It is quite an understatement that Nirvana are still popular and influential musically today. Although little music was recorded during the group’s lifespan until Kurt Cobain saddening suicide in 1994, there are plenty of goodies for fans and musicians alike out there that are being re-released. This is one of those albums. It’s a live album of one of Nirvana’s most iconic performances in their time as a band. Let’s jump in and take a listen, and see if this album matches up to other great albums today.

We begin with Breed which quickly enters into a loud and well received piece with a load of feedback guitar riffage, energetic drumrolls and thunderous basslines. This sounds somewhat different to the original on Nevermind, but it is supposed to. A really uplifting listen, this sound loud, raw, energetic and amazing. Very, very good performance here and it sounds electrifying. A bit faster and more droptuned than the original, it is a really cool listening experience nonetheless. The guitar solo is very discordant here, sounding warped. Excellent music and a catchy listen from start to finish. Excellent rendition of the song.

Next is Drain You, again from Nevermind. It has some excellent guitar chords in the intro, before going straight into a piece of musical awesomeness. the chords and playing here are really fantastic, and Nirvana prove themselves to be a wonderful creator of emotional music. There is a great set of tempo changes throughout, complete with a strange breakdown in the middle that sounds wicked. The drumming by Dave Grohl here is really fantastic, before leading us back into the mayhem here. Awesome listening, nothing short of fantastic here. Great interpretation of the original tune.

Aneurysm arrives next, and is quite a rarity by Nirvana here. It begins with some jangling guitar chords, before quick drum parts enter and this piece gets underway. It’s a great Punk Pop sounding piece here that is very catchy, and truly awesome, too. After a while, Kurt Cobain gets singing away nicely here, and this piece sounds really monstrous. Which it is, a great piece of electrified music here. The lyrics here are typical contradictory lines from the mind of Kurt. A really awesome listen, and very electrified as well. There is a bunch of discordant guitar parts, leading into a chaotic set of sounds, before this sound finishes up excellently. A bit of an oddity in Nirvana’s back catalogue, segueing into the next piece.

School follows, with some interesting riffing that sounds very awesome and amazing, before launching into a great and uplifting piece from Nirvana’s first album. A really wonderful and cool listen, this is an excellent piece of music that sounds really killer and exciting to this day. Kurt Cobain chants, “No recess!” here, before launching into furious guitar solo, before we go back to High School again. Really awesome playing and performance here, and a very memorable listen.

Next along is Sliver which begins with a false intro, before launching into a very Grunge based piece that is different. Kurt sounds like he is trying not to laugh throughout this performance, or at least the first half of it. Awesome, loud and interesting listening, Nirvana shaped many people’s lives back in the early 1990s, for better or worse. Great song here, mind you.

After that is In Bloom which begins with a brief introduction, before leading into one of the more memorable pieces from Nevermind. Kurt Cobain puts in an excellent vocal performance here, and the whole thing sounds wonderful and energetic, although the guitars here are out of tune, along with singing matched with it. No autotune here, just a very decent performance by Nirvana. A rather humourously delivered version of the original, although it does sound rather out of tune here. Great to hear all the same, and a wonderful tune for listening, especially if you love discordant Grunge. Awesome listening throughout, although it could have (possibly) been edited down a little. Great listen and performance all the same. It ends with crowd cheering and the band thanking the audience.

Come As You Are begins with the iconic riff here, before launching into the wonderful song here which actually sounds a lot more emotional a listen than you’d expect. A wonderful classic here that is delivered very nicely here, it sounds really awesome and different. Great song with a load of fury and power in its delivery, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana put in an excellent performance here. Very awesome listening, and sounds loud and electrifying here. The repeated refrain throughout here is awesome, before finishing up nicely at the band. Awesome listening.

Lithium begins with classic sounding playing, and Kurt and the audience singing along nicely to the song here which sounds wonderful. It quickly launches into the song itself, a great piece of dynamic listening that is really cool with excellent playing that sounds really fantastic. The crowd sing along with Kurt Cobain throughout the song, and both are really obviously digging the music here. An excellent piece of music, this sounds swell. A real classic of Grunge music, and brilliant to hear today. Awesome song from start to finish.

Next along here is About A Girl which has some excellent clean guitar playing and shows a more tender, undervalued side to Nirvana here. It still sounds very good and energetic all the same, just a bit different here. Straight up, a wonderful and electrifying performance, the guitar solo here is fuzz laden and very heavy. Awesome song, not bad for a piece that runs under three minutes, it is surely amazing stuff here. Wonderful and powerful musical statement here..

After that is Tourette’s which begins with the iconic guitar riff and playing, before Kurt Cobain goes into some supreme wailing here. The whole song is really awesome and a mosh pit sort of piece that makes you want to go absolutely crazy. Being another super short piece at under two minutes long, Nirvana surprise all here. Very aggressive sounding, short and bitter.

Polly is next, which begins with the iconic song about a real life rape. It’s a pretty raw sort of song, made even rawer by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s excellent delivery here. The song is very simple and wonderfully delivered here, just showcasing a brilliant talent and effort here by Kurt Cobain. The crowd scream and shout at various points, showcasing a lively and interactive gig here. Excellent delivery of a classic song by the group.

