The first single by Oasis, Supersonic, got the band instant recognition and attention in the UK and some areas internationally. Sure, they hadn’t conquered the music world by this point, but that was some time off. In the meantime, the combination of Liam Gallagher’s nasal John Lennon/Johnny Rotten style singing, Noel Gallagher’s loud guitar playing and impressive lyricism, and the backup rhythm section of Bonehead, Guigsy and Tony McCarroll was impressive to listeners out there back in 1994, and to some extent, even to this day. This is the following single EP from 1994. Let’s check this out and hear if it is any good.

Shakermaker is the first song here, and begins with some nicely overdriven guitar playing and is essentially a 12-bar blues song. It sounds instantly wonderful and captivating. This is especially good when reflecting on one’s childhood, as much iconic childlike imagery is present throughout this song. In fact, the term Shakermaker refers to a toy that Noel Gallagher had when he was young. Nonetheless, this song is very powerful, dynamic and awesome. The ripping guitar solos sound fantastic, and Noel proves himself worthy as an underrated guitarist. This is a joyful, whimsical piece of extraordinarily good music, with some mint sounds about it. “Shake along with me!” indeed. If you can’t enjoy this music, you likely cannot shake along to Classic Rock, either. The final laugh-out-loud verse was written as the group were driving to the recording studio, and was a re-write of the “Coca-Cola” song which they played live. Nonetheless, this music sounds fantastic to this day and is definitely worth your ears and time. It is very sad that music is not made to be as good as this anymore these days in the mainstream like what Oasis did. Nonetheless, a great song from start to finish. Simply great music.

D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? was a popular B-Side from Oasis. It is a low-fi sounding piece with Noel Gallagher on acoustic guitar and his singing with a few overdubs. That’s it., pretty simple stuff. It is about holding onto one’s childhood dreams and ambitions as one grows older. Noel sounds joyful and upbeat present here, and Liam Gallagher surprisingly does some backing vocals on this tune. Again, a wonderful listen and this proves that Oasis was a very talented unit. A great little number stacked away here, enjoy it to the full. It ends with some delayed vocals, a nice touch.

Alive – 8 Track Demo is a good piece of music that is present. It sounds very youthful, innocent and naive sounding, especially with Liam Gallagher’s simple singing. This sounds like a very early Oasis recording and sounds less overproduced and daresay it, pretentious as well. In any case, this is a joyous and exciting listen. It seems that after many decades, a real sounding band were finally here. They were Oasis. A really cool listening experience, this sounds very much like an Indie/Punk Rock tune. Tony McCarroll’s drumming on this song is also surprisingly quite good, too. A nice and enjoyable number for any Oasis fan out there.

Bring It On Down is a different tune from the album. In fact, although it is not mentioned on this tracklisting, this is likely the version played in front of the Sony music executives from that live gig. Liam Gallagher introduces this monster of a song nicely before the band get going with pounding drums and loud guitars. Liam Gallagher’s voice sounds fantastic here, and if anyone needs a good example of his Punk style singing, this is a great place to begin. A lively, interesting and energetic tune, this is gloriously good. “Bring it on down, bring it down for me…Your head’s in a fish tank, your body and mind can’t breathe,” is a quirky and humourous lyric in the middle of this tune. A wonderfully great song, and certainly worth a listen. Lively and fantastic, the guitar solo towards the end is really awesome. Great job, even if the mixing on this single isn’t as punchy or powerful as it could be. Nice work.

This is yet another EP single that does very well. Again, like its predecessor, it sounds youthful, vibrant and energetic. These are also all original songs that do sound great. This single was another song that cemented Oasis as the next up-and-coming band of the 1990s, and they succeed very well on this EP. Do yourself a favour and give this a listen, especially if you are an Oasis fan.