Jeff Beck is known as one of the most legendary guitar players to walk this earth, also being notably for being one of the guitar greats of The Yardbirds. This is not his first solo album, but is no doubt a shining moment in his career. Let’s dive in and take a listen.

We begin with You Know What I Mean which has some funky guitar to begin with, before going into an almost Jazz sounding groove. It sounds very good, and has some rather odd keyboard parts in it. It follows on into an uplifting rock music piece that is really excellent. It is rather catchy and good listening, and builds up in a furious way throughout. Jeff Beck’s guitar playing here is top, he sounds like he is on fire here. The guitar solos are very impressive here. Some of the techniques in his guitar playing are amazing. It fades out gradually.

Next is She’s A Woman which kick starts with some romantic sounding guitar playing, organ sounds and some unusual sounds on this track. It is a nice listen, with some brilliantly recorded drum sounds, one of the best in rock history. It just sounds sweet, and will no doubt grab your attention throughout. Jeff Beck is an underrated guitarist and musician, no doubt about that. Some vocoder vocals in a would be chorus are here, before Jeff Beck plays a beautiful guitar solo. His playing is excellent melodic on guitar, and no doubt got the attention of many out there for being so expressive. A nice and relaxing rock groove, this is really good to hear, even today. It fades out into the horizon of the musical sunset.

Constipated Duck comes next, and sounds really amazing. The whole thing is a very good classic rock vibe groove to listen to. Yes, there are no vocals on these tracks. But what does it matter? Jeff Beck puts in a solid performance as a guitarist and musician extraordinaire. The soloing in particular here is really amazing, a lot like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton here, Jeff Beck delivers. Superb listen.

Air Blower arrives, and sounds like a funktastic 1970s groove. It was indeed the era of Progressive Rock and other similar genres, and Jeff Beck sounds as though he is adapting somewhat to that. His playing is really amazing on guitar here, showcasing a unique and amazing talent at hand. An excellent, funky and melodic groove is on this track. Never a dull moment here, Jeff Beck comes across as underrated. The keyboard parts here are really good too, simple and minimal. The second half of the track goes into a much slower and more expressive musical melodic part about it, which is interesting. A nice way to finish off this listening experience, it is admirable to hear.

Next is Scatterbrain which begins with some intense drumming, before leading into an unusual melody that sounds frenetic, a little paranoid, yet totally unmatched. Some unusual arrangements, such as strings, are in the background here. Still, Jeff Beck will change the way you listen to music in many ways. Not playing overly fast or showy, he just delivers a beautiful and expressive set of melodic playing. It goes into a very 1970s sort of rock groove that keeps on going strong. Jeff Beck’s sense of dramatic themes and melodic sensibilities here are top, no doubt one of the greatest guitarists to walk this earth. It goes into a sort of AC/DC sounding riff towards the end, and builds up in a frenetic way. Excellent instrumentals are here, folks.

Following is Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers which begins quietly, with volume swells and a sense of emotional guitar playing here. It is a slow burner, but eventually heads into a very sad, yet beautiful rock melody that perfectly is summed up by the title and song itself. Jeff Beck plays guitar slowly, but surely. It is a powerful and moving listen, without shredding or anything like that. Jeff Beck just delivers, and that he does very well. Some of the playing here is truly amazing in a way. This is just fantastic sounding, and no doubt will take you to another higher level. A powerful and beautiful instrumental is here.

Thelonius is a much more upbeat, funky and 1970s sounding groove. The drumming here is really good in particular, and the rest of the band follow in style and substance. This is really wonderful listening, particularly with Jeff Beck’s guitar playing. He comes across as a top guitarist in a league of his own that is unmatched by many. Another great instrumental track here, definitely worth your time. Wah-wah funkiness here indeed.

Freeway Jam begins with some pacing drums, powerful basslines and a great sort of vibe in this track. It is a very good pacing and expressive musical listen from Jeff Beck and crew. The playing here, particularly the bass guitar is absolutely top. It is a fantastic listen, and just sounds lovely and interesting. Being inspired by many legends before and around his time, Jeff Beck sounds like one awesome guitarist. In a way, none can touch him. This is wonderful listening, and very fun to hear. Excellent piece of music.

The last track is named Diamond Dust and begins with some subtle organ parts, before guitar and strings enter the scene. Pianos are also thrown into the mix, showcasing an amazing musical piece and talent of Jeff Beck. It is a great instrumental, sounding somewhat influential towards The Eagles Hotel California album. In any case, the whole thing is a great low tempo and melodic track. We then go into a guitar and drums sort of instrumental section that sounds pretty cool. This is really great, and some of the playing on this album is the best you will ever hear. A very upbeat and moving piece to hear, even if it is an instrumental. The instruments weave in and out of the mix very well. Much like a sculptured piece of work, this is carefully created art. A good mixture between lead and rhythm playing is on this album, and this track is no different. A great instrumental, and a truly artistic achievement here. This is wonderful listening, and has a gentle ending.

This album is one of the best in rock history. Sure, all the songs here are instrumentals. But that should not deter you from listening. Jeff Beck plays with pure gut felt emotion, and sounds like no other guitarist before or since. That alone is a selling point for this album. If you dig classic rock and you like expressive and emotional guitar playing, seek this out. It is amazing.