Lounge Act comes next here. It begins with some great bass guitar, before going straight into the song at hand. It’s an excellent rendition of the classic and original piece by Nirvana that sounds really edgy and fantastic. There is a great groove to this piece, although it is a very cool piece of Grunge laden guitar music. Great listen here, and the whole thing sounds very much like a wonderful tune. Excellent song from start to finish.

Next is the live version of the classic song Smells Like Teen Spirit which begins with an out of tune intro, before launching into a decent version of the original song. Kurt Cobain plays a weird guitar melody at the start of the song, before the bridge knocks you out. It’s okay, but would have benefitted from being closer to the original song here. All the same, a really awesome and energetic song that sounds different from the original. Very energetic and decent drumming from Dave Grohl is here, not to be underestimated whatsoever, as well as bassist Krist Novoselic’s playing. A really warped and weird sort of song, but musically excellent as well. It seemingly does have less appeal than the original song, which is disappointing. It is good, but maybe falling short of being great.

Following is another Nevermind staple, On A Plain. It begins without the extended intro, and just launches into an excellent piece of musical rendition here. A really top and excellent listen, this is quite good stuff. Fresh, fun and interesting listening, this is very, very good to hear. A clever and different piece of music that is top to hear, Kurt Cobain lets himself be known as the king of contradictory lyrics. Great version here, sounds really excellent.

Negative Creep follows, with some excellent chugging guitars in the intro. It’s an early Nirvana piece that sounds really excellent here, with some excellent and loud guitar playing here. Wonderful and lively, this is a clearly good example of music that said goodbye to the weird trends of the 1980s and embracing the 1990s totally. Great music here, this whole song sounds tremendously good. It ends with some thunderous drum rolls and some excellent guitar riffing, nice.

Been A Son follows next, which has some pretty rough sounding guitars and is a great song here that actually sounds a lot like the original here. Powerful, energetic and different, Nirvana sound very, very good here live. An insanely catchy, yet simple piece of music is here for all to listen. Great Grunge music at a very good quality level, at just over two minutes.

The legendary song All Apologies comes next with its excellent guitar riffage and backing band instrumentation here. Note that the song had not yet been released on In Utero, but sounds bleak and direct all the same. A really great version of the song all the same, this is a really awesome and fantastic listen that no doubt inspired Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral album, along with other Nirvana songs as well. An excellent and really top listen from the beginning to the end, with a sped up outro. Excellent stuff.

Following is the track from the Bleach album Blew. It begins with some gurgling bass lines and guitar riffing that sounds really classy and excellent here. Very catchy, awesome and energetic listening, it is definitely one of the mosh pit style songs in Nirvana’s back catalogue here. Great stuff all the same, Nirvana do catharsis really very well here. Excellent song to listen to, and just sounds really top. It has a loud and crazy extended outro with pounding kick drums. Brilliant.

Dumb is next, and sounds really awesome listening here, with an appropriate combination of tuning, singing and instrumentation here that sounds really good. A powerful and unique side of Nirvana’s music, this sounds really excellently delivered and done here. Kurt Cobain sings in a raspy, yet emotional way that sounds top. The chanted outro here is magnificent, and well worth hearing.

Stay Away is another Nevermind piece with a cool intro that sounds really phenomenal. It goes into a punchy and different song that sounds excellent. This isn’t a million miles from what the original on Nevermind sounded like, and is catchy, fierce sounding and energetic. A really awesome song that sounds brilliant, and a nice interpretation of it. Great music here, with some excellent palm muting by Kurt Cobain, along with some awesome screaming here. Brilliant outro here too, really very awesome.

Next here is Spank Thru which begins with some cool guitar chords, some excellent playing by the band which sounds really fantastic here. A forward thinking and awesome song, this is one of the most surprising and powerful pieces here that sounds really fun and fresh. Good listen here, this is really extraordinarily good. Great song, with some weird guitar parts in the solo here. An awesome listening experience here.

Following is The Money Will Roll Right In which has a really awesome riff heavy intro, before going straight into the song itself, which although is a cover, is barely noticeably so. A really cool piece of Grunge music here, this sounds really fantastic and energetic simultaneously. Very catchy and cleverly different, this is an awesome listening experience. Great listen.

D-7 is another cover song here with some interesting guitar riffage and playing by the band here. It sounds slow, weird and warped here, which is different. A cool piece of music at hand, this is a melodic and melodramatic piece that sounds really different. In the middle of it comes a large tempo change and the song goes into a frenzied fury of speed and power. Great to hear all the same, it has a semi-Jimi Hendrix guitar solo, before launching back into the main song. Nice listening experience here.

Territorial Pissings is the very last song here, with the spoken word intro, before launching straight into the song here. It’s a very, very good effort and finishes off this live album totally well. A really excellent listen here, this just sounds incredibly energetic and intense. With a touch of madness and an intense performance, Nirvana finish this concert up nicely. There are many crashing drumbeats and discordant feedback laden guitar riffing to finish up with. Kurt Cobain plays a mangled version of the USA National Anthem here, with Dave Grohl playing marching drums in addition. Great to hear, and this finishes off very well. Great album, and a fine effort by Nirvana.

This is a really great live music album by Nirvana that has stood the test of time. Although Nirvana only had three studio albums, they had plenty of other golden moments of their own. This is one of them. Fans in particular of Nirvana should seek this out, a definite winner and an awesome listening experience. There is also a DVD of this live performance as well, for those who are interesting. A fantastic listen nonetheless.

Great live performance.



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