At times, there is nothing quite like some banging tunes to listen to. If you are a fan of EDM, this can be the case. Blutonium Boy played a large part in the creation of Hardstyle itself and this compilation is a good example of what he does. It is volume three in a large series of releases, so let’s check out this volume in the series, and see what we have here.

First off we have Intro – Essential Of Hardstyle Vol. 3 which begins with some spacey crazy vocals and sound effects to enter the realm of the unique Hardstyle that Blutonium Boy makes. It is indeed, a good intro. Must be heard to be experienced.

The first main track is Hardstyle Instructor Returns – Album Mix which begins with some rushing Acid sounds and some brilliant vocal effects that are so good in a humourous way. Then, we hit banging beat territory and have a unique and loud experience of music listening. It builds up with superb drum rolls into a new Hardstyle instruction for those who dig it. A decent and strong listen, with a Hard Acid like melody, and some great suspense and processed sounds, this is very awesome. Hardstyle it seems, is here to stay. Good piece of music, even if it is a full on listen from our Hardstyle Instructor. Wicked.

Use Me – Album Mix begins with an excellent cut up and digitized vocal sample. Shortly afterwards, some great melodies and heavy banging beats kick in. It goes into a quieter section which builds up with some minor key Trance like sounds in the build up to the next section. Although one can assume easily (and rightly so) that the nature of this sort of music is predictable, it is supposed to be. Another decent tune to hear, and one for the clubbers. There are some really attack style beats here, the audio equivalent of a shotgun being fired. Interesting.

XTC- Blutonium Boy Short Edit comes next, and begins with a surging electronic melody. The banging beats then kick in, and we have another decent Hardstyle listen. This is no doubt music for clubbers to go crazy to and take illicit drugs to. It has some sampled vocals about a clubbing scenario, before bursting into another unique minor key melody. It is a great listen, although this is more for those who do not like intellectualism in EDM. Still, great to hear if you are at the gym, going for a drive or partying. An interesting listen.

Next on the agenda is Sound Like This – Short Mix which starts with an array of Trance music sort of sounds, before some more loud and hard beats hit your ears. It is more of an artform than most postmodern RnB out there on a sonic level, particularly if you like electronic sounds, without the RnB. An 1980s sort of melody then enters this track, which is an interesting twist. A sample of a guy screaming about the prospect of hearing sounds such as this track is sampled, and we go into some party grooves. Good music, even for those who are not hugely into Hardstyle.

The hilariously named Euphobia – Short Mix is next, with some digitized American vocals, before an absolutely awesome cut up piece of cyber melodic goodness enters. This is really a standout here, and despite the odd name of the track, is seriously good to hear. It goes to show how machines can make awesome music if used correctly. It goes into another Trance midsection melody with clever programming of sounds. This is Punk music for those who love EDM, and is a great piece from this compilation. Strong and unique, this piece of music is very good.

Hardstyle Superstar – Radio Mix is next, and is a more interesting piece from this compilation, with an unusual set of beats and vocals at the beginning. It is actually very catchy, and one of the better pieces of music here. The banging beats enter the scene, making this a loud and tremendous effort. It is well thought out, and although the vocal excerpt may be selfish, it is a good piece to go crazy to. That is the intention of this sort of music, it is not to sit down to. A great listen and one worth hearing. Bang your head to this tune a lot.

eBeat – Album Mix comes next and goes straight into a wacky melody and a combination of driving basslines and hard beats. This album seems like it is designed for hard drug users, primarily those who like Ecstasy. A bunch of Acid sounds and some semi-Trance melodies create the suspense here, before going into an almost Hard Trance inspired piece. Except it is Hardstyle here. The beats are so loud and distorted that it is banging to the max for you. A good example of what people can do in the harder side of EDM. Good effort.

Following is Echoes 2009 – Radio Mix which is a frenetic sounding piece from Blutonium Boy. It has a very beat synchronized feel to it. After the drumrolls, Blutonium Boy speaks, then some really effective and ethereal sounds which are Hardstyle bliss enter. A great and somewhat emotional listen, it combines melody and some extremely loud and hard beats for your pleasure. Very Hardstyle, with a bit of a twist to the whole piece. Not bad if the mood strikes for it.

After that is PTS (Play This Song) – Video Edit which has a cut up vocal sample, before Blutonium Boy gets straight into business and blasts some heavy beats into your ears. It is an interesting listen, and the vocal take here is extensive, talking about the life of a Hardstyle DJ. Selfish, yes, but that can be easily forgiven here. It is another banging party tune. Perhaps not as good as some of the other tracks here, but still loud and danceable.

US Hardstyle MF* – Short Mix comes next and is a bit of a weird intro to it, with various melodies and beats flying around the place, before going into another fairly typical Hardstyle tune. This piece is definitely an improvement on the last, and is so heavy and hard by this point you may be getting a headache from headbanging. A strange midsection which is prompted by the vocal take to change the piece in dramatic fashion, it is good. A decent banger of a tune. It is actually pretty awful towards the end, and could have been more substance, less ego here.

Dreams In My Fantasy – 2009 Radio Mix begins with some intricate percussive loops, before going straight into a very good Blutonium Boy classic. It is interesting, melodic and very quite focused. You can feel your blood pumping faster upon hearing this track. A better effort, and a fresher sound is here. The beats are nice here, and so is the track. Perhaps Blutonium Boy was a better artist earlier on when this track was original done? Quite possibly so.

Next is New York New York – NYC Single Mix which is about the most densely populated city in the USA, and one of the most densely populated in the world. Regardless if you are there or not, this track is loud and very hard sounding. It goes into an interesting, rather tripped out section that isn’t the best in terms of originality. Still, an energetic, if lacking, listening experience. Apart from the danceability of this tune, there is nothing overly special about it. There seems to be an air of selfishness about this music, sadly, which is not welcome to most listeners. Still, good to dance to.

After that is Survivor – WS Respect Mix which is another NYC tune. This tune is an improvement on some of the other tracks on this compilation. It is a good and punchy listen, but apart from that, nothing hugely special here. The midsection has a decent Trance like melody here, before more loud and punishing beats come along. It is a loud and dense listen, and finishes with the vocal sample.

Alarma – Pollack Radio Mix starts with an air raid alarm and a totally unnecessary vocal part, before using what sounds like a sample from The Chemical Brothers here. It goes into a rather quiet section which is highly suspenseful, before going into an improved build up of sonic chaos. It is definitely interesting to hear, and a good idea for a Hardstyle track to incorporate such ideas. A better listen on this rather patchy compilation, we learn that Blutonium Boy still has some of his tricks well done here.

In Full Effect – TT Album Mix is the last track here, and has some female vocals in the intro. An interesting melody starts this off, and we go into a deep and interesting build up of sonic elements in this track. It is a much more straightforward listen than you’d expect, but sounds pretty good. It goes into a rather ridiculous cut up section of vocals and textures in the middle. Annoying more than catchy, it is another rather typical Blutonium Boy cut. Good, but somewhat lacking.

This compilation is full of fairly predictable Hardstyle tunes. Having said that, it is a good sort of thing for people who love raving and nightclubbing. It is not good for the ordinary listener, however. Bear that in mind before you seek this compilation out. Good, but just not great.

Almost there but not quite.