM. It is surprisingly good for a B-Side, and just goes to show the talent that The Chemical Brothers had. Some brilliant cut up sounds are here, eventually transforming some further original sounds throughout the track. It is a very good listen from the go. It is both listenable and danceable, making it a good start to this compilation. There are some Acid sounds throughout, before going into a transformational midsection, then kicking back into the main tune. It sounds more frenetic in the second half. A good effort.

Next is the science fiction style into to Base 6 before some cut up beats and distorted vocals enter the piece. It then goes into an absolutely superb EDM crafted piece that only The Chemical Brothers could ever do. Original, listenable and awesome, it is a definite must listen for fans of the duo’s music. It has a great sound to it, and has many different awesome samples in it. Some brilliant cut up breakbeats lead into the second part of the tune. If the previous track was merely a warmup, this is The Chemical Brothers delivering a great piece at their best. Superb. Bouncing beats in the midsection lead into the second half of the track with style and awe. An excellent and almost perfect EDM piece by these guys. An epic listen, just great. It ends in a sharp fashion.

Clip Kiss starts with some ultra fuzzy TB-303 sounds, before some beats kick in. It sounds rather odd, and is fairly obvious from listening to it why it is a B-Side. Some heavy House music style beats kick in. This piece, unfortunately, is more miss than hit. Having said that, it is a good effort, just not a fantastic one like the track before it. It is still listenable and good for a Saturday night drive to your local nightclub with your friends. Some trippy sounds are in the midsection, which are somewhat redeeming. It sounds very drug influenced, and the pitch shifted part in the middle is interesting. The second half is a vast improvement on the first half, which is a good thing. A good track, although unfortunately, a little short of being a great track. Some excellently mixed sounds are here towards the end, with stereo panning to the max. The outro is ordinary.

The Diamond Sky is awesome from the start, with a funky basslines and some really awesome breakbeats. Many sound effects and percussion sounds join in the tune. This should have been on a proper album by The Chemical Brothers. At least it is on here, it sounds really uplifting and well crafted. It goes into a good breakdown, before resuming its EDM glory. A great mixture of beats, electronic music styles and sound mixing and processing skills, this is an underrated gem, like the diamond sky itself at night. A great tune, and a must listen from the album.

Next is H.I.A. which begins with some basic beats and some more science fiction style sounds. It slowly builds up to a crescendo and a sampled vocal part referring to the name of the track is here, before really launching off like a NASA rocket into your ears. It is a great tune to hear, and is really underrated, like most of the tracks on this compilation. The main section is awesome and danceable, enough to make any mainstream DJ today totally jealous. Good to dance to, or just to hear at home. There are a multitude of sections to keep you interesting and in awe of the music here. Some original and indescribably good sounds exist here. It gets very loud and crammed full of different sounds towards the end, building up in volume and a sonic array of sounds. A great listen from start to finish. It ends slowly and gently.

After that is Let Me In Mate starts off with a repeated vocal sample, before some monster bass sounds will blow away your prejudices you may have towards any type of EDM, and the track itself sounds mega and brilliant. It is another absolutely underrated classic. There is a clever use of different sounds in the breakdowns before leading back into the bass heavy groove with awesome breakbeats. This is literally amazing, nobody can match The Chemical Brothers with this sort of music, not even close rivals such as The Crystal Method. It is a fantastic track, listen to this now if you haven’t already.

Prescription Beats comes next, with a great amount of chopped up beats that are precision delivered. This is another great piece to hear with some cleverly executed bass and sonic imagination that The Chemical Brothers can do. It is a mind melting and awesome inspiring listen. There are some breakdowns with a multitude of samples that are totally original, before some original sounding drums and breakbeats blow you away. An amazing and excellent listen, and has not aged at all. The surprise and suspense from this track is nothing short of amazing. Another brilliant and awesome tune. The beats throughout are amazing.

Scale begins with an ascending cyber melody before having some background percussion enter, before the ascending melody alters in texture. It builds up gradually to an exciting and interesting progression. Once then, some subtle beats then enter the scene. It is shorter but just as interesting listening as the tracks before it. Eventually, some heavy duty breakbeats come into the mix. A laidback and chill sort of piece, it still sounds awesome. Good effort boys. An interesting listen.

Following is Silver Drizzle which begins with some metallic sounding trippy sound effects, before going into a dark and low key sort of piece. It sounds quite different to most of the tracks here, an interesting and awesome listen all the same. It has some unusual and melodic samples put to good use. There are some otherworldly samples here, likely inspired by some drug use and themes related to it. It is akin to space travel, just sounding magnificent. There is an interchange between certain sections here. This is a futuristic and clever track and is more low key than the others here. A nice addition to this compilation. A good and psychedelic EDM musical journey.

Last here is Snooprah which has repeated sirens, a low key bass melody and various sound effects floating in and out of consciousness. A good but not great track to finish off this album with. This track seems to be more miss than hit, although the unusual array of samples are interesting. It does sound spacey, and although not a standout from this album, credit is given where due here for making an interesting track. There is some piano here as well, which is unusual for The Chemical Brothers. A good listen anyway. The sirens do get annoying after some time. An interesting and strange sonic journey. The outro is rather unnecessary.

This is a must have for any fans of EDM or The Chemical Brothers in general. Sure, there are no real hits here, as these are B-Sides. However, this is an essential album for those who crave some more of the original tracks and brilliant electronic music that these guys do